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Since Sagan sets out early on on, he or she is not an expert in any one subject here, but a hydraulic jack of all trades. He or she is a bridge and synthesizer to the geniuses of the specialities and the rest of us. A must read. Some of the science is... dated, but on the whole his conjectures and larger narrative points are spot on, If you've ever sat back under the celebs and wondered where we come from, this is the book for you. This is absolutely captivating. A person may want a collection of synonyms and a break from time to time, but this guide offeres magnificent principle and insight into our psychology, our past, and our future. It was written in 1978 and extremely much applies today., I have read that other textbooks such as " The particular Demon Haunted World" were written when Dr. Sagan was very ill, and therefore might not have already been his best works. Nicely this was probably written around the zenith of his career, and most definitely reflects that. Each page is pure genius. If you are considering science, the cosmos, or a enthusiast of any other related fields, he touches on many different subjects in this guide. It is a fantastic companion to the Naturel series (The old or the new with Dr. Tyson) and provides especially a fantastic extrapolation of the first link between genes, brains, and books in the first Cosmos series. (Computers being the next hyperlink in the chain). I could write more... but just go read the book!, I'm studying the evolution of the thoughts, for a grad course project, and located a great deal of interesting background info in this text. Since was the habit in the '70s, the writer does assume his audience is well informed and so he doesn't always reveal where his evidence or research came from, which is frustrating if you want to look deeper.

This textual content combines anthro, bio, and history in such a way as to be quite persuasive. On the other hand, if you're just searching for a synthesis it's very easy to skip the specific conditions for the skeletal system and evolution without lacking the larger picture. I offered it 5 stars because it IS an academic text, but the ease of reading is great for the lay person., Thi is the most interesting way of looking at the evolution of humans. It fills the void developed by the more traditional ways of looking back again at our prehistory. The particular book sheds light on many of the unique characteristics of " individual nature" as well as the probable origin of some of our common myths. Looking at evolution and marking the phases not exclusively by the way we differ from our primate brothers but marking our growth by the development of specific regions of the brain takes my breath away. As exciting to see as a mystery thriller., Having read Cosmos 5 stars and Contact 5 stars( see my reviews) by the famous astronomer/scientist Carl Sagan I had high hopes for The particular Dragons of Eden. I used to be not disappointed. Another great book.

Carl tells all of us human brain evolution, brain anatomy and physiology are not his specialty field but he or she is going to tackle this issue and try to write so the layman can understand it. As usual he succeeds adding a complex subject down on paper for the less educated to be able to understand. He was a grasp at this.

In school I had a Paleontology course and did a papers on the evolution of the horse. I liked the course and it could have allowed me to enjoy this book more.

Carl begins with a Cosmic 12 months calender of the universe and we see man has only been on earth since Dec thirty-one. We see good fights by Carl on the agreement of the foundation of the Species by Charles Darwin and useful genetic information and survival traits passed to future decades as individuals with good traits survive and reproduce while others with less desirable traits die and their genetic information is not passed on. DNA and RNA are explained as well as simple organisms to more complex organisms. Very much time is spend on the larger primates, hand structure, and tool using. Likewise the different parts of the brain are shown and how information is used in different parts of the brain. Cases of folks with Epilepsy, brain injuries and brain businesses are shown and how memory, thought and intelligence are affected. Brain size is shown in different organisms and levels of intelligence is shown. Fascinating stuff.

Eventually Carl gets right down to ET life and contacting them and the use of smart machines. You can tell the amount of digital computers was very small when this book was written and some of what was presented is now outdated but Carl did say computer power and the amount of computers would increase drastically. Exciting Viking Mars spacecraft processing power is mentioned and we can see how obsolete that computing power now is.

Many interesting pictures from round the world as well as simple verses from great authors. A enormous bibliography is there that you can get more information.

A person don't have to have a PHD in Paleontology or an MD on brain anatomy to enjoy this book. The grasp Carl Sagan has again wrote this book so people can understand a horrible subject. Sadly in mil novecentos e noventa e seis Carl Sagan passed away. The world misses a great astronomer, scientist, writer and a great man. We all never met and did not know one another. As an amateur astronomer of over 40 years I considered him my friend together the utmost respect for him.

The particular Dragons of Eden another great book by Carl Sagan. 5 stars, This is an extremely important to read piece of scientific literature. Sagan is poetic in his descriptions, and provides significant, well constructed, fights towards evolution of individual intelligence and beyond. Also in modern computing the questions and concepts brought up by Sagan are relevant with regards to his axiom of the development of human evolution associated with the new foundation of computer science and AI., This book is timeless. I owned a copy of it after it was first published, and it was lost in a recent move. So, since I read and re-read so much of it, I had to buy it again. Carl Sagan is one of the most intelligent people I've read -- that's a huge understatement. Plus I love his enthusiasm for the world around him and of course his beloved billions and billions of stars in the skies.

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