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It is a really good, basic sluggish cooker cook book. Their easy to complete the girl recipes as well. I follow this blogger and love her recipes. The book shouldnt be titled '5 ingredient' because the author assumes everyone has certain items (like all types of broth stored in their home) as well as a good variety of spices. I do but not everyone does. Those types of things are NOT included as the 5 items so some recipes might need 10 items but 5 are included your basic staples. I just don't believe its right to make the assumption that a book buyer would know the recipes require a bunch of staples and many tested recipes have a lot more than 5 ingredients. Also, I discovered several times that the writer relies on frozen mirepoix. Ive never seen this before and its great short cut. However, if not offered to the reader, then there are 3 more ingredients one needs to buy (i. e. pumpkin, onions and celery). The recipes really are easy but literally, very few are 5 ingredients or less., I really love this cookbook. I like the way it's already been create. I like that there are tons of different sections depending on what you want to cook, Breakfast, Chili, Sauces, Beef, Chicken, Pork and even a dessert segment. And there was a section in the beginning that kind of can help you know how to best use your slow cooker. It was really informative and I learned from it, even though I've cooked with mine a long time.

I liked that the author included ways to cook things in the slow cooker I'd never even think to make in there. Things like baked potatoes, banana breads and stuffed peppers. Therefore clever!

Every recipe has substitution delete word things like allergies. I like that the author claims if you're allergic to..., use this instead... As well as the writer even included nutrition information so you don't have to guess at how bad something is for you! I count all of my calories so this is huge for me personally!

From this cookbook, I personally have made Flank Steak Fajitas, and People from france Toast Casserole, both of them were so scrumptious!

And something else that is absolutely fun, is that right now, the e-version of the book, is just . 99. You can check it out for super inexpensive. Personally I favor my cookbooks in hard form, but this is a great way to try it out.

This is a great cookbook by a cookbook author that I trust. I aren't wait to make more recipes from it!, Title: The Easy 5 Ingredient Slow Cooker Cookbook - 101 Delicious No-Fuss Foods for Busy People
Author: Karen Bellessa Petersen
Professional photographer: Melina Hammer
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Published: 9-12-2017
Pages: 150
Genre: Cooking, Foods & Wine
Sub-Genre: Cookbooks, Kitchen Appliances,, Vegan & Vegetarian, Special Diet plans, Non Vegetarian,
ISBN: 9781623159955
Reviewed For NetGalley, Rockridge Press & Calisto Publishing
Reviewer: DelAnne
Rating: 4. 75 Stars

Just about everyone has at least one sluggish cooker, I have 4 small, medium, large and let's feed an army size. I usually conclusion up in a rut fixing the old standbys when I am in a hurry, spaghetti, chili, chowder and the such. Easy 5-Ingredient Slow Pot Cookbook is about to change that. You can find multiple recipes paired with pleasing photographs that I have read a few I have already tried and plenty more still to go. With Winter fast approaching my crock pots and slow cookers get a lot of workouts. (And yes, there is a difference between a crock pot and a slow cooker, although in some instances a menu can be cooked in either).

First off, be sure to read on the Slower and Easy introduction, there are a lot of great tps and advice given. What is great about a slow cooker is you may also set it up the night before and have breakfast waiting around when you within the morning. Or perhaps you have a day of errands and want lunch time or dinner waiting. Your book Club or Holy bible study group or even a Pot luck supper, no problem. Pull away your trusty Slow Pot enabling it do the work for you while you get on with your day. Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, Delicacy or Appetizer, it can do it all. Chilly snap on the horizon, try a stew or soup with some warm crusty breads.

With 5 Ingredients you have a quick easy dish ready and waiting. I attempted the Egg, Hash Dark brown and Sausage Breakfast Casserole (turned out great and my family was away the door on time no, hassles. ), pair the Tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwiches and you should have a winner. Flank Beef Fajitas are great for Mexican Night. You can even make breads and other dessert in your slow cooker, Try the Banana bread for your next Coffee and tea Social or a Peach Crisp. Whatever you need there exists most likely a recipes found in this book/

The rating of " The simple 5 Ingredient Slow Pot Cookbook - 101 Scrumptious No-Fuss Meals for Busy People" is 4. 75 out of 5 superstars., One of the simplest ways to consume healthier and save money on food costs is to eat more meals at home. Nevertheless , with our hectic schedules this is difficult for many families. Simply by by using a slow cooker, you spend a few minutes adding ingredients before you leave and when you go back home your meal is ready to eat.

This particular book is a great resource of recipes with only 5 ingredients and most only take about 10 minutes to prepare. The recipes range from breakfast, soups, main food to desserts. For your breakfast time recipes, you can make it on before you go to bed and it will be ready when you get up in the morning.

I received a copy from the publisher., I know other reviewers mention this is not a true 5 ingredient cookbook. That is true, however... First, this author is by no means the first to employ this recipe tactic. I treasured that the five main ingredients are highlighted. Inside the past I have purchased cookbooks that are truly 5 ingredients, and they conclusion up being the same 40 tested recipes over and over. Or else quite ready for the considerable recipes out there, tend to be ready for a little more than hot water, then I think it is a great book. I'm a busy mommy, with only the most basic of skills, and I will make use of this book for certain.

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