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A great extensive amount of knowledge shared in this Kindle fire book about dealing with an addict. It takes a long time to learn how to deal with someone who is abusing substances in effective ways. I know this as an undeniable fact because I've recently been learning how to try this for the past forty five years. Even with all I know about coping with a drug addict, this book presented things that I can use in situations that involve people abusing substances. This book is obviously well worth the little that it costs., As a good resource and overview guide to " Prescription Tablet Drug Abuse, " this book works well. If you expect a whole recovery method in just 26 web pages, and for 99 mere cents or free, you'll be disappointed.

The author does not claim to be considered a medical expert in this field, only one who has worked extensively with addicted people. And that's good because she can communicate what you need to know for a good beginning. " Our own hope is that after reading this book you will have the tools you need to deal with the person in your lifetime that [" who" would be better] has an addiction.

What do you do when you reach a breaking point with how an abuser, perhaps someone in your family, abuses and utilizes you? How does dependancy start? What types of drugs are used?

Very helpful short list: 20 Indicators and Behavioral Changes of an Addict.

Where to find support groups, where to seek help, online support groups, how to recognize if you're an enabler, how to offer an addict help, websites for research--all are valuable to have prepared to entry. And when you've done all you can do and have reached your wits' end, what next? The particular author offers some experienced advice and encouragement.

With the prevalence of drug dependancy of various kinds, this is an excellent book to have helpful on your Kindle fire or elsewhere., This guide discusses such an important topic!

The pill drug abuse is on the rise and I can’t see it becoming any less prevalent in the around future.


Unless more and more people become distinctly aware of, not only the severe dangers associated to it, but also, and more importantly, an acute consciousness of what the indicative sigs are of any beginning abuser in the making. To be able to get involved in the initial stages are crucial if the addict-to-be is to possess a standing chance on regaining his or her life again.

After reading this guide the reader can expect to leave with an illuminating introduction on how and where drug abuse arises, signs of pill drug abuse, practical finish easy to follow tips and strategies on how to best combat it, an invaluable set of resources on where to seek help and also what can be done if you are at your wits end.

All in all, a well organised book with a hugely important message for so many people out there, not just those who are pill addicts at this very moment. Early prevention is key. Techniques yourself a favor and get this book. You’ll be happy you did, and you will have done the planet a favor., Fortunately Dont really have anyone in my close family who is addicted to drugs but I think it’s important to know how to deal with this kind of person in case we find them. I purchased this book because I wanted to get some information on how to do it. This book explains the problem very well and gives great advice. The particular book also contains a lot of additional resources and helpful links. Right after reading this book I really know what do to in case I have to deal with someone who is addicted to prescription drugs. I recommend you read this book., Great info. The particular e-book was very brief but it had a lot of info and helpful links within the sections. I was hoping there was more info on supporting someone after they get help, but all in all it was a helpful resource. Great for someone who doesn't know best places to turn after finding out there a loved one is addicted or if you suspect someone is abusing pills... Start here., I found the information provided to be clear and concise. The author spent the time to help the viewer to comprehend precisely what was taking place. The facts given will help a person dealing with this issue understand some of the things that the doctors and counselor are telling them., I was looking to learn more on pain medications and found that this pamphlet (I wouldn't call it a booklet) gave the same fatigued info that other materials give. I am going to stick to info published by the FDA. At least it is interesting reading. Glad this was free through my prime membership, but sorry I wasted my free monthly book on this., Excellent friend who has a bit of any belief drug abuse problem and this book was very helpful in my experience. Even if you do not know anyone or think you know a person with this problem this book could help you later on or maybe even discover someone who has this issue that you failed to know before.

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