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First, to the content. We have read and listened to the Dresden Files several times through, and thoroughly enjoyed them. The content itself is a solid 5 stars from me. A few face it, though - few people will pay for books if they're not already reasonably sure they like them, so I thought I'd focus more on the format.
Pricewise, this is per book - you may save a few dollars over individual purchases; however, for about the same price, this is a lot more convenient on your Kindle.
Like almost all of us who felt the need for the Kindle, I have a large library, and lots of that is in series. Unfortunately, it's difficult to organize series on the Kindle. Usually, the best you can do is organize by author; nevertheless , with long series (I'm considering YOU, Diskworld! ) it's difficult to remember the order of headings in the series. The particular "Collections" feature on the Kindle at least allows you to group a string together, useful when you have authors with several different long-running series; however, there's still no chance to manually sort within the collection so you can have a series in order. A collection like this is (until a hopefully-in-the-works software update) the best option to keep a series in order.
I downloaded it this morning... and found that upon clicking "Menu" and "Go to... inches the table of items button was grayed out, and could not be selected. In a six-book collection, you can not go to a table of items to select the desired book. That's poor design, and prevents me from giving this the 5 stars I'd love to give.
There is a linked table of contents. You need to "Go to... " the cover, then next webpage about 3 clicks, and you'll find a stand of contents you can use to jump to the start of any one of the 6th books in the collection. It's just clunkier than it should be., The particular books: 5 Stars, affirmation points, emoticons, blue ribbons, etc. I really love this course!

First off, as most people have already stated, the cost of this title does not save you any money over the Amazon kindle price for the person headings. Unless someone has a compelling reason not to buy the individual titles, I will assume that nobody else will be purchasing this collection unless it droplets it price or they are bad at mathematics.

This review is intended as an aid for current owners of the Collection who might be thinking about Whispersync Voice or the new Immersion Reading experience offered on the Amazon kindle Fire HD & HDX line, or even just the Clear digital audiobooks in general.

As of this writing (May 9, 2014), all of the books in this collection are qualified to receive a discounted price on the related Audible audiobook when purchased individually, but the Collection does not seem to be. Whispersync Voice is not going to function with this title even if one should pay full price for the individual audio books.

I emailed Amazon today to ask about Whispersync and whether there was a way to obtain the discounted price on the audiobooks, considering I've already paid full price and then some for the six titles (purchased in 2011 from my cell phone while stuck in an airport and too desperate to be bothered with math or multiple downloads). I will update with their response.

Update: To my surprise, Amazon offered to refund me the cost of the Collection so that I could purchase the person Kindle titles, thus making me eligible for the discount on the audio books in addition to having Whispersync and Immersion Reading functionality!

I have to appreciate their ability and willingness to make things right, and have changed my star rating appropriately., This series introduces a very unlikely character - a real life professional wizard who practices openly in modern day Chicago! He is listed in the yellow pages, and manages to eek out a living doing psychic investigations. However, his attempts to earn lease money are often disrupted by the supernatural. WHOA!, I read the first book and immediately had to go back to Amazon and order the whole series. It got me about 9 times to read all the Dresden File books by Jim Butcher. I was so sad when I was finished. I want more, more, more! Harry Dresden is like a beautiful detective with magic skills. He's like the early Eastwood characters in the westerns (in my imagination). All the Fairy queens are devilishly evil but you can't help but admire them for woman strength and beauty. The Knights in battle of the Cross, the demons, all the character types are beautifully brought alive and the storyplot lines move you in so that you forget that it can a tale line. Jim Butchers does such a great job of weaving Chicago, il into the whole event that I feel like I want to go visit all the places, I know some are real but I want to see if all of them are. So what can I say, I was mesmerized from the first book to hopefully not the last, just the previous one so far. I really hope you are not tired of writing about Harry and the gang because I'm sure not tired of reading about them.

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