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Dungda de Islan' translates to "down to the Islands" and that is accurately where this delightful book will transport you. When travel to you means a vehicle tour through a new city this guide will help to make you rethink your ldeas.

Join Charles and Leslie on their 35 feet sailing vessel, Play Professional, as they explore typically the sailing life in typically the islands in the Caribbean within a way most of all of us can only dream. In the process you can get into a rich culture.

One of my favorite ranges from the book best amounts the island culture, "People work harder, but most of all of them work to live, not really for abstractions, and they also seem to have a concept of "enough" without typically the compulsion that our society at home has regarding "more".

Each tropical isle has unique charm in addition to challenges. I loved Bequia and learned a brand new side of Saint Martin. On some islands, local people bring fresh hot bread to your boat in addition to pick up your laundry.

One word of warning, if you are keeping track of calories, traveling with Charles and Leslie around the Play Actor to Dungda para Islan' will make you crave a baguette plus some French pastries., I suppose I'll just have to get a sailboat in addition to head for de Islan's. This book will make you want to. If you like to learn about sailing, and you harbor any intrigue for Caribbean lifestyle, you will love this specific book. This early-50's-ish pair took what they planned to be their last cruise before they'd sell typically the boat and retire back home in the US. Failed to much exercise that way. I guess they usually are still there, hoping through island to island because they take a notion, hiking, exploring, meeting the local people. What to expect from this book: Lots of description and explanations of typically the various cultures of each island they explored (all so different with regards to traditions, attitudes and temperaments associated with the residents; lots associated with sailing -- but not really with so much of the old-salt sailing terminology that is only understood by, well, aged salts. Last chapter details cost of living in contrast to that in typically the US. Pretty darned tempting! I'm thinking Granada or maybe St. Kitts., What a new lovely walk down memory space lane, in no small measure as a result of Bud's terrifically visual place and scene descriptions of Caribbean destinations, lots of which I final visited forty years ago. Several I recognized immediately, in addition to was thrilled at their own timelessness. Others have transformed dramatically, some for typically the better, some for typically the worse. But I may see every single one.

But what resonated most with me at night has been his transition from the visitor checking off names upon an itinerary to a new yacht-based "citizen" of typically the Caribbean, when he learned typically the joy of "moving through spot to place in tranquility with the rhythm associated with nature" and living in a new world where folks usually are happy with "enough" in addition to aren't constantly seeking more.

Even if you've in no way cruised the Caribbean, whether or not you've never set feet on a sailboat, his story offers some amazing lessons in living lifestyle to the fullest., Amazing read. I see the 1st book and was excited there was more. My spouce and i have been planning our liveaboard life for many years and next yr is it. Once all of us sell the property we may be purchasing our brand new home. I'm still seeking to convince him that all of us must just go to the Grenadines and get typically the boat and stay within the Caribbean. Even though he is an avid sailor, has sailed little vessels and Naval Aircraft Companies, he is squeamish about taking that big action away from the US. He is still reading typically the first book and I think he can change his mind following this one. Fingertips crossed., The Caribbean. Sunshine, sand, warm waters that range from Gin Clear to turquoise... who more than likely want to live right now there? How many of all of us have ever thought they would like to merely " chuck it all" and live the carefree life aboard a sailboat, and hop from tropical isle to island for a new new life?

Most associated with us never summon typically the courage to even attempt. Most of us have got no idea what is really involved in such a great undertaking. This book amply illustrates what this erstwhile pair have done, and exhibits really obviously that its not as easy or carefree as you think. This life is not really for everyone!

Beyond just knowing how to cruise, one also needs to be a consumate fix person, able to fix almost anything with sometimes alongside nothing, isolated upon the water, without aid. One also needs to know not only the destinations, but the oceanic currents, as well. One also needs to be a meteorlogoical professional to simply plan their own day, to keep on their own safe, and even alive.

This specific book is a actual eye opener. These courageous folks overcame whatever life threw at them with dignity, poise, and also a sense associated with humor. They gained a great appreciation for the tropical isle folks that only comes with living with all of them. They learned about what is truly important within life to them, which sadly, many of all of us never really learn.

This specific is a well composed documentation that reads just like a diary. You are there because they immerse themselves inside the island culture. It will be a fitting accompaniment to the author's " Glowing blue Water Thriller" series. Right now there is no doubt this individual writes what he is aware.

I look forward to reading many more of Mr. Dougherty's works. Kudos in the maximum order!

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