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As a health coach, I was searching for a book that would allay a few of my concerns and worries related to practicing my craft. I was so lucky to come upon this publication! Inside it Lisa covers not only what I knew I didn't know but also what I didn't know I didn't know - and that was essentially the most rewarding part. I read it from cover to cover, and I must say - my academics mind i visited work. In times I thought that some sections were hardly relevant to the issue of law for small biz owners. But I kept an open brain and found that the books describes my situation almost completely and provides examples of how people have overcome similar challenges. Lisa's approach of merging spirituality and law is a wonderful synthesis (be quiet, academic brain! ) Love the book and recommend it to any coach or entrepreneur who still doesn't have her "legal ducks in a row"; ), Loved it! Every entrepreneur needs to read this book.
Lisa Fraley took away all of the fear (and I had a lot! ) which i had about the multiple legal steps involved in owning my own business. She breaks each step down into simple, understandable and relatable nuggets.
Most importantly, the book made me realize just how important having my legal processes in place is for the success of my business. I would have never thought that all the two would be related, but now knowing the correlation has made me prioritize my legal needs in a much more pressing manner.
I am so thankful to finally hear a legal professional describe what I need for my business and why I need it in a tone of voice I can understand and relate to.
If you own your own business, do yourself a favor and buy this book today!, Inside her book, " Effortless Legal Steps... That Usually are Also Good For Your current Soul", Lisa Fraley merges the seemingly opposing realms of " left brain" legal with " right brain" heart. Lisa phone calls this " Legal Love™. "
Each and every chapter offers advice on the necessary legal steps for aspiring & set up entrepreneurs, as well as a fresh perspective how these concepts can enrich our lives. Her unique personal stories found in the book illustrate how she dealt with her own fears and vulnerabilities. These personal tidbits help make the " legal speak" relatable and pragmatic.
Ultimately, Lisa's book is about helping you build your courage. This book provides valuable tools for your growth as a business owner and a person. And fortunately for you, these tools are infused with " Legal Love™"!
Best of luck on your entrepreneurial path!, A new heartfelt combo of love and law, this sacred resource empowered me with the legal steps needed for me to feel confident and clear as I continue my entrepreneurial journey. Every entrepreneur that appreciates healthy boundaries and resonates with the spirit of the law will want this on their shelf!, Lisa Fraley does an incredible job of producing getting legally covered not only clear and accessible, but actually fun and empowering. Easy Legal Steps breaks it down and makes it easy to recognize not only the " shoulds" of legal coverage, but the openings that happen for us emotionally and spiritually when we know that people are able to conduct our heart's true work on a firm foundation of solid defenses. I've never come across any legal professional who brings such heart, soul and solid guidance with her work. Thank you, Lisa Fraley!, This book is a MUST for any businessperson or small business operator who wants their energy to be directed to their business AND they also want their business to be protected legally. Typically the information that Lisa Fraley shares transforms " legalese into legal ease, " as she guides you through a comprehensive process that is easy to comprehend and implement. Connecting legal steps with chakras is excellent, and so is Mack Fraley! She brings substantial legal knowledge, passion, and incredible generosity to her business, and the information she shares in this book. I am fortunate to know Lisa, and I highly recommend this publication!, Lisa's warmth and patient drips from these webpages. It's like getting a warm hug - which is not something I can say about anything else that has to do with what the law states! I love how she frames protecting yourself legally an ideal soulful words and makes it evident just how beneficial the right legal documents can be. I experienced exactly like I was seated down to coffee with her and talking about how to live my best life and do my best operate the world with her help: ), Learning about the legal side of business and the practical steps you need to take in order to protect yourself and serve your tribe has never been more pleasurable! Mack makes the law appealing, understandable, and nearly all of all, aligned with what seems good for YOU. You'll be glad you read it!

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