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Fascinating book, very well created, clever and insightful review of seven different architectural concepts, filled with photos., I just devoured this book. I read a lot associated with books on history plus architecture and i also must say this one really holds out for a few of reasons. First, it is simply plain well crafted. Therefore many books of this specific type get lost in boring and academic prose. It is the opposite of a tome – merely a nicely proportioned guide which is an easy task to dig directly into. Second, it is nicely documented and researched with out bogging down in recommendations. (I like the use of conclusion notes as opposed to footnotes. ) Obviously we turn to a book like this specific with all the expectation that the subject areas are well researched plus no fancy writing could substitute for that. Ultimately, it is fun to apply the concepts outlined in the book for the place where you expanded up, where you reside now or where you are browsing. I have had the book sitting on my desk at your workplace and everybody who asks me about it appears genuinely used with the premise., This is not clear what Graham was attempting. Within the intro he says the book is designed to supply the reader along with a “field guide” to the architecture around him/her, but also to narrate the dreams and motives behind the modern city, and in doing it second option there is important discussion of projects never built. I discovered more focused books more satisfying: Jane Jacobs, “The Death and Life associated with Great American Cities”, plus William H. Whyte, “City: Rediscovering the Center”. Within some chapters Graham dedicates much space to specialist biographies (cf. “Monuments”), and other, more satisfying chapters he concentrates on architectural ideas (cf. “Corals”). Graham has done much research, but in some chapters the enumeration of architects gets tedious.

The very best aspect of this guide is the chapter ending summaries and photographs; because of limitations of weight plus production expense the photographs work best used as the guide to what to appear up in Google images. In retrospect I feel sorry I did not try reading each summary just before the chapter. It had been often difficult for Graham to provide unity to everything covered in the chapter, but this will be made clear within a reading of the summary, plus reflects the diversity associated with architecture.

A impressive statistic (p. 222): “The time shoppers spent in malls declined by fifty percent from 1980 to 1990”. Is that per capita, per visit? I presume the former, but regardless this was before Amazon online., " Dream Cities: Seven Urban Ideas That Shape The World", by Sort Graham, is a dream book for armchair urbanists. The book is not long, but Graham covers the seven architectural concepts that he claims possess influenced the development associated with cities over the many years. His seven, " Castles", " Monuments", " Slabs", " Homesteads", " Corals", " Malls", and " Habitats", are fleshed out there by giving the perfect architects who either conceived the ideas or had been leading practitioners of them.

Let's take " Slabs". These are those series of tall buildings built to house folks on masse. Think Robert Moses -- city planner of New York City - that proposed these buildings because both offices and rentals. As Wade Graham creates, " Building slabs has been a collective exercise, or at least the widespread one... Many tens of thousands of various agents - architects, planners, developers, governments - possess built them to supply new housing for increasing populations, and also to accommodate fresh modes of transportation, especially cars. In this feeling, slabs were a " rational" choice made by many folks in numerous places, in response to actual modern conditions". You may possibly ask, " what HAD BEEN these conditions that necessary these soulless pieces of cement?

Well, in the 1930's and on, when Robert Moses was charged along with modernising the location of New York and the boroughs, he or she proposed these building to house the growing human population. They were to house folks whose neighborhoods got been destroyed by the two urban blight and the roads and highways Moses was proposing to reduce though the city. Graham writes about how exactly many associated with Moses' plans were never built - the LOMEX through lower Manhattan, for instance - many in response to community protests from the destruction of their settled neighborhoods. Jane Jacobs - author of " The Death and Existence of Great American Cities" - was a main opponent of Moses' lofty plans. In the comparatively short chapter on " Slabs", Wade Graham goes into detail about slabs, Robert Moses, and Swiss architect Le Corbusier.

Right now, maybe you're not enthusiastic about " Slabs"; there are plenty of other sections in Graham's book to crimp up with. His guide is wonderful, because it is a book that spurs the reader on to investigate further. Reading the book with an Ipad is perfect because I will flip to Wiki to appear up a term or person I was not familiar with. Graham also offers pictures and also a lexicon from the conclusion of each and every chapter. I really did adore this book and just about all I learned from it., The book was good. However, I felt that the title was the little misleading. A great amount of time had been spent describing the lives and accomplishments of architects as well as mocking various urban concepts. The particular book should have already been called " crappy city design ideas", not Fantasy Cities., Received the guide and holding for Holiday., Brilliant scholarship! Very inspiring ideas! Reads like the novel or thriller. A classic! Excellent Book!!!

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