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Thus here's the thing. We want to write a bad review because that is what my toxic food addicted body/brain wants me personally to do and We almost gave in and made it happen. Then I ceased, ate some toxic food and went to your bed. Woke up and finished the book and then made a decision to write the fact without regards to my fight against the United states toxic diet.

I want to keep eating badly because it tastes good. I want to eat cheese and as much as I can and at anytime. I want to continue eating luscious breads anytime I want and as much ?nternet site want. I want to eat sweets without book. I love butter. Cereal and milk. And pizzas.

And that is definitely the short list.

And Now i'm miserable with my weight because of my excess and eating whatever We want. Breads, sweets, dairy, meat sometimes. But my toxic body revels in it. And I was normal, unfortunately. And We want to stay normal at all costs. Yet normal is miserable, for me, at least.

So reading this book for the second time I am confronted with the fact that in order to be where I want to be: healthy and fit, We can either change or stay the same or be somewhere in the middle. I usually go for the somewhere in the middle and then end up going back again to the same, but I never really change.

This specific book is about change. It is about eating mainly vegan - no matter what one other reviewers say - it is actually about veganism. We have been jealous of vegans = because it is the hardest thing a regular eating person can be.

This book advises against all animal products - no matter what other testers say. Furhman states over and over that animal tools are bad for the human body, toxic to the liver, great for cancer and fat, bad for humans. Yes, this individual does say that over and over, and then a sentence will come upwards here and there stating you can have a little fish if you are this kind of person or you can have some meat twice a week if you are that person, but really, he wants you to be vegan. No animals products. Sigh. SIMPLY NO CHEESE.

He hates parmesan cheese. Really, it bugs him. Not once does this individual ever say, you can have cheese if you are that kind of person or this kind of person. I suppose cheese is really bad. Uggh. My toxic body is crying - don't stop the cheese, please. We just had a parmesan cheese sandwich - luscious loaf of bread, too much cheese, swiss and cheddar, some lettuce, a lttle bit of processed poultry, mayo, mustard, italian outfitting. Sometimes I add tomato and cucumber (to mollify, pacify, placate Furhman).

He states over and over a lb . of greens and a lb of vegetables for each day. He does usually mix things up and kind of states one thing then changes it a little then dates back to what he said earlier, so he goes in circles at times to where you are not necessarily sure what you should do. That does sort of drive you crazy in trying to figure out what exactly you have to do. But We do know this is what he really is trying to say: to be healthy, you must stop the bread, stop the pasta, stop the sweets, stop the parmesan cheese, stop the milk, stop the meat, stop the fish, stop oils, stop diet sodas, stop overeating - just stop.

For losing weight: eat vegetables, eat fruit, beans and nuts in smaller amounts, oatmeal is acceptable also (I think). Again, it depends upon the page.

He does sell a lot of products on his website and they are expensive. But it really looks healthy and good.

If you are strong enough this diet/way of life, can really make life, I truly think this. I didn't give it 5 stars because it is so restrictive - but that is not necessarily bad, Now i'm just kinda weak combating my food demons. Plus I must be jealous of Furhman, somehow, so the penalty is 4 stars when he probably, probably, deserves 5., Thus, 6 weeks later and Now i'm done the first stage of Doctor Fuhrman's "Eat to Live" diet. Now i'm really pumped up about this diet and thought I'd spread the word. This looks a lttle bit like some sort of infomercial but We promise you I'm not getting paid for this, and the questions are a large summary of the ones I've been getting for the past 6 days.

Psychological diet?
In other words, it is 6 weeks of vegan food with no booze, coffee, salt, or fat. That will means no olive olive oil, nuts, or fatty things that are still good for you like avocados. After 6 weeks you transition to a diet that may include meat and alcohol plus days where you can eat whatever the heck you want. That's where I'm heading now.

Why did you go onto it?
My cholesterol was too high. I was slowly and gradually putting on weight and not liking just how We looked. I was sick and tired of pretending that doing absolutely nothing was going to work.

Does it work?
In short, sure. I lost a total of 24 pounds in 6 weeks. It kind of blows my thoughts that I still avoid look the way We want and i also had 24 pounds in addition. That's what years of gradual weight gain will do to someone I guess.

Carry out you get hungry?
Actually, no . This specific one surprised me the most. The basic premise is that you should eat one pound of raw fresh vegetables, 1 pound of grilled vegetables, and 1 cup of beans a day. Think about that, this is a lot of food (you actually can also add more to that particular as long as it is healthy stuff). I often had trouble finishing the meals I had been supposed to eat.

