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We would say if you are on the edge of reading a historical romance, then I would tell you to look no further and also to start with one of Elizabeth Hoyt’s novels. She definitely knows how to write a perfectly, historically correct romance in which it will entice you to keep reading within her Maiden Lane series.

I hope this series is not the finish to Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series with her twelfth edition of Duke of Desire. I think this novel had it all; action, lustful chemistry and a symbolic beast that is looking for his light to embody him.

Duke of Desire does have a heavier tone to its storyline so We would warn readers that if you have a hard time with child abuse (physical/emotional) then maybe this story is probably not for you. Ms. Hoyt does a fantastic writing job of bringing such details to encapture you to make you start to see the entire picture into Raphael's life as well as fresh paint the perfect picture on why he is the broody controlled man he is.

Duke of Dyemore, Raphael de Chartres has had one heck of a upbringing. Brought upwards in the Lord of Chaos by his daddy who was once their leader, but then left with the physical and psychological scars is currently back, determined to dismantle the ruthless organization. Infiltrated among their own, he stumbles upon Lady Iris Jordan, someone whom he has never forgotten, but to make it seem to be he will do diligence your the harsh treatment he must elicit another course of action.

As Lady Eyes is kidnapped by the abusive Lord of Chaos, she can’t tell if Raphael is someone who she can trust. She sees light in his night and starts to give in to his charm. When he elicits a plan to free both of them will the girl abide? But will his safety be enough on her behalf against the LOC?

My thoughts were all over the place with Raphael. We hurt for him and his past in what he had to endure, but then when Iris makes its way into the picture I rejoiced for the happiness that would eventually take place. Ms. Hoyt builds upwards the story in an interesting way in that the physical chemistry between the Duke and Iris did not come until the finish and honestly, I wish it came slightly sooner, but overall, this was an enjoyable story. A solid 4 stars for the Lady who brings the light to the Duke!, For a romance book, the ending was instead bittersweet and realistic, that means Raphael’s memories and pain don’t go away permanently even though he and Iris are together in the end, have defeated the villain, and resolved the conflicts in their relationship. This novel was fast-paced and easy to learn but emotionally difficult. We liked Raphael and Eyes very much. They were both so well-drawn and their romance was effective. Though Raphael wanted to press Iris away, she did not give up on him or her. Their caring for one another was beautiful and powerful and moving. It made me cry in some places. We think Raphael really did fall in love with Iris the first time they waltzed, and this book clearly showed why they were right for every other.

Because of what Raphael went through, he is a rather tragic character, and I think this book could have experienced more complete if readers got to see him or her laugh more and be happy not merely in the epilogue. But though Duke of Desire was by far the darkest Maiden Lane novel, it was very good, well-written, and one of the better books in the series. If only Raphael never experienced experienced so much trauma in his childhood, and I wish that individuals in real life would never have to go through what Raphael went through and exactly what he had to do in so that it will endure. It’s just so sad. When I was looking over this, he seemed so vulnerable at times I wanted to care for him too! Beneath his icy outside, he was really a nice, sweet guy. Having been loyal and protective, and am could tell that he adored Iris very much even though he was afraid to.

The saddest part was when he spoke to Iris in the finish about his father, but I had hope for him or her and their future because he was no longer motivated by revenge but to seek justice. I like imagining that he might have friendships with the other characters in the Maiden Lane series, such as Hugh, the Duke of Kyle, and Alf and Iris’s other friends. We think the tone of this novel could have been lightened if other characters from the series appeared in it. Either way, it’s still worth reading, if you are a fan of and invested in the series, and if you’re willing and able to undergo the psychological toll of this guide.

*ARC received from NetGalley, After the wedding of the Duke of Kyle, Lady Iris Jordan is kidnaped by the Lords of Chaos to be offered as sacrifice in their revel. With regards to light they have taken an incorrect woman, one of the boys in question will state her for him.
While rescuing Lady Jordan from the Lords was not in his plans, being shot by the woman was even more in the mind of Raphael de Chartres, the Duke of Dyemore. Seriously harm and with the Lords of Chaos hot on their heels, he’ll have to do whatever possible to keep the woman safe.
This particular is another great history of crime, intrigue and keenness. Raphael’s past makes him or her a brooding, tormented leading man, one who’s been nurturing an unimaginable rage while plotting for revenge most of his life. When Eyes comes into his life, he tries to protect her by any means while basking in the light she brings to his obscure existence. It will be this fierce woman task to penetrate his armor and show him there’s more to him than the tainted blood that runs through his veins.
I really loved the drama and secret involving these characters. Typically the author’s skill shows as she takes us through glimpses of the strategies and torments in Raphael’s life and his causes for revenge while Eyes fights to have an actual marriage with the stranger who saved her life. We’ll see how he reluctantly gives in and, in time, ends upwards building a relationship with his duchess.
IMO, this book is one looks for in the genre bringing the viewer romance, mystery and experience accompanied by a sensuality that is hard to forget once you’ve finished reading.

4 stars
*An ARC was given by NetGalley for an honest review*

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