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This can be a very interesting and interesting book about a female who moves to NY from San Fran. She becomes and loses a number of jobs. She stocks with the reader her day to day life. She likes drawing comics and writing. She loves, as the title says, Drinking at the movies. The girl watches the news, individuals foreign policy, the 08 election. She spends time with friends and family. Just regular slice of life.

The author can make it relatable and readable. The drawing style is clear. The particular storytelling has a *real* quality.

TL; DR - Good slice of life memoir/comic. Liked this book quite a bit., This was the first book I have read from Julia Wertz, and I must admit, the alcoholic in me was intrigued by the name, and the indie comic fan in me was wondering if the book would deliver. For who I am, where I am, I found this history at only the right time. If you've ever picked up stakes and moved to some foreign place, experienced with the worry of rent, bills, and common month-to-month financial surprises, still unsure by what you're doing with your daily life and where it's currently going, get this book. There's something strangely calming about reading someone else's testament to real life and coping with the joys and pitfalls of independence. Constantly moving between apathy and common depression, all with self-deprecating humor and the rare small-victory joy, there's a comfort knowing that others have in fact been where you are ( often in even deeper ditches than you're in now) and being able to see an albeit romanticized view of the tests and tribulations you and others are, are going to, and have been through. It's the concept of knowing that in a world of rule followers, and breakers, there is a path for the middle-minded, and you might even appear on the other side alive, if not thriving. Excuse the optimism in these too-dark times, sometimes getting by is more than enough. Contrasted by an environment somewhat paralleled today, being that the rear drop is early thousand's bush era and the existing fallout of today, it gives neither heavy weight or ignorance of what was happening, and thus not overly political. Which can be good, in our current trend of finger pointing and putting blame, we often overlook the everyman's ( in this case, everywoman's) real world viewpoint of " Well, it happened. How am I going to deal with it? "; which is a good way to summarize this tome's general information and endearing traits- Lifestyle happens, How are you going to cope, weirdo? Unblinking in her own flaws and follies, you get an intimate look into someone else's life and their transactions with the world's plan, as opposed to some glossed-over drama piece where everyone is a movie star with the right line or appropriate pause when speechlessness grabs them. Pick this up and read a few pages, and you will be facing a problem I'm sure the author remembers all too well- I NEED this guide, but I really need to check on my bank account first. Oh well, screw it. Choose it up and enjoy it. It'll be worth the ramen cuisine til next pay day. Hunger and humor are the best spice when you're taking a look at an empty bank bank account., This is a wonderful and engaging little graphic novel; smart, snarky, and surprisingly heartbreaking in places. Wertz's style is deceptively simple; she manages to pack a ton of expression and emotion into her googly-eyed self-depictions. I acquired this and the previous two Fart Gathering volumes meaning to save them for vacation reading, and instead ended up reading them all cover-to-cover in a few hours of gluttony and self-indulgence. Zero regrets, except perhaps that she doesn't have more volumes available. Looking forwards to seeing more work from Ms. Wertz; nutrients indeed., This piece of art is a work of art and I sure hope its author will soon become rich and famous. Buy several copies than it now so you can sell them back for 100s of dollars once it's out of print., A good amazingly well done and interesting memoir. Refreshingly self-aware and depreciating for the graphic novel genre of memoir. Funny, sad, and ridiculous, this has brought on me to read all of her works., My sister and I read and re-read all the F. P. books, we love them. Julia, you have our love and support., The funniest book I've read since 'Sweet Jesus, I Hate Expenses O'Reilly. And easily the best comic book of the last 2 years. I think the art is excellent, and there's big boffo laughters on every page. My New Years resolution was going to 'Drink Too Much' after reading this, and I now have the to move to a huge city., Hilarious. Kind of a collection of very brief stories forming one big story. She makes a really dark situation somehow really funny, and makes me personally want to stay in NYC.

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