What do you take in?
Breakfast consisted of a lot of fruit or some oatmeal a few times a week. Lunch was pretty much always an enormous salad. Dinner different and I learned to cook a lot of different things and make extra for leftovers. I had created usually have a small(er) side salad, some sort of main entree (beans, mushrooms, some sort of fat free sauce), and some more veggies. You're allowed a little bit of bread now and then (as well as some starchy vegetables) so I never received massive carb cravings or anything.

Do you get enough nutrients?
Yes. It was a large vision opener for me, but I never realized how much protein is actually in vegetables. Calorie for calorie, vegetables have METHOD more protein than meats. That is why you have to eat huge salads though, you need to eat more to get the same amount of protein in chicken breast or steak, for occasion.

What would you change about the diet?
Some of the quality recipes available are rather preposterous. I spent 4 several hours cooking his "famous" anti-cancer soup and when I never have that crap again I'll be a happy man. Also, he kept wanting me to have simple green salads that I would soak in orange juice. Um... no thanks, I'll pass. Therefore i acquired the fat free balsamic vinagrette at Investor Joe's ate that with all of my salads (only 25 calories for each serving). I probably experienced a pinch more salad and fat because from it but it was worthwhile to me to have food that tasted normal. I ended up getting a lot of my quality recipes online through google searches for "eat to live recipes".

Can you go out to eat?
Basically no. We did a few times and it was always depressing as the options were essentially crappy salads with no dressing. I can get that at home. Several Ethiopian and Indian places had barely passable options but which was mainly with my eyes closed deceiving that there was only a lttle bit of oil inside them. Stay home if you can manage. He brings up that many people survive this strict diet the rest of their life. Personally, that seems insane and I could hardly do that. I really miss heading out to eat.

What was the toughest part?
Heading out with friends. Life is based around as well as alcohol. I figured I really could plow through 6 days of it, and We did, but it was NOT easy. Not wanting to eat had not been a large deal, and never eating nearly all of the food was OK too, but not doing both was basically pain.

So what now?
Nicely, I move into the "rest of my life" diet. This means eating essentially what I've been eating the last 6 weeks for the majority of my meals (especially easy for breakfast and lunch by myself at my desk at work). The rest of my meals I can eat a healthy non-vegan meal or splurge and get what We want. My weight should drop a little more, just more slowly, and then level off. You may also drink at this point. That will be a welcome relief. I'm also really glad I learned how to cook really healthy food. I actually learned to want to prepare which was a thrilling time.

The reason why do you recommend this diet?
1) functions.
2) the books is really good and academic. I would recommend it although you may don't go on the diet. It really breaks down why it works and the science behind it. It also takes a really objective look at other diets which, in the end, made me personally not need to try them.
3) We was never hungry
4) It provided me a lot of tools I can use the rest of my life to make better and more informed decisions.

So, that's it. I know this whole things sounds ridiculous and corny, but I've really never felt so damn awesome and enthusiastic before. It was hard in some ways, as people really do want to find reasons to get you off a diet. The temptation to cheat can be intense, but I stuck to it, and feel great. Mind you, Now i'm dying for a martini, but in the end six weeks wasn't the worst thing in the world., I am a southern girl. Understand, we FRY everything! I was a chocolate gravy and biscuits with butter, kind of girl. But in 2010, I was diagnosed with RA and several other autoimmune diseases. I been with us for 5 or 6th years, until I decided I had created had enough to the horrible side associated with the drugs used to handle the conditions. I found this book ?nternet site was browsing for answers. In 2013, I tried this diet for 6 months, when We didn't feel it was happening quickly enough, We threw in the towel and went back again to my longing for the former foods. Finally in 2015, I decided to commit long term. Right after more than a year, We are off all my RA meds! I'm sensation better without out them than Used to do on them! If you can make, and push past the initial craving for food you can succeed with this plan. Furthermore, as a side effect of this plan, I use lost over 40 pounds, and have been informed I look about ten years younger, but my favorite compliment is that I " look healthy! " I think sometimes we desire a reason why, and when you have a serious health condition, that can be the " why. " We really don't cook much anymore, but I have learned to enjoy foods that I used to tolerate, and I can tolerate the ones We used to hate! My enjoyment of the food I eat has increased greatly. Just try it for 6 weeks, it just may change your life!, I have tried every diet there is. This is the only one that worked for me personally because I love fruits and vegetables.
My cholesterol was reduced and is now normal. My doctor took away my blood vessels pressure medicine.
Even if I mess up I can easily make contact with it and I get results. I would suggest it to anyone. Up to now I have lost 25 lbs and am still losing.

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