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Going into this book I was a big fan of Jeff, particularly after reading Created to Run, and seeing him recently give a speak following a run at the Boulder Running Company in Boulder, a place he now calls home. I'm still a lover after reading this article, but I admit my perception has changed a bit after getting to know him a little better, for better and just a little worse. Typically the book is a quick read and not a literary master pieice by any means. The early sections about his childhood came across like it was written by the 12 year it was depicting. I expect to see some ego in someone so driven to run such distances, but not sure I get why it requires such an overt competitive nature towards his other runners. In the end I do believe he beat them all, and so i guess that claims something if that is what drives you.

I am a athlete, but no ultramarathon type of runner, so may something is missing in me to relate to the necessity to run such miles. Scott never really explains this and it also just seems so out there for me to relate to. It will not compel me to run such distances, but it will motivate me personally to run better both physically and with the right state of mind.

The real value to me is the eating part of the book and it left me fascinated he could run such distances and have such stamina on a vegetable only diet. It has already changed some of my behavior, which frankly was not bad to start with, but has caused me to pause more before I reach for the meats or diary product to include in food intake.

In case you like to run and curently have a good diet then you should definitely read this book because it should elevate your game. You should already be a fan of Scott Jurek, too. If not, then it might take a big leap of faith to buy what he's marketing., I suggest this book to any runner, especially to those who have caught the running bug and want to learn about one of the greatest joggers ever. I loved the advice sprinkled throughout some of which has allowed me to improve my running significantly. There’s also the many vegan recipes if you would like that. Many sound so good I might even try some. Wonderful book, I highly recommend., I love, love, LOVE this book! Not only is SJ an amazing athlete, but a wonderful storyteller as well. I was captivated from page one by this kind and humble soul who does not dissatisfy the reader with any " woe is me" tales or show boating. He accepted at a young age life was hard unfortunately he never deterred. I was captivated by his forward charging life adventures and his quest into the lifestyle of vegetarian and " endurance junkie. " He includes recipes that each have their own place in his personal history and are easy to follow. I have been carrying this book with me at night everywhere I go, just hoping for down time at work, in waiting rooms, and so forth. If only he would write more books. In the meantime, I shall have to be content with creeping his blog., Loved the perseverance and grit exhibited in these tellings. When I go running and think of Scotts tough accomplishments, I'm often disappointed with my own ultra sensitivity to pain. I assume my priorities don't have ultrarunning towards the top, but operating for me is pleasurable, as long as it is enjoyable. The recipes will definitely be employed in a kitchen around me. I'm mesmerized by the engineering and robustness that went into the appearance of the human body. Exactly how silly to believe it developed from a rock, as if by chance., This is certainly currently . 99 for the kindle version. I don't know if is actually always that price, but if not, then get it while it is!

I thought this would be a book I'd want to read (I may think I've read a sports biography type book before), and once I found it at . 99, I was bored, so got it and began reading. I couldn't put it down... I obtained to bed later final night than I wanted..

Not long ago i rekindled an interest in endurance sports after doing absolutely nothing for the last 15 years. From his dates in the book, I do believe Scott Jurek is either my era or one year old. I sure wish I was reading this book 12-15 years ago, I question if it would have inspired me to keep doing what I was doing then (and restarting now). I connect with his sarcastic yet mental story telling; oddly, I would compare (slightly) his writing style to that seen by Salinger in  The Catcher in the Rye ; some may disagree, but I thought this right from the start and maybe that's why I enjoy the writing as well as I do (this is simply my thing). Some of the characters in the book just have fantastic stories; I'm sure some are true, some less so (i. e. some of the 'rumors' on Dusty as a kid), but all are fascinating.

Another really nice part of this book are the running and vegetarian cooking tips. Both are wonderful. The running tips connect to something I'm studying right now in any case (reading  Chi Race ) and I really think I'll at least cook up this vegan chili he produces about.

Regarding the vegetarian recipes. It should be evident from the title, but it didn't really hit me until a few chapters in. A major theme in this guide is apparently one of connecting a vegan diet with increasing one's endurance prospective. I would leave that with each individual reader's thoughts and opinions, nevertheless for me it is motivating me to (again) get back to something I was doing 15 years ago.

Well, I'm still only partly through the book, it's pouring and 40 degrees outside. Something informs me that if I were Scott Jurek I'd be out there running, but I absolutely want to see what otherwise happens in this book!

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