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When justin was sixty, Cory Taylor was dying of a melanoma-related brain cancer. Her cancer could no longer be treated, and death was inevitable. And so, the lady wrote this book. We imagine that every person who reads it comes away with something different. For me, it’s Cory Taylor’s glare on her life, and her observations about the deaths of her parents. So many echoes, too, in her thoughts about having the ability to choose the circumstances of her death. I’ve lost two friends in as many years, two friends who suffered because preserving life was, seemingly, more important than a comfortable death.

The book is filled with clear and careful reflection. At one stage, writing about the unexpected death of a friend who was assisting her, Cory writes:

‘A sudden death cuts out there all the ghastly preliminaries, but I imagine it simply leaves behind a bad regret for all the things left permanently unspoken. A slow death, like mine, has that one advantage. You have a lot of time to talk, to tell people how you feel, to try to make sense of the whole thing, of the life that is coming to a close, for both yourself and those who remain. ’

She creates of acceptance, of the girl ambition to be a writer. Of having no regrets, and of being concerned about death:

‘It is by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, and i also will be glad when it’s over. ’


‘My doctor has promised to honour my wishes, but I can’t help worrying. I have not died before, so We sometimes get a bad case of beginner’s spirit, but they soon pass. ’

It’s a beautifully written book. Dying is an individual journey which, at some stage, each of all of us will make. A fresh book on a topic we have to discuss more openly: loss of life is inevitable, but the circumstances of death fluctuate. People should not endure when suffering can be avoided.

Right at the end of the book, Cory Taylor writes:

‘I’ve come to the advantage of words now, to the place where they falter and strain in the face of dying’s terrifying finality. ’

We can only hope that Cory Taylor did not suffer.

Cory Taylor died on 5 July 2016, a couple of weeks after this book was published. She was old 61. I had previously read ‘My Beautiful Enemy’, and I’ve added ‘Me and Mr Booker’ to my reading list.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith, What do you do if you're dying slowly of a melanoma-related brain cancer? If you're a writer, like Brisbane-based Cory Taylor, you write a book about it, and all the rest of all of us are able to do is soak in the relentlessly true, beautiful and moving words that result. Structured around 3 long essays, Taylor creates of how her body has failed her considering that the initial diagnosis in 2006, just before her 50th birthday. While her once full life has since contracted to just two rooms – her bedroom and her living room, where she spends most of her days now ~ her mind remains beautifully sharp and active, and here she describes the arc of her story with vivid details. " When you're dying, even your unhappiest memories can induce a sort of fondness, " she creates, " as if pleasure is not confined to the favorable times, but is woven through your times like a skein of gold thread. "

With pinpoint precision, Taylor displays on her childhood to spell out how writing and language became her consuming interests. Early classroom experiences reinforced the high value of these skills: to her, writing " suddenly seemed like the most crucial thing in the world to practise and master, not for its that means – that would come later – but for its mystery. " Tied up in all of this are the stages of denial, anger, grief and acceptance that have come to her as the cancer advances. The center section is largely devoted to her upbringing and troubled family life, and having seen how much difficulty her parents had in their marriage, it is clear that the girl with grateful to have found a loving man with whom to reveal her remaining time. At once sad and very pleased, Taylor's writing in these pages is truly masterly. Readers of any era will find much to learn here. If 'Dying' is to be Cory Taylor's final public writing, as seems to be the case, it is difficult to imagine a finer notice on which to shut., As well many tangents of thought., Well written, and not at all morbid or depressing. I appreciated the author's matter of truth method to dying. Not emotional or poor-me rhetoric, but an honest assessment of her life., Very thoughtfully written. Hope I can do as well when my turn comes., Cory Taylor writes with an other-worldly beauty... and the authenticity of the declining., Beautifully written, not mordant but a thoughtful look at the author's own life. Neither self-serving nor self-pitying., arrived in good condition. Helpful read. A new little pricey?

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