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Fantastic ebook! It's more than just how to drive on the left side of the road. It is a fantastic condensed version of the New Zealand experience. There's cultural explanations, Kiwi language translations, travel hints, it's a little of every thing Kiwi. In addition it's funny, or at least humorous. If you're going there as a first timer or you have been several times or you just like the place, McGowan's ebook is a fairly easy way to pick upward what New Zealand has to offer.

PS. Because comprehensive as this e book is there are a couple of blind places that would improve your NZ driving experience the writer left out. So maybe I'll touch on them and perhaps mcdougal will include them in future editions;

Cell phones; ALL OF US cell phones will not work in NZ. The wi-fi will but the mobile phone part won't. NZ makes use of GSM and the ALL OF US uses CDMA. You really should have one for safety sake. For being mostly rural, NZ coverage is very good. Even in some instances, having coverage on far away backwoods trails. Bring a cheapy GSM one from home or pick up one there. The main cellphone providers all have kiosks at the airport right as you see through Customs. They will have a reasonably charged 30 days policy for vacationers which includes international calls and an information plan. It's about -50 total. They handle the SIM card for you and make sure your phone calls out and received calls all in about 10 minutes. However, the line is something different. Plan consequently.

Restrooms; Toilets, free, clean, well stocked, and flush, are Everywhere on NZ. Within every town, every community, every hamlet, even on some wilderness hiking paths. EVERYWHERE. They don't even try and hide them, they want you to find them. There are signs pointing to them. It can so different than the US. If you are traveling with kids or, like me, you love java, everytime I realize the free, public village toilet, I actually shed a tiny tear of appreciation and silently say thanks to the Plunket Society, the NZ outfit that keeps the high quality of public hygiene in Fresh

GPS/Navigators; Contrary to the writer, I wouldn't drive in NZ without one. I actually really like the driving aid that a GPS affords to NZ driving. But , US navigators may seem to work in NZ. I possibly could never get Google maps to do business with my US cellphone GPS or wifi. What does work is the app, Maps ME from the Yahoo Play Store. It's a wifi, off-line, world driving, map iphone app that's free. Load it up to your US cellphone, download the maps you'll need, and it works with New Zealand GPS geostationary satellites such as a champ. The iphone app even recognized dirt streets (metal roads), and some hiking trails, and in my experience properly tracked with the satellites almost on a regular basis no matter where I had been at. What really worked the very best was a real GPS device like TomTom. I actually bought the TomTom NZ map (expensive), put it on my old TomTom XLS which thing unerringly kicked butt across NZ. Not only achieved it get me from location to place but made restaurant recommendations, sightseeing tips, and even found the free community toilets (courtesy of the Plunket Society). I am going to notice here, that rarely the GPS signal dropped away on me and all cases returned a few minutes later. But I actually carried an old institution paper map as back-up and you should too., Good guide tool, Fantastic guide to traveling in New Zealand! It's in the bucket list and this is the book to take! Mcdougal covers everything you need to know for a good trip!, Only a few information; 30, 000 feet review

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