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If you're happy in a conventional, working 9 to 5 until age 65 lifestyle, this book is not for you, and I doubt it is going to convince you normally. When you've always thought that there should be a much better way to live, that being locked into a job route is not for you, if freelancing or entrepreneurship is an attractive option for you, if you like to travel and can see yourself living for years on the road, then this book will definitely provide inspiration and some practical advice towards a lifestyle more appropriate to your personality type. In other words, this is a book for a little but important percentage of the population., We went through this book very fast, long equations and formulas in a little section of the book notwithstanding. The theory - or should i say philosophy - at the rear of the first retirement concept is very compelling }. I believe the ideas can be adopted by one to various degrees but the real thing is not for the faint-hearted. I got long thought that there was something not right around me but i could not quite put my little finger into it. This book helped me see my life from a very different angle and i also am already viewing and planning things differently from before. Thank you, Jacob, just for this guide., Great Book. MMM viewers and the like will dig it. Interesting diagrams, thought provoking, incisive. Indeed there are some typos, Layout problems, language oddities, but the ideas are good., Typically the book is like what exactly is described. It is not an easy book to read but the philosophical ideas will blow your brain. I will be also refreshed to know that there are people out there who think like I do. In this world where consumerism is triumphed there exists a way to live your life with minimal impact to the environment and be happy., This book is fantastic. While corporate The usa is busy figuring away methods for getting the " sheeples" to seal up and work everyday, the rest of us are free and living to the fullest. A must read for anyone who works for a living and wants something more out of life., This book has opened my own eyes to a whole lot of things I got noticed but failed to figure out solutions to., I've read this book 4x so far and learn something new whenever. Now i'm reading it the fifth time now. This guide is a mind-set changer if one has an open mind. I'm within 8 months of possibly retiring (at 60), so Now i'm a little late but not too late. I only wish I could've read this book when We was 20 rather than 59. This is the Best book I've read in years!, Excellent stuff in this guide I'm now on my way to financial independence

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