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Such a flawlessly wonderful book! The final time I was this pumped up about a unique story and witty dialogue was ‘The Duke’s Tattoo’ by Miranda Davis (which We heartily recommend).

We have the requisite powerful, somewhat bored, extremely handsome and wealthy Duke – newly engaged to the perfect woman for his place in life. Of course, he wouldn’t stoop to such a lowering emotion as love – this was purely a business arrangement. She was beautiful and cold – just what he wanted and prepared for his life.

Right now, here’s the twist. Closer examination of the Fight it out reveals some quirks. He is severely OCD – fastidious to a problem with his dress, his cravats, his boots, his hair, his food, his books – in short – everything around him. In addition, he faints whenever he bloodstream and gets deathly unwell riding in a closed carriage. These issues are introduced so vividly that as a reader you can actually feel his discomfort when everything is away of order.

Naturally, the people he employs accommodate to his every impulse. After all – he is THE DUKE, Montford. It may be only to be expected – and everything his life he’s met with no items in the way to his prestige or wishes. Before the day this individual meets Astrid Honeywell.

In addition to, then the story begins…In a perfect pairing, the author introduces him to a heroine who is everything he’s never encountered before. She has shockingly red hair, disordering his senses from day one. Worse yet, her your-eyes different colors – and if that weren’t bad enough – this wounderful woman has freckles! She lives in a crooked castle (that this individual owns), has a hugely rambunctious family and operates a brewery. She is fiercely independent and blunt without apology. She is not at all in awe of his title or position - and he's never quite encountered anyone remotely like the woman in his life.. All these things drive him insane, but his life is merely beginning to be flipped upside down. And what an account it is...

We don’t think it’s offering anything away to tell you he fall in love with the woman – hard. And, she for him. Inspite of the attraction, they both valiantly fight against it, as they are total polar opposites. He never quite has time to mention his fiancé e – but you’ll have to read it for yourself to see how that plays out. One complication after another ensues, but each is more delightful and fun than the one before. I absolutely cherished it. I loved the humor, it was so very well done. We loved the author’s tone – it was truly witty and utterly charming. The banter was totally entertaining and this was another book that We hated to see end., It absolutely was really enjoyable to experience Montford's " undoing" - his transformation from the most uptight person Yorkshire (or maybe even London) has ever encountered to someone who embraces life with all its bumpy edges and burning wigs.

On a much smaller scale we see Astrid transform, or at least come to a realization, that the woman family can and will survive without her supervising every aspect of their lives.

To that end we have an H&H who are kindred mood in the responsibility market. And that is where the commonalities stop. To express that they get along like oil and water (for 95% of the story) is putting it too mildly.

Astrid's characterization was absurd in the extreme, a 26 year old who acts like a ruined teenager. She runs a business, stomps, rants, flails, yells, wears trousers, has bluestocking tendencies, curses, has flaming red hair, freckles and curves -- you get the picture. Basically every independent Regency-era heroine cliché was rolled as one woman. (Oh, and these outstanding qualities garnered the woman two offers of relationship by upstanding community members, the vicar included. ) Hmmm....

Montford was the more sympathetic of the two leading characters, especially given his traumatic years as a child history, although his OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER and unbending will became tiresome rather quickly. Typically the chemistry he and Astrid shared was exciting and suspenseful at times but the continuous (and We do mean constant) arguing and immature behavior wrecked the anticipation in many parts of the history.

(Astrid kicks a corporate down when Montford is at the most notable of it because she's mad this individual followed her? Montford ties her hands on with their carriage ride after Lightfoot threw her in a carriage, tied her upwards and beat her? Exactly how is that romantic, Montford? )

There are some amusing segments to the story which kept it moving at a good pace. I just wish there had been less teenage dramatics and cliché d characters (the dotty aunt, the bad person - speaking of which, whatever happened to him? - the snooty London relatives, etc. ) and more afterthought.

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