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I have already been in law (in recent days I'm on voluntary inactive status, happily) and legal education for decades. I wish I had a book like this in countless earlier junctures in my life. The author effortlessly zooms between layers of legal, business management, and financial history, then suddenly, effortlessly, to a fine feed of detail, as they unfolding events have been confronted by participants. It rings very true to our experience. The pressure-cooker ambiance can deeply distort the judgment of those immersed within it. The dilemmas are sharply portrayed here, and expertly put in circumstance. As other reviewers have got noted, a long interest span and an vision for legal-technical detail create this trip palatable and rewarding.
If you are time-constrained, and would benefit from a broader check out several diverse practice areas and lawyers' stories, in similar time-frames, with compact but superb discussion, I suggest Lawyers Crossing Lines: Nine Stories by James L. Kelley. That book is amazingly readable alongside being informative and well-briefed law-wise., The necessary reading for every legislation school student on legal ethics, especially for individuals inspiring to be a successful attorney, yet keeping away from making the same mistakes described within this book and searching for prudently to strike a proper balance between their particular disire for success, professional ethics, clients' mandate and the expectation of the big, competitive Stock market legislation firms., "Eat What A person Kill" is a moralty tale about legal training. It reconstructs the self-immolation of a big organization lawyer who went in order to jail for lying about a conflict with client positions in a Chapter 11 case. Along the way, the guide tells the story associated with how greed and cutthroat competition took over lawyer practice over the past 30 years.

The analysis is thoughtful and nuanced -- but let's encounter it, bankruptcy litigation isn't the stuff an excellent source of drama. Even worse, the author never won the assistance of the lying lawyer, departing an enormous hole at the center of the story. The page/insight ratio is just too high for the guide to obtain more than three celebrities.

Elite lawyers ply their particular trade in a hopeless moral landscape. In just what may be the best waste of human mind since medieval monasticism, our own legal high priests spend their superb educations creating ways to preserve and increase the fortunes of folks who already have excessively for their own good. At the same time, the lawyers generate piles of money for themselves, but only by working 12-hour days, like deskbound slaves. Selling their soul for cash is usually a grotesque bargain -- but we don't need "Eat What You Kill" to know that!

Bottom line: "Eat What You Kill" isn't for everyone, but it is highly recommended for legislation students having second thoughts. It is also recommended for exercising lawyers coming to terms with the meaning associated with their lives., Rings true, to every detail... the author clearly researched his / her subject thoroughly, and creates in an engaging and easy-to-follow style. Challenging to place down (at least for somebody interested in legal ethics). Ought to be required reading for first year large legislation firm associates., Just go through a few chapters so far, but Regan offers a superb and very convincing explanation for the alter of lawyers in the past century... can't hold out to finish!, Great guide showing what can move wrong when lawyers permit top lawyers escape along with violating common practices., Less difficult off to Professor Regan for his prodigious analysis and painstaking, vivid fun of the saga of any prominent lawyer's startling increase and fall --an all-the-more remarkable achievement given Gellene's refusal to cooperate within this project. This is an amazing look-behind-the-curtain as in order to: how large law partnerships reward and penalize their particular producers and non-producers; exactly how complicated bankruptcy negotiations happen; how investment bankers and vulture investors exploit destabilized corporations; how a amazing professional succumbed under pressure to career-ending ethical blunders; and much more. An exceptionally valuable reading experience for practioners and students associated with law and business of which deserves to be a best-seller., I just check out this book and I completely go along with the positive testimonials that it has brought. This is written in a really accessible style, gives the characters to lifestyle and deals with some intricate issues inside a readable way.

I thought that the distinction it develops between fairly relaxed conflict rules of which have developed in the world of M & A and Investments and the very different guidelines that apply in good matters (not something of which I had considered before) is really useful. Additionally, it brings out the real risks that arise whenever these two worlds clash. It made me wonder about the extent to which often relaxed conflict rules had been a contributor to the financial meltdown that all of us have just seen.

Enjoyable to read and holds some important lessons of which are hugely relevant in order to all lawyers in exclusive practice. Make sure someone in your firm offers read it!

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