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This book is life changing. We will read and reread in to the indefinite future. I feel want it was written for me and, through reading it, We find there is hope to escape from the " eat, repent, repeat" cycle. For the very first time, I see that restrictive diet is merely as dysfunctional as binge eating. One allows you to thinner (which society values) and the other makes you heavier (obviously a value we do not hold in society) however they are flip sides of the gold coin and equally destructive. We like the concept of the pendulum pulled too far one way or another. The fundamental lesson of this book is small amounts - nothing is not allowed. Balance and variety are key, also. But small amounts is the big key to me. All is " good" food, if We can find a way to eat when I am hungry and stop when I am no longer hungry. Need to seem pretty easy, but I feel like a child that has to learn to walk again because I've thrown everything out of wack. Another key idea for me here is the eating cycle. We used to think in words of a " new day" for a diet. Now I realize the cycles are much more frequent than that - and I make an effort to let hunger build in each cycle, maybe 3-4 or more times a day., This guide goes under the proceeding of life-changing. A buddy told me about it, told me that she experienced the most sane getaway season ever by using Dr. May's suggestions. We purchased it and the lady was right: the guide is so sensible and reasonable that I didn't want to help but put it into practice, lost weight (15 lbs) so easily without feeling deprived. A must read if you're tired of the dieting routine. Have kept the weight off 1 year, and avoid really need to think about it any longer., Really good and you should read it alongside " Intuitive Eating. ", We actually have not even finished this book yet, but already, I am renewed!!

SCREW DIETS! Simply live and eat like a normal person who are able to listen to their own body. Stop listening to ALL of those articles online and quit reading those diet books. Cease considering " right" and " wrong" or " should" and " shouldn't". This book teaches you to listen, be mindful, & be happy! YEY! Read this if you are at your wits' finish about losing weight.

I started this book about 3 several weeks ago and I've already managed to quit my bad habits and keep off about 5 pounds. I'm ready for this new life!: ), This book is life changing. I have always been a believer that if you are obese, you have to change your eating habits eternally to lose weight and keep it off for life. Used to do lose 60lbs and kept it off for 6 years until a rough patch of life happened and I gained back 20lbs. That part about a permanent change is true, but this guide includes more than changing what you eat. It provides you the control and helps you figure out WHY you eat and Las vegas dui attorney choose the foods that you do. Most people can use diet pills, packaged foods or follow diet guidelines for a period of time, but the moment you slip off the platform, it is a slippery slope down into the abyss of diet deprival hell. You go back to the former eating routines and in no time, you are back where you started or in an even worse situation. This book covers not only making healthy options, it also lets you know you are in demand of ALL the options. You control the food that goes in, the food does not have to control you because nothing is off restrictions. I have finally recognized that often what We am looking for to fill the void is not in the refrigerator at all because it isn't food. If We truly think when We look in the refrigerator and tell myself, "What you are looking for is NOT in here, " I am right. It is usually various other emotion that I am wanting to use food as a distraction to remove, hide, delay, stuff, anything at all except feel it! Right now that I realize, I can either choose to enjoy anyhow or choose to find out what it is that is making me want to eat. Another lightbulb moment was realizing that if We am not truly famished when I start eating, there can't possibly be any sort of indication to stop because I will be full. This book is obviously worth a read and will be a Godsend to any emotional eater willing to apply these principles. Sizing and weight are just numbers and have absolutely no bearing on the person you are inside. You can either continue to choose to be embarrassed about your size, eating habits, body image, whatever your crutch or you can choose to begin caring yourself today regardless of any of that. Please read this book, it could change your life, too., My name is Josephine Ludwig. I have just lately read this book and have participated in the accompanying workshop 8 week program by Doctor Michelle May possibly, MD. I understand you all want to know basically lost weight. YES! Practically 15 pounds. However, what I needed from this program is not about my weight. It is about MY LIFE. My HUMAN BRAIN needed fixing not my body. I have Jo-jo dieted losing the same 25 pounds more times than I care to discuss since 1984. We was FED UP, "pun intended" with diets. Required to learn how to change my fear of food and gaining weight and love of food for emotional comfort to a well-balanced living with INDEPENDENCE with food as a PERSON and using food as nutrition. What We also needed to understand was that I really could learn to be free from my fears with food AND truly "LOVE" eating as the glorious, conscious and elegant experience it is intended to be. This book taught me how to do that. I understand there are only 3 options regarding eating, too much, not enough or precisely what my body NEEDS, WITHOUT EFFORT. No one but Doctor. Michelle May, MD has ever been able to teach me THIS TALENT. I really could NOT POSSIBLY be more grateful. How do you say thank you for a teacher who gives the student a new life? I can't say for sure, exactly, but writing this review is a start. And do not believe me, learn to believe for yourself. Buy the book and follow its concepts and ideas. If you do, you will find a freedom and joy is obviously that, if you are ANYTHING like me, food has stolen from you. RECLAIM YOUR LIFE, ALL ASSOCIATED WITH IT, Joyfully, Mindfully, and NOW!!!! Read the book and trust your body! SEPTANTE!!!! My regards, Josephine

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