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I'm glad to find books in the genre similar to this which shine. Anyone who read Running with Scissors, Burrough's first memoir, and enjoyed it well previous the hilarious " and then there is the classic ECT machine under the stairs" line into the episodes and downs of that life... well, you'll also want to read this book. It's not a 'follow up' any more than Time Regained is a follow up to Swann's Way; Dry stands related but on it's own merits. Nor is the guide a 'rehab' book because it transcends that kind of labelling as well. The author doesn't have to resort to edgey posturing. Burroughs privileges us with a respectable look at his life therefore tells us a bit more about what it means to be individual. And look for his website...: from his bio you just know there's more to come, which is pretty amazing for someone who is not 40 yet., love love love him. can't stop reading his books. each time i finish one i buy another. luckily enough he has a quantity of them..... so i'm enjoying the run! love his humor... what a pleasurable read!, As a dry alcoholic (34 yrs), I related to this guide. It was funny and honest, and enjoyable; and I must say, heartbreaking at the same time. Even non-alcoholics would relate to the situations, and probably would learn a lot about their friends and/or family members who may have addiction problems, or maybe themselves. The book covered his struggles quite well, but it might have been nice to listen to more about the author's self-revelations once he or she finally sobered up and stayed doing this. At that point, the book ended., The author's story of his struggle with addiction to alcohol is engrossing reading. Funny, yet heartbreaking. Getting dry out is a long hard road. A serious story., I loved this book. I adored everything about it. I have been an alcoholic virtually my whole life, and I turned to books at a young age to escape what was happening to me at home, eventually going outside and escaping that life by gaining my emancipation, which was kindly shown to me and explained by a high school guidance counselor. I identity with a great deal of Augusten's thoughts and feelings. When I was able to afford another of his books, I will be purchasing one. Thank you Augusten for sharing your life with us! Sheri, I noticed, after looking through my reading history, that I'd read two books by Augusten Burroughs, and so I decided to download some types of other books of his. This was one test, which I then acquired in full.
I really enjoyed reading this guide. It's a story about a time in the author's advertising career, and his time in rehab for alcoholism.
I suppose that if this sounds interesting to you, and you like his style, that you will also relish reading: ), This specific is a fantastic story about one person's journey in the recovery process. Therefore well written and funny, and tragic, and wonderful! Words cannot do justice to the experience of this read., Dry wasa fascinating look into the thought process and lifestyle of an addict. That was well-written, however, I'm not sure I recommend it to anyone I know since the emotional and sex content was disturbing sometimes. I found it a worthwhile and honest read and intend to seek out there other books by the same author.

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