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We purchased this book for my hubby for Christmas and he was more excited about this than any of his other gifts. He said he was great deal of thought for himself, but knows better during the holiday season. He's not been able to put this guide down. He is reading it every free minute they have, and then telling me all the interesting details. It was a huge hit., I would suggest this book to anyone thinking about either botany or mixology. Amy Stewart is obviously passionate about both, and the info is offered in an amazing and easy to digest format that seamlessly ties together the two subjects.

I've been delving into cocktail textbooks, which is without a doubt the finest publication inside my library thus much. It's well-written, beautifully designed and printed, and easy to digest.

If you're dabbling in mixology, this is an excellent book to start out with. The particular drink recipes are restricted to the bare essentials, which can keep you from getting bogged down. In case you're more serious about mixology, this book should certainly be the second book in your collection. It teaches you how to make infusions and syrups, and will put everything you study from your drink book into a wonderful perspective., This would have been an excellent read, but... who converts these things to e-books? Repeated webpage fragments, pages out of order--not the way to make a book easy or enjoyable to read., Seriously, reading 5-10 web pages of this book contains enough information to fill your brain for a while, and have to set it down. From the delightful read, and you WILL learn 5-6 extremely interesting facts per page! the publication is very well written, and am absolutely love Amy Stewart's cover design for this, and her other books (which I also ordered for a pittance on this website, although it'll take me eternally to get through each of them) as well.

If you're science, or history minded, absolutely get this book; even though it's short, there's SO much information to digest, it'll probably take you months of reading web pages here and there to finish it. I'm about 40% through it now, and from what I've seen, it absolutely couldn't be increased. A must own for intelligent people thinking about gardening, as well as alcoholic drinks. There's even an internet site that sells all the plants and herbs she brings up in the book to help make the mixed drinks she discusses.... so cool!, Great read, more of a informational book to see to really get to know all the spices/herbs etc. Not really so much pictures and recipes, but it was what I was looking for., This book far exceeded my expectations, and those expectations were fairly high.
This book really does not simply concern itself with plants. It uses the plants involved in the creation of various types of alcohol as jumping-off points for fascinating information of history, biology, garden, archaeology, anthropology, all spinning around the common inclination of enjoying a cool drink.
Any person who enjoys cocktails, ale, or wine will surely enjoy this book. All sorts of alcohol you'd treatment to name, as well as being a you've probably never hear of, are handled on here. Also included are gardening as well as drink recipes.
We wish that I got bought a hardcover backup, since it would make an informative and attractive coffee table book, but the Kindle version is also formatted well and easy to read.
Highly recommended., I like what I have found between the covers so far, as I have read about 40% or 50% of the book. A unique publication: the author writes with the authority of a prolonged academic but in an informal, somewhat irreverent style that belies the apparently totally authentic content. Even if you never mix another drink, or use the book to avoid drinking harmful concoctions, only the reading of Stewart's text is worth the price of admission. The particular historical content alone, will be worth the price of purchase!, The author really brings out the point that throughout time, mankind has attempted to distill, refine, or process just about every plant possible to get some type of alcoholic drink. This book really highlights both the common ones, and the more obscure items. It's made me, on several occasions, try to head out and find a type of alcohol i didn't know existed previously. The book also helps make clear why some vegetation have been traditionally used over others and whatnot. Overall, I think the book was quite interesting and I would recommend to anyone that has an desire for what moves into the drinks that they enjoy. My only complaint is that is actually really a read once and done book. Right now there isn't much to make you when you go back and read again, and it is not likely something that you will read cover to cover. However, design and corporation of the book makes it easy to draw the book off the shelf and promote some interesting piece of information with a friend or by pass straight to a specific ingredient you are curious about.

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