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To begin with I'm a woman and I'm not really interested in football. I came across this guide because it's on the reading list printed on book marks in the conference room at the hedge fund, Balyasny Advantage Management, and I attempt to read every book on the list. With a twitch in my eye I purchased the paperback and broke it open on the train home.

The first thing you notice about Tom's delivery ( can I call him Mary? ), is the fact he repeats himself a lot and does the usual do it yourself help dance about how exactly you have to work extremely hard. Having personally presented clinical OCD in my family, Tom is a good applicant for the diagnosis and so his excessive ruminating, over booking, and general control freak mission is the key thing that comes through in the book. I can only imagine the horrified groans of epiphany that must have overcome relaxing treatments players when they realized Tom was going to be ruining, er... We mean running their lives. He almost schedules every moment of his life and I will not be surprised if all 4 of his children were born in the off season by his own design. So how do this book win me over?

1) The particular bit about hard work does get through and by the second half you realize that these players should have eventually appreciated the benefits of being directed into fight with a full suit of information armor. Tom's really obsessive, I mean crazy -preparation no uncertainty contributed to his two extremely bowl victories. I are likely to fly blind into most business meetings and since reading the book, I have discovered myself indulging in at least a little 'preparation '.
2) He changed. Tom's a harsh guy. Despite his surprising references to the power of love in the management style, he invested many of his early on years as a completely... jerk. He seems to have genuinely reformed his communication style to keep with the times ( To avoid losing his job at that time cuz it's probably where this was headed) and that description shows that you can change too. It's a powerful message. He also includes a few really amusing, if self deprecating, tales to add some humility to the delivery.

3). What do you say to make people want to win? I really liked the chapters where he retells all the cozy things he whispers to before and during games. The key is that your biggest opposition is yourself. If you happen to actually treatment about football the little stories about players and specific games probably will have you more deeply curious by the book. To finish, I'll just say that I enjoyed reading Tom's insights. At the start, We was very committed to being indifferent about the book because football just will not interest me and by the finish Mary 'won ' me over., I don't tend to put athletes on pedestals because Here, There be Dragons or Tigers or whichever term for threat you prefer. It generally comes to no good end. Celebrities, athletes or otherwise, are just each day people who live their lives in the spot light. That's no reason to look up to them unless they show by themselves worthy of such attention. I was never sure whether I put instructors in the same class but since he came to the Giants in 2005, I knew there was something special about Tom Coughlin. This book just strong that.

If you're a fan of the Titans or Jaguars, as well as have read his previous guide, A Team to trust Inside, written following SB 42, some of the materials isn't new, but the story it told and the picture it colored about the man was. The story of the transformation in Coughlin's relationship with Michael Strahan has been told a number of times, however, not in this detail:

" Tom has since recently been recognized as one of the greatest coaches in NFL history, but at the beginning, our relationship was tough: I disliked him. Hate is a strong word, but which the way I felt.... When I commenced adding all of it up, I realized, Guess what happens? Maybe I don't have been seeing this man the right way. Maybe there's more to this guy than I originally believed... We were a family. And if any person in our family needed help, the rest of us were right there to provide it, knowing that individuals would be there for all of us.... When I look back on our relationship now, I tell people happily that I love the man. I love him, and when I could, I would play for him any day. And together, we would win. "

And if it was only Jordan, it might have recently been written off as a personality conflict, but there was Fred Taylor too:

" In 1998, at the beginning of my fourth season as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, we drew up running back Fred Taylor swift in the first rounded.... We did have some conflicts. In fact, after I left Jacksonville We read several articles in which he said that he really believed We was trying to kill him or her during that year. Inside the ensuing years Provided and I had spoken several times. I'd see him or her on the field when the Giants played his team, and we'd welcomed one another politely. But we didn't have a real conversation until after this individual retired in 2010, once i ran into Fed wonderful bother at the annual scouting blend in Indiana. I was walking through the lobby when We noticed a large group of people and a little bit of a commotion. As We looked to see what was going on, Provided spotted me. I stopped to say hello, and we started talking. Ultimately I got around to asking him about that opinion. " I didn't understand what you were trying to do then, " he said. " We understand it now. We have great respect for you"... We shook palms and they got into the elevator, but as the doors started closing, Fred said suddenly, " Thank you, I love you. " I love you? That was one thing that I wasn't prepared to hear. "

Folks genuinely hated Tom Coughlin, and sometimes I question how he was able to get through a day. But somehow he switched the page -- and I think it was more than the conversation with Charles Wray, the meetings with the NY media, the from his family. He decided to change -- but We can still see him or her getting in a fight with a GPS.

It showed in the players too, Manning's preparation and commitment throughout his rookie year and his career -- from fear they were heading to make a change and he'd no extended be the starting QB to not wanting to let down Coughlin. Plus eventually, it almost evolved into Coughlin not seeking to let Manning down:

" If you have industrious, disciplined people like Eli Manning working for you, why would you ever before yell at him, no matter how he has played? He's ten times harder on himself than I'm ever going to be. "

As much as this book is all about preparation and leadership, it's about the undercurrent of family. Mind coaches and GMs always pay lip service to hating to see a player leave the team -- but I truly think it hurts Mary Coughlin to lose someone from his family. He has already been through it, even eleven years later, it's clear how much his firing in Jacksonville still hurts him. He's determined not to let that happen again to him -- and wants to help his players delete word if it has to happen to them. While this individual maintains that he doesn't read the sports news, having been clearly aware of the media wanting him gone this year. and I can imagine how much it must have hurt him or her.

The other primary theme throughout the book is pride. Pride in your work, planning to restore pride to the Giants' organization, wanting to create the RIT & Jacksonville programs with pride. He practices what he preaches. He wanted the 2011 Titans to " finish" and be " all in", he certainly wasn't heading to take time off after his hamstring was torn off the bone! Your dog is a taskmaster, but this individual won't ask the players or coaches to do almost anything this individual won't. He wants them to learn the way he learned.

The only thing I really did not care for in the guide was the flow. It jumped around a great deal -- and maybe it wasn't meant to be read cover to cover. Each of the chapters really could be freestanding lessons on one of his themes. And the ideal thing about this guide? It doesn't matter in any way if you're a Titans fan, a football enthusiast, or perhaps you hate sports. The particular themes in here apply to all walks of life. We said to someone before today that I actually thought calling it a sports book was limiting and somewhat cheapening it. It's much more than that.

Also to think, the book was on my radar but I had developed no intention of shifting it to the top of Mt. TBR (or reading it in two sittings! ), but then I found a tweet that Coughlin was signing at Barnes & Noble and We decided that was an excellent use of lunch. Acquired two copies which this individual signed, and I made the decision I didn't want to break the spine on my copy so I purchased it for my Kindle and read it in two days., To be fair, I am a large NY Giants fan - which is why We purchased the book. However , I was not let down. If you are in the profession of leadership and you have recently been successful, you likely do not require Tom CoughlIn explaining to you that there are no short cuts around hard work and preparing. But if you are a person trying to understand what it will take to reach your goals, and stay successful, this is a very honest and easy read for anyone above the age of 10. Instructor CoughlIn pulls no punches and speaks very specifically and intelligently how this individual approaches everything in the life. This book will either validate what a true leader has already learned, or teach an aspiring one what theY need to know about what it takes to succeed in life.

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