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Typically the book is a great christian fiction book, very exciting, with a lot of plot turns and lots of fact. If I had one complaint about this publication, it oftimes be the drastic change in tone from the rest of the series. The final book had a good climax, but the climax wasn't dependent off of the activities that the writer had already developed. The pace was also a little fast. It seems to myself this book has been better if it were two books. Nevertheless, it was a very good read. We love Donita K. Paul's writing, and I'd suggest it to anyone., spouse said she enjoyed reading this book. so as long as she is happy I'm happy., I love most of the various sizes and colors of the Dragons. The fact that they have come through a gateway and adapted to a new world and culture make the story excellent., Dragon Keeper Kale and her husband, Bardon, head off on a pursuit to help their meech dragon friends Gilda and Reginor reach a famous meech colony in the north where Gilda can present her egg. It can a cool quest. Yet there's bad stuff happening in their land. Folks calling themselves "Followers" are spreading a message opposite to Paladin's teachings. They think wizards like Him and their dragons are to be destroyed. Between these con-artist-like Followers and clouds of dart-like, poisonous little black dragons, evil is concluding in on Kale, Bardon, Gilda, Reginor, and the good people who work to help these groups.

Packed with cute dragons doing cute dragon things and clever characters discovering evildoers' plans, this story brings an old legend in the DragonKeeper Stories world to life and offers new visions as a compelling allegory for Christ's sacrifice. I was pleased with the climax to the story and know others will be, too. Even though you don't catch (or believe) the Salvation story, DragonLight supplies a great story of friendship, loyalty, compromise, and the triumph of good over evil.

We highly recommend DragonLight as a wonderful fantasy story for young adults and adults alike. It isn't essential to read the complete series to follow the action in this self-contained story, but with all the dragony goodness, why wouldn't you?

From Illusion Author Sandy Lender, DragonLight, the 5th and last book was amazing. I would say every bit as good as book 3, which was my favorite. It was very different from the others and fascinating. We really enjoyed the instead twisting plot in this one. And, of course , how could I not love reading more about Him and Bardon after they were apart for so much of book 4? The two of them were constantly making myself giggle or grin. Simply ask my friend. I was probably grinning each and every time she walked by me. Typically the only complaint I have about the book is that it seemed to ending a little abruptly, and the way in which everything was resolved appeared somewhat odd and out there of place, but that is simply me. I still adored the book and am now having to deal with the unhappiness of not getting to follow the characters I have come to enjoy and enjoy so much any further. Donita K. Paul certainly crafted a cast of very interesting, loveable, and memorable characters, and already I look forward to reading the series again.

--Molly Evangeline, author of Pirates & Faith and the Makilien Trilogy, Our pre-teens and teens run through books like insane. I use trouble keeping upwards, and keeping their fictional appetites satiated. Frankly, We created these monsters, and now sometimes I am at a loss what to do with them. I am thrilled to have found the Dragon Keepers series, and also to be able to recommend it to other parents.
Since far a science fiction/fantasy genre goes, this is a terrific read. Typically the characters are engaging and three dimensional, the storyline is full of fore-shadowing, yet you simply aren't sure what is next. Her "take" on dragon lore is fresh, yet genre followers will feel confident with the woman interpretation.
Yet, as a mother or father, We have worried about some books & series in this sci fi/fantasy type. They tend to be darkish. Not too with Dragon Keepers. In fact , they are hope-filled (without being preachy or corny) and - while dramatic and suspenseful - not at all graphic or troublesome for my high-level pre-teen readers. The five Dragon Keeper novels have the honor inside my home of being equally cherished by all my "kids" - from 10 to 20 years of age., My biggest hesitation starting the Dragon Keeper Chronicles was the target age group. I acquired the impression that the books were written to be appropriate for and understandable to children and young adults... hardly a series that will help a university junior keep upwards her "grown-up" appearance!; )

Since I started reading, Him and her companions have kept me up half the night over and over from the beginning of the series to this very satisfying finish. I feel as though I truly know these characters, and I wish I had my own pack of colourful minor dragons to accompany me wherever We go. The Christian substantial storylines occasionally feel cliché, but the author grips this well and We have never once experienced that it was overdone.

I definitely recommend this book for everyone looking to read a clean, uplifting series with exciting storylines and memorable characters who truly draw you in., Great book, nevertheless , We received the product with an ink manufacturing defect. There was a red line of ink on the bottom edges of the pages. I ordered the complete series and each publication had the same defect. Only visable if you look at underneath of the book if it's shut down: '(

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