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I will be an avid reader, but lately I have be struggling with finishing the books I start. I actually completely lost interest in the story halfway theough or sometimes after the first few capters. Thank the stars I found Jaymin Eve! I loved Monster Marked so much. An individual get ction, intrigue, wonder, beautiful quad brothers, a sexy supreme powerful magician, and one of the most crucial parts of any good fantasy, a powerful, kickass yet relatable protagonist. There is definitely so much which i could obsess over with this guide. I cannot wait to elves into the remainder of the Supernatural Jail series. I want more of the Compass brothers., Jaymin Eve is an writer I've only recently uncovered, and I'm really enjoying reading my way through her paranormal collection.

Monster Marked is the tale of Jessa Lebron, a very powerful alpha hair shifter who also finds out that she bears the Dragon Mark. This guide was so good! Presently there were lots of different supernaturals in the story - shifters, vampires, magic users, fry and Demi-fey. I cherished Jessa's "pack", the Compass brothers. A set of quads that she has grown up with and would do anything for, feelings which all 4 of the boys reciprocate. Braxton, the shifter among the quads, was definitely the best of the brothers. Now i'm hoping in the next book we come across Jessa and Braxton move out of the friend zone!! There are definitely times between them that are indicative of maybe something more........ Onto the next book in the series., This book was a spectacular beginning to a new spin on the paranormal genre which i found utterly fascinating and may not put down. The book starts out mildly introducing the characters and their relationships while tossing in enough drama to pique your curiosity. And then it explodes from there into this tale of excitement, love, betrayal, and adventure. Jessa is an independent, alpha female that is surrounded by dominant males as protectors and her best friends. The woman best friends being her protectors are usually in no way, form, or form due to her inability to protect himself. Jessa is tough, take charge, and as leader as they are. Oh and these delicious alphas are quadruplets. Braxton is her closest friend and confident. He or she is swoon-worthy. He protects the woman while not limiting the woman independence or dominance. Maximus is definitely as amazing and protective of Jessa as Braxton. I'm not positive which I love more. Tyson and Jacob are sweet and gentle with Jessa while being terrifying to everyone else. I actually could go on all day long about the brothers, but why ruin the experience for you. I highly recommend this course. It is my latest addiction in the YA paranormal type., I just finished, and after this I am anxiously anticipating another book!! I love books with new ideas of what the supernatural are, for instance our precious Maximus (Vampire) is not hindered by the sunlight and eats normal food. I believe that with the characters in this guide starting at in their community a young age it is a great base to build on. I read a review that doesn't like Jessa being carried a great deal and that she is mental, but I find that to be part of the base character and I am interested to see how she grows into the big bad alpha the girl is destined to be. I see a seite an seite to Twilight in the way Jacob had a close connection to Bella and then imprinted on her behalf baby, and Maximus's emotions for Jessa being so strong and then the woman twin falling into the mix.; ); ) I actually am looking forward to where this story is going with the Dragon King and Romania. I assume the dreams Jessa is having of the other 2 dragons is the two ladies that were breaking the Designated out of Prison. Exciting!!! Of Course I didn't get enough of Braxton whom I am certain is Jessa's Mate!! I actually hope I hope I actually hope!! But we leave off with Jessa still having missed Breakfast and us starving for more! Can't wait for the next Book!!, This book was pretty fantastic. I actually was felling pretty book slumpish even though I actually just got a number of top notch books but this book knocked me out of my book slump. It was fun, light hearted, had a great cast of figures, a hint of love without repressed sexuality, and great world building.

The plot line was obviously a little rough at points, like there were a few big-plot mysteries that were just solved very quickly and not by the main characters' involvement. I suggest, maybe that's intentional but it felt a little anti-climatic.

Yet , all the other aspects rocked and also carried the book. I actually received a copy from NetGalley and I actually liked it so much I purchased the audiobook after (which just came out) so I can tune in to it too. I actually recommend it to any fans of NA paranormal books.

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