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Becoming more popular author Anita Moorjani's debut book Dying To Be Me is undoubtedly one of the most important books of 2012. It really is one of the most inspiring memoirs I have ever read. During these pages Anita gives in the most coming in contact with and heart felt of ways her personal background, we were young different, the tension cultural expectations created within her and the activities leading up to the girl getting cancer and experiencing the most opulent of around death encounters at the time her organs started to shut down in the ultimate hours of advanced stage Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
During the girl NDE Anita awakened to a heightened state of consciousness which allowed her to understand why she experienced cancer (among many other things) and accessed a state of unconditional loving energy that allowed the girl to gain full recovery of her health.

I need not elaborate on Anita's story any more, as it can be read in her NDE bank account at the Near Death Experience Research Foundation website, and there are also many different interviews available online for many who are not familiar with her story. On the other hand, if you are searching for a cliché NDE book with tunnels, white lights, angels and God you may be let down. This NDE transcends all cultures and all made use of.

I would like to emphasize that despite being a book about a near death experience, it has a much wider appeal than other NDE books and is inside my viewpoint multi-disciplinary. It is of huge value to anyone interested in the areas of near death experiences, loss of life, dying and bereavement, tumor, spontaneous remission, the mind-body relationship, mind-body and energy medicine, reincarnation, or to anyone who simply wishes to examine how the universe and life works in general. It even makes a compelling advantages of the skeptics of psychic phenomena, as her natural remission so near to loss of life is one of a kind and medically documented and verified. In addition to Anita's wonderful message, I would hope that her views on tumor provide food for thought for oncologists around the world, and change the fact that world and in particular the medical profession considers about, views and goodies cancer.

What impresses myself most about this publication and about Anita's message is the fact her NDE belongs much more to life and living than it really does to death and exactly what we can expect in the afterlife (although this topic is also covered in the book). It helps us get rid of the clutter in our lives and to emphasis more on what makes us happy and brings us joy in life, as well as getting rid of any existential phobias we may have stemming from the relatively unknown realm of death.

Often spiritual publications can create more existential fears and tensions rather than alleviate them with mention of concepts of sin, karma, pre-life planning of car accidents and illnesses, "soul lessons", soul levels, heck, punishment etc. These publications normally have some sort of agenda to push, but luckily this is not the case with Anita Moorjani, she is a breath of fresh air, something I am forever grateful for.

Anita does not claim to become a psychic guru, she doesn't peddle any sort of schedule as many other spiritual writers do. She has no dogma to force onto the reader. Instead the girl has an amazing history to inform (which she really does with amazing dexterity in the English language), and shares from her NDE the numerous insights she gained into her own life, her own cancer and life and residing in general, insights that anyone can benefit from.

For myself Anita's NDE and the insight she gained from it tremendously allowed me to overcome much cognitive dissonance which came from reading various New Age spiritual, do it yourself help type books, and put life into a much clearer and more reasonable perspective. At the same time Anita offers an outlook on life that is comparatively easy to implement-DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT REGARDING YOU, DON'T DO WHAT DOESN'T FEEL BEST FOR YOUR FAMILY, everything else in life is secondary.

If you are embarking on a quest for spiritual knowledge or if you have been on one for many years, don't buy 30 New Age publications on soul mates, twin flames, soul lessons, law of attraction, indigo children, soul progression, karma and so forth, such books have little related to the greater cosmic reality as well as in my thoughts and opinions, for the most part, the concepts discussed in them are misconceptions at best, in other cases simply lies. Such publications can make quite a harmful and toxic belief system and can make residing life more difficult and complicated than it needs to be.

Instead, just buy this guide. It will help you remove the clutter from your thoughts, your way of thinking and from your lifetime as well. The biggest fantasy that Dying To Be Me dismisses is that being spiritual or residing life needs to be hard work, that we need to work hard for a favoured position in the afterlife, that we need to suffer and make sacrifices for spiritual advancement, enlightenment and perfection (such beliefs are the foundation of all religions and New Age thought). In the shortage of such ideas Anita provides us with a much lighter and fulfilling perspective on life, allowing us to become more efficient at being ourselves.

Inside Anita's own words "If you think you need to work hard at being spiritual then you haven't got it yet. "

Dying To Be Me is undoubtedly a ten star book, a book with universal charm and with a message that will never lose their relevance to spirituality and to living a cheerful and fulfilled life., This book came highly recommended to me. My local freinds raved about it. I was expecting it to be full of insight and different than other publications I've read on around death experiences. I am 3/4 done and am having a hard time completing it. It is almost as if the creator struggled to complete it. the beginning is pretty interesting. and the last half so-so. I am a huge believer in this issue but this author in my viewpoint wasn't very expressive., Ms. Moorjani's history is amazing. Her gentle nature will come in as the girl recounts her life from a young age, through trying to please the girl family by adhering to cultural traditions, getting ill, then the journey of understanding her illness and the fact that the girl always had control. The woman near-death encounters really make one view one's own life a little differently. If you are interested in the afterlife - or if you have a fear of dying - read this book., I loved reading about the author's young life in Hong Kong, her family and her darling husband. Exactly what she learned from the girl NDE certainly turned this material world on it's head! I am so grateful she shared it all to help us. When you read this publication you will understand so much more. Thank you Anita!, Loved this publication, helped me find myself again and let go of fears that where holding me back. The woman story is amazing and touched on so many things that I dreaded as a child that I have been able to let go of through reading the girl book. AMAZING, I found the premise of the publication interesting, but the key points were repeated over and over. I do not learn anything more than I would have reading a magazine article about Ms. Moorjani., Exactly what can My answer is that have not been said before?
No one abuses us more then we do. We are the biggest abusers we have ever seen and don't even realize it. Occasionally we even hook up with other people who abuse us just so we could keep abusing ourselves.
And fears - we are afraid of living and we are afraid of dying. And this manifests in your wellbeing and in your life.
There are so many lessons packed into this book. In case you haven't read it - do yourself a favor and read it. First part of the book is about the girl life and may not seem to be important/interesting, but it connections in with her sickness afterwards.
In case she would write more books I would buy them. I already purchased her meditation and it is powerful - everything important she learned on the other side she put into the meditation - letting go of fears, loving yourself and being yourself. I read in her interview that when she wants to manifest a positive result for something she imagines many outcomes in entrance of her but dont choose. This is the same method she utilizes in her meditation as well. Everything she has learned she actually is transferring on to you., Really like love this book. I can't inform you how many people I've purchased it for and who have overturn and purchased it for others. One friend purchased 40 copies for Christmas presents last year. It's a feel good publication so don't let the subject of cancer toss you off. This is life changing for me. I could only say this about a dozen or so books in my lifetime. Thank you for writing this book.

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