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Becoming a huge dreamer, artist/writer and creator myself... this guide really spoke to my soul! Everyone of us has dreams inside our minds, but many of us have no idea how to remove the blocks that prevent us from living and creating our dreams. Desire offers an opportunity for each of us to move forward in taking our dreams seriously and difficulties us to make a commitment to ourselves to live with purpose and passion, along with reminding us that our dreams do matter! This book shows us the importance of our own dreams and how we can make our dreams into reality. Each and every dream and dreamer is unique and will make a positive difference in the world when we take personal responsibility for our dreams. Thanks Manifestazione for being such a beautiful living example and inspiration in believing is likely to dreams and making them manifest to help us! Your encouragement continually changes the lives for so most of us dreamers! THANKS!, I actually just added Marcia Wieder's " Dream: Clarify and Create What You Want" as my newest GO TO resource of how to live living with clarity, passion, and serving the greatest good of. Book's Table of Content is my " itinerary" of where to go to explore my dream, with her being my Desire Guide through every chapter as if she is my Tour Guide leading me through the dreaming places of Italy. What is so special about this book and Marcia's perspective is that although I already have many of Marcia's previous guide, I always come far from reading her newest guide with an expanded viewpoint of who I am, what I can add to living an even more dream-centered live, and how WE ARE dwelling my dream., I have went to a workshop that Manifestazione ran a few years back which was helpful but i sae Marcia's marketing talents in action. This book asks very powerful questions and helps to guide you in finding your inner passion. I actually personally think it was obviously a wonderful bridge between some spiritual truths and marketing know how. There are many gifted and gifted people in the world and many of them lack the know how including myself. It is not a strength to market myself and those i use as resources do not possess the capitol either. Nonetheless it really does get me considering more creative ways to get over obstacles beginning with my very own self value. I have suggested the book to others as a guide., Dream is one of those great books you'll want to read, get inspired and then buy copies for your closest friends. Marcia Wieder always offers above and beyond what individuals expect and she's done it once again in her new book. The lady is our personal Desire Coach who helps us realize our dreams and provides a roadmap to help us cause them to become come true. As Oprah Winfrey says about Marcia, " You have to be able to identify what you really love and really want, before you get it. " DREAM any of those books you'll will have close by in your success library.

With excitement ~
Neil Wood, We grow up being told that dreaming is futile. We are told " don't be a dreamer; be useful down-to-earth and get things done". Marcia Wieder turns this paradigm upside down and inside out. Manifestazione reminds us that ambitions are the ONLY way to start and lead an exceptional life, and are not only achievable but also desirable. How in the world could I do ANYTHING remarkable without dreaming it first?

So put simply, a meaningful, special life starts off with a dream and goes on to fulfilling that dream. And all of that is in the book. Don't overlook it. It is the lost guide for life!, Let me first say that I LOVE Marcia Wieder! I found out her Dream University years ago and have been following the girl ever since. As soon as I actually saw her email for this book first thing this morning, I downloaded it to my Kindle and started listening to it. It is PHENOMENAL!!!! I actually had to learn by CBAs. I have to follow them. Her knowledge is incredible, and am am looking forward to teaching more and living the life that I am designed to live. Thank you Marcia!!!!, Superb guidance on How 2 let my dreams flow. Well worth the read. I'm not using this book as a read though - its a tool 4 action, transformation., Absolutely LOVED this book. Top five of all time. I plan on reading it again and doing the workbook and using the videos from her website. I enjoy that it's not some cake int he sky, theory book but gives you actual things you can do. I have recommend this book for my entire team to read.

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