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My wife died 3 years back from a paranoia induced by prescription medications. I wanted to see if progress has been made. The book showed me the perspectives of a medical expert., As the opioids epidemic grows this guide provides a sharp evaluation of its complex causes and get started to describe possible treatments., I desired to love this book, but I did not. This does possess some good information, and mcdougal attempts to liven some misconception with case studies. Her argument, however, is almost incoherent. Medical doctors are alternately portrayed as selfless angels of amazing benefits and mercy, dupes, bad entrepreneurs, hardworking oppressed people trying to scrape a living making over 0 an hour or so, and helpless pawns in the games of money grubbing insurance companies. Patients are helpless without the nobleness of the doctors (at least the selfless angel version) and are victim to the greed and shortsightedness of insurers. Other than Kaiser Santa Clara, could possibly be a model of what insurance can provide. This goes on like this. It's not a bad guide, but I learned far more from reading Dreamland., Within our part of the country, it seems like we have a severe opioid dependency problem. This book exposed my eyes to a probable root cause., Genuinely touches about how easily one can get hooked. A life without drugs is possible Dr Lembke clarifies. It starts with education and learning., Drug Dealer, MD is a great book that is both accessible and useful to patients and their families, but additionally it is a must read for physicians and, more importantly, those who control the redressers of power in Washington- because, although they might not have meant to, they share some responsibility for the current opioid epidemic. Doctor Lembke spreads the blame with this crisis beyond the usual potential foods (patients, doctors, insurance companies and Big Pharma) to groups not traditionally thought of as playing a role in the creation of this problem: the Joint Commission that accredits clinics, the Centers for Medicare insurance and Medicaid Services, and Congress. The actual strength of this book could it be alternative approach which eventually ends up demonstrating the impact of the unintended consequences of well meaning health care coverage. So , this is not only a story of pills, but of the role patient satisfaction surveys, electric medical records, and the move towards integrated health care systems have enjoyed in the creation of this crisis. That is a story not usually told- which is why this is certainly an important book., I've now purchased several of these publications to give to friends and family for the complete overview of just how the us finds itself in an opioid epidemic, now the leading cause of death in Americans under age 50., Thank you for writing this guide. The should be expected reading at all med colleges. Hopefully, we can change the way in which we approach pain and prescriptions pain criminals.

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