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I've purchased all of Doctor. Fuhrman's cookbooks, even the Drop 10 in 20 PDF from his website (which has some quick and easy recipes that great as well) and all of them have their merits. The previous recipe book book (200 recipes) recieve more complicated recipes that are also have their place when you want to step it up. But this one has microwave recipes!! Which I think is great when you don't feel like cooking or perhaps you just don't feel like eating what you have already planned for the 7 days. Find them all! I've lost 5 lbs already and I've only been on this Nutritrian diet for 2 weeks!, Forewarning: We am neither a strict nutritarian nor anywhere close to being vegan. I am not overweight, but am seeking to lose a few pounds I gained when I hit 40. Nevertheless...

I like this recipe book. We are the single working parent of the active preschooler. I want to eat more plant matter, but I can't take forever to cook things. This book is ideal for quicker dishes (many take a while to cook but the hands on time isn't that much). We was able to side lots of recipes pretty quickly, although I had a lot of veggies sliced and prepped from the weekend (I highly suggest doing that. It helps a ton).

To date, We have made the several recipes. I liked all of them. However , We should say that We do tend to make substitutions and change things around a little based on what We have on hand. This means that I from time to time add a little ointment or a little of chicken to an otherwise vegan recipe, and yes, I still cook with oil We want all the grow nutrients and benefits, but the phrase " water-sautee" just gives me the heebie-jeebies as much as the sound of the wooden spatula scraping the underside of a watery baking pan does. Again, I'm not bent on losing weight - just on trying to get more whole greens.

Here's what I've tried so far:

Green Lemonade (p 45) - Extremely good. I subbed child spinach for kale because that's all I experienced. My son has been on a no-smoothie kick and also a Ghostbusters kick, so I nonchalantly began drinking this in front of him until he was intrigued and then We told him it was slime and he consumed the whole remaining glass. Hint: this does not taste like lemonade. It tastes like a citrusy green smoothie. But we both liked it.

Environmentally friendly Bean Salad with Lime Basil Vinaigrette (p84) - I can't have almonds (they really jacked up my thyroid - yes, that can happen... woohoo almond milk) so We subbed cashews. No fresh basil, so I used dry. I ate the salad with saving money beans still warm and I topped it with a little feta. The dressing was really good. - I experienced extra remaining for several salads. My son doesn't like tomatoes that much, so he ate green coffee beans and snarfed down feta out of the open container. He did have several bites of the actual salad to make me happy and this individual didn't seem to be horribly genuinely offended by the taste.

Philippine Style Spaghetti Squash with Guacamole (p181) - I recently made the whole recipe, except I didn't make spaghetti squash. I aren't really get myself to like the stuff, probably based off of the terrible injury of my friend trying to trick me with it instead of actual spaghetti some day when I was a youngster. I stuffed the guac/bean mixture in an Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla and ate it that way. It was good. After that, I added salt, also it was better. But you are not supposed to do that.: D My son consumed avocado the other unrelated to the book (I think some mac and mozzarella cheese with a half gallon of mashed carrots blended into the cheese sauce).

Carrot and Red Lentil Soup (p121) - We followed this one virtually to the letter and then I cracked and added tiny bit of cream into it. It was so thick it ended up being more like a sauce, so We poured it over some rice and both my son and I consumed that for dinner. My boy liked it when we were making it, and then he decided this individual wasn't sure, but this individual still ate it although he worked around the kale. Had I slice it up smaller, this individual wouldn't have complained on that. I liked it a lot. My dog licked to pot and he liked it, too. All were happy.

The particular weirdness: This book has great pictures, but sometimes you have ingredients clearly pictured that aren't in the actual recipe. Like, one soup has big chunks of onion floating in the soup, but the ingredients needed minced, dried onion. It might, however, have magically rehydrated and broadened, but I'm not sure. A pomegranate salad telephone calls for pomegranate juice but no actual pomegranate. The picture shows a salad filled with pomegranate seeds. It was perplexing.

The ugly: Actually if you think you eat a lot of fiber already, take it slow. I went from eating a lot of veggies and whole grains as it is to eating all of these meals in two days and nights. To put it politely, I was quite sure I'd gotten the belly flu. I might up the white rice for a while....

I am trying the Gingery Red-colored Lentil Butternut Soup, the Mushroom Barley Soup, and the Kale and Veggie Pasta relatively soon as I have all the ingredients. I may add chicken to these and maybe a tiny bit of bacon to the second one for flavor. Doctor. Fuhrman does say you can do 10% non-compliance (and he doesn't press complete absence of pet products - there are non-vegan recipes in the book), so that's my 10%. I hope I'm not horribly offending anyone... for real.

I actually do the majority of my shopping at Aldi and I was able to get a lot of food there, but We did do Amazon Fresh delivery to my house to get a ton of vegetables I wanted last minute. Most of the ingredients are pretty easy to source at your local supermarkets.

Anyway, good book of recipes and good flavors, though I can't vouch for the health aspects as I am certainly not in it for that. Quite a great deal you can turn into family recipes or kind of alter for your kids if they are open to trying things. Very good luck and take it slow!, I love this guide becasue it has lots great recipes that We can make easily and I know the ingredients are what I need. Plus vegan for a while and there are lots of vegan cookbooks out there but some add lots of glucose or fat and then they aren't healthy. This guide is different., Lots of easy recipes. Finally some simple recipes. My only wish is the fact that there be a sequel of simple and easy recipes. Caring this cookbook!, I have made several recipes from here and they have been very good.... love the fact that they are much less involved as some of the others., Doctor Fuhrman knows his issue. I rasied my children on his guidance and today my 16 and eighteen yr old teenagers are before their peers in health and sports, and my son is top triathlete in the usa going to sides. My husband and I are perfect weight and get clean bills of health from our medical doctors., Good info., Good read

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