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I actually won this free Amazon kindle e-book from a Goodreads Giveaway and from Amazon . com. Thanks so much as I truly enjoyed this book. Nancy Bercaw was obviously a champion swimmer as a youth and was a 17-time All American, Countrywide Champion and Olympic Tests qualifier. This is the woman memoir of how she embarked after 20 years of increasingly all-consuming and dangerous intake of alcohol. While reading this book we are given fascinating information while she embarks on a Peace Corp mission to a Kenyan village. After that she is off to Seoul. All of the woman travels through this book are interesting and add to the storyline. She is residing in Abu Dhabi with her husband and young son when she is confronted with caring medical professionals who are alarmed by her blood pressure and general physical condition. That is then, that Bercaw finally recognizes the hazards of her regular drinking and decides to stop her drinking. I adored the way she used bodies of water as her chapters. This is a well written memoir and i also am happy that she got her life back. Congratulations Nancy!, Exactly what an incredible book--honest, intelligent, considerate, inspiring, and beautifully written.

In particular, I noted that when the author decided to " swim to sobriety, " her husband requests about Alcoholics Anonymous, but she brushes him off, saying that she would like to do it on her own. I'm sorry to offend all of the AA devotees out there, but there's no technological evidence that the program works, and especially designed for women.

Take a look at the " Huge Book" sometime. Written in the 1950s, the fundamental assumption is that all alcoholics are men, and will be certainly even a chapter committed to what wives can do to help their alcohol husbands. Is the " Big Book" so almost holy that it can't be up-to-date to reflect that wish residing in the twenty-first millennium?

Anyway, Nancy Stearns Bercaw draws on the talents that she developed as a competitive swimmer to beat her addiction without the help of a twelve-step group or even detox (although attempting the latter on one's own can become a medical emergency and turn fatal, something that the author doesn't mention in the woman fine book but should have).

As the author so beautifully tells the woman son, " You're your own flotation device. An individual have to save yourself nowadays. "

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially for ladies who uncover that they have become too reliant on alcohol to cope with the challenges in their lives., The author is residing in Abu Dhabi where she needs a certificate to prove the lady is a non-native that can purchase alcohol in a rustic that forbids it consumption. The former swimming champion finally faces the fact she is an alcoholic and has to stop drinking. The story jumps between her times training to become an Olympic level swimmer to those as a married woman, mother of a boy, doing work in a foreign country. She used determination that helped her become a world-class athlete to cope with mental and physical impediments to become sober.

I was randomly chosen through a Goodreads Giveaway to receive this book free from the publisher. Although encouraged, I was under no responsibility to write a review. Typically the opinions I have expressed are my own., Amazing story! Kudos to her for becoming a recovering alcohol!! Throughout the book there were times I think she would most likely die before she would quit ingesting. Perhaps the physical training of her swimming and extreme competition made her body sufficiently strong to withstand all the damage she performed with alcohol for years on end. Should be a good testimonial for folks who drink too much that one can actually stop drinking and life will get better!, I liked this guide very much and in fact, I read it in 2 days straight. Nancy writes with such honesty and specific fine detail. I could connect with the woman observations of expat life as I have been one for while. In addition, she writes very well and I enjoyed her writing style just as much as the story itself. I would consider using it in a life stories writing class that I teach. Well done, Nancy., This can be a wonderful book. Nancy's honesty and bravery are evident throughout the whole story. I applaud all of her efforts to both tell her story and to maintain her sobriety in the face of all of the challenges earlier, present and future., Typically the writing technique of changing to and fro in time and place works very well in this memoir. The author skillfully ties together the parts of her story with chapter titles of bodies of water. I would have loved and learn more about her family maturing but I get it that was the woman story of how she gained her sobriety. I wish Nancy the best as she continues her journey., Raw, riveting, honest and moving. This is an extraordinary book that is much more than a book about the journey to sobriety. It is just a book about life and getting every oz of living out of it. I had difficulty putting it down. That makes me want to be more brave inside my own life. The writing flows beautifully and easily. See the book. You will LOVE it. I can hold out for more!

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