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It's been a loooong while since I've sat and read a book cover to cover in a sitting, all through one day, and this was the book that got me to do it again. ME AND EARL AND THE DYING LADY is an interesting first novel centered on a teenage boy and the girl he (re) befriends after finding out she's dying from leukemia. My answer is 'interesting' because it grips the seriousness of the topic with a kind of brute honesty and a side of laughter (sometimes awkward teenage young man humor) which I had not been sure I was planning on. All around, the story did not follow any easily recognizable trope or plot, which was refreshing for some reason (and I've read a few other stories about teens dying from illnesses, so I more than likely necessary call them contrived either, but maybe more emotionally moving? ).

Inside this tale, we see everything through the eyes of the narrator Greg Enveloppes. He's funny, but uncomfortable, shy, and wants absolutely nothing else but to live on the fringe in a kind of unnoticeable, non listed citizen--a kind of high school drifter who won't want to make waves, but also doesn't wish to be totally ignored and thus, he type of befriends everyone--without actually befriending anyone, really. Basically sound confused, it's because this book so accurately explains the microcosm of high school and it's bizarre confused hierarchy. Greg doesn't fit into any particularly easy labels though he's a Jewish kid with littermates he almost never talks to, one weird buddy he makes (seemingly bad/misunderstood) movies with, and is painfully inept when it comes to girls. This individual has a fairly self-deprecating spontaneity, though you do kind of want to tell him never to be so down on himself, but for the most part, he doesn't *feel* particularly lacking in confidence (though We would not identify him as especially 'confident' by any stretch of the imagination).

But in any case, straight away, you get hooked into the story by Greg's voice. It can fairly unique and you kind of feel like you're reading his diary (if boys kept diaries). The story itself advances and Greg grows in small, but meaningful ways through his friendship with Rachel (the 'Dying Girl' referenced in the title). Interestingly, it seems his BFF Earl is actually a bit of Touchstone for Greg--which I found surprising but simultaneously awesome because your dog is kind of untypical with a bit of a rough family life/backstory.

I'm finding it kind of hard to really describe the way i felt about this book apart from the voice was really interesting and kept me going throughout the complete story. Typically the story itself, while not exactly a surprise, originates in what feels like a natural pace and whatever expectations you may have of a book about young adults facing death, you might find it in this, or you may not. Nevertheless you will probably laugh and become at least a little charmed... it's an inexplicable connection with the story, with the character of Greg, that I'm getting away with here. After all, there's something when an author's voice can carry you from commence to finish while maintaining a type of distance that is described right at the outset: " This book contains precisely zero Essential Life Lessons, or Little-Known Information about Love, or sappy tear-jerking Moments When We Knew There were Left Our own Childhood Behind for Great, or whatever. And, unlike most books where a woman gets cancer, there are definitely no sugary paradoxical single-sentence paragraphs that most likely supposed to think are strong because they're in italics. " (All of that? Truth. Yet, still a really good, really stimulating, really honest read. ), Greg Gaines has put in his high school job not fitting into any group. Along with his buddy Earl they motion picture movies based on favorites they've watched with his dad. All of this changes at the start of his senior year when his mom requests him to befriend a girl dying from leukemia. I wasn't sure about reading this book as I lost my own sister from leukemia, but this was well worth the read! Recommended by two friends I decided to buy it with a gift idea card I received for Christmas. I devoured it in a few hours.

The book is written in first person with Greg because the narrator. He often writes as if he's writing a movie script which makes sense because of his love of filmmaking. I like how all the figures develop. You don't get every aspect of them all at the same time. They slowly happen. Each character is very well fleshed out.

This book isn't your typical syrupy soap opera-type story about death with a fairytale ending. This story is much more true to life. I enjoyed the realness from it.

Certainly recommend for high schoolers and older. There is a great deal of cussing, but if you have worked with high institution students it fits completely. There is also a scene where Greg and Earl eat food reflectivity of the gold with marijuana (complete crash... seriously) and speak about other drugs., "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" is probably tired of being compared to "A Problem in Our Stars", and I don't blame it one bit. While both fall into the admittedly insensitively named category of inch teenage sick lit", the two books couldn't be a little more different.

Andrews' protagonist Greg, who only wants to be unnoticed and separate from the rest of the world, so long as he is able to make secret films together with his partner (but not really friend) Earl. Unfortunately, Greg's mother desires him to hang out with Rachel, the titular dying girl, to help raise her spirits.

Mister. Andrews word hard to keep your language scattered enough to be believed that a teenage boy is the author. He equally strains to avoid any of the Hallmark credit card sentiment this genre can so easily fall into. While our narrator informs us that his experience with the dying woman did not alter his life in some great way, the facts talks otherwise. His own lack of ability to identify the impact makes it all the more powerful.
Do not come into this planning on a Hazel and Gus romance. It is not here. While TFIOS is a move about how exactly a quick life can also have great which means, this novel is about how exactly loss and life's big transitions can knock us about, leaving us a bit bruised and sometimes wiser, sometimes not. It is a realization that happy endings are for the movies, and I've is a continuing story, with hopes, dreams, and promises that don't always make it. No more do you see this than with the harsh reality of Earl, and, of course, the dying girl.
Funny, profane, and yes, poignant and grasping, this novel is really worth a read. Be aware, however: it is irritating in its honesty, because seen through a different filter, these characters could have tasted the celebrities. Instead, we get to taste the truth, which isn't always as sweet.

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