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After their Earth research vessel is damaged in space, the crew drifts for several months in space before crash landing on an unknown planet. Reena, Luka and Phoenix are the last of their staff, running for their lives from a maneating giant index, when unexpected help occurs as a black monster and 3 dragon men. they may be Draqua hybrids with the exception of Leader Triq, who is a full Dragon shifter.
Dekario and Reena feel an immediate attraction to one another but Commander Triq has other ideas. Kavik, Dekario's friend, is also attracted to one other woman, Luka.

Cylo, a spoiled royal prince in the Draqua Kingdom, is told by his father, the king of the planet of Kelon, to set an example for the rest of the Draqua and take a human female wife and have children.
He heads to earth where he comes upon Melody, kidnaps her and returns to Kelon. He or she tells her that she actually is to be his better half.
But not all is well on Kelon. The older pureblood Draqua are against mating with humans. They fear the several powers that each hybrid has.
When it is learned that Melody is the girl of a President, the King orders Cylo to return her to earth. Will that be the end? I enjoyed the plot with its danger and intrigue. Kept my interest right from the beginning.

Alexandra invites her best friend, Camilla, on a university graduation celebration a vacation in Cancun, Mexico. It will be an adventure that neither will ever forget!
Captain Ineq Shun and Commander Vrerkin Roan, best friends from childhood, have been granted permission to travel to Earth to claim a mate for every of them. Amazingmy they locate both women instances after obtaining on Earth. The women had celebrated too much, stole a boat and found themselves adrift from the coast of Mexico.
The men have a mission to stop by Tiok to estimate the numbers of the hybrid Aeriwana amassing there.
It was a great read. Missions can always have difficulties and also this one has major complications.

Maria Corvallis was in the desert with her friend, Claudia, trying to forget her broken connection with her cheating and lying ex, Steven
Commander Cerik Hade, a Draqua hybrid from the planet Kelon, is on his way to Planet to capture a human being woman to aid him or her with his covert quest against the Opposition.
Getting them both captured, discovering what the Opposition has planned, and escaping is dangerous in itself but how can Helen feel when she discovers that Cerik has lied to her.
What Cerik discovers is a nefarious plan that could spell the conclusion for the Draqua!

Heather Maven, a government official for the area Agency specializing in marketing communications, is known as to lead a team when an alien space ship be visible on Earth.
Commander Zoq Zane is on a mission with his Captain, Teqqin Blace, to warn individuals of Earth that the Draqua have been stealing human being females for decades in order to increase their population as all Draqua ladies are barren. This is an opposition mission to keep the Draqua population pure blooded.
Zoq is also a human/Draqua hybrid. When his eyes fall on Heather there is an instant attraction to one another but for act on it could mean death for them if they were to be discovered.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the characters, the intrigue, the secrets and of course a hot sizzling romance!

Iloved this tale from the beginning and read it through in one sitting. Amelia and 3 others are taken from earth to help repopulate their dwindling numbers since the Dragua females are not able to bear children any longer. Just as they may be about to land on Kelon, their send is attacked by the Dragua opposition who are against Draqua-human hybrids. Their send lands in the and they must swim for his or her lives amidst a struggle all around them. Amelia is pulled from the water just as the lady sees her friend snatched away by a red dragon.
Ravinn is the hybrid Draqua warrior who rescues her. When this two meet, anger, tempers and sparks fly! Ravinn loves Talia, a Draqua female, and plans to marry her yet the weak human woman seems to get under his skin., Very disappointed! This turned out to be some sort of poorly written, gratuitous-sex, juvenile garbage. Even for 99 cents it's a waste. I could barely abdomen a few chapters of book one. What a waste. The author should be ashamed., I use read the individual books that comprise this series and I have to say they are all great reads. All of the books revolve around the Dragons of Kelon and their need to find earth females to mate with and have young by as their ladies can no longer reproduce successfully. Every individual book is their own story and typically they have run inches with the puritan draqua that do not want to have offspring with earth women. All the textbooks have great characters are very well written and deliver happy ever after. That is a bargain to have the whole series at this reduced price and is totally recommended. I am somewhat of any mixture as I have received ARC replicates of a few of these books to review as well as purchased some but be sufficient to say this is my honest viewpoint that you can't go wrong!, I enjoyed this set of science fiction romances. I liked some of the characters better than others.

The monster shifters regularly come to Earth to find human being females to bring back to their planet as their women are not fertile any longer. These people are supposed to be quiet about the abductions.

Cylo was a little harder for me to hook up to as a character, I didn't like his attitude towards women. I liked Melody who really hates the phoniness of the people around her in the world who want to use her relationship for their own advantage. Being kidnapped is something that shakes her life up. She feels an attraction to Cylo but her political ties make her staying dangerous for his people. There is a lot of action in the storyline too plus some twists you avoid expect.

Zoq is one of my favorites. There is a group that does not want to have mixed-style models and they come to Earth to try to stop the practice. Heather is appointed as the task manager when these aliens reveal their presence. Zoq works with her and they have an intensive attraction that they know is dangerous.

Zoq can be used to getting what he wants and any women he desires. Heather has focused on work and really wants an alpha like him to take charge sexually. These people make an interesting couple and naturally have good hormone balance. I would have liked more time seeing them as a couple. The connection techniques really fast.

I will be under your own accord reviewing a copy I received., I totally ADORED this series. But then again who doesn't like dragon shifters. Well.... hot, sexy dragon shifters? Maia is a great writer with an interesting creativeness & I very much like her books. Each one of these books is different from another so that you don't feel you are reading the same story over & over. And don't forget about the romance. Dragon shifters are not only super hot but are extremely dedicated to their mates & are lovers. Be careful your kindles don't burst into flames ladies..........
" I voluntarily read and reviewed an Progress Reader Copy of this book for the honest review"

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