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It’s a delight to return to the unique fantasy world of the Dragon Dreamer series. Like the first in series book two, Dragon Lightning is so beautifully imagined that you immediately become immersed in an adventure involving dragons and octopuses. The author creates a breathtaking world with sounds and odours and colours of the ocean, ice and fire. Besides the vividly imagined world, the things i love about this series is the intriguing and imaginative science behind diverse fantasy such as dragon’s fire and healing. That makes the storyline so convincing and believable.
The characters are also beautifully drawn. Scree, an heroic octopus, is philosophical, brave and decent and my favourite, with the tetchy ice-dragon, Drakor a close second. The combined community deals with a range of threats from aggressive giant squids to a life threatening volcanic eruption—intelligently and courageously.

Dragon Lightning is a excellent book and I haven’t read anything quite like it with its beauty, heart and creativity. We thoroughly recommend it., Dragon Lightning
Simply by JS Burke

This publication starts with a boom. Lightning and a Dragon on thin ice, literally. It grabs your attention and never lets go. The descriptions are so detailed that you can picture everything in your head, but not so detailed which it slows the story. We join our friends Scree, Arak, and the group as they go legend tripping looking for Ice Dragons. Thus many stories, do these cards really exist? Scree and Arak will surely find out if the lightning doesn't strike them first.

We loved the first publication as being introduced into a world of Dragons and Octopi was amazing. This particular book is an a great deal larger adventure. I hope these books are made into audio tracks books as some stories are meant to be told out loud, and these are stories that should be heard. Associated with course you need an genuine copy of the publication also to enjoy the fantastic drawings throughout. This particular, like the first publication, is an awesome adventure for all ages. The brand new characters introduced are fresh and add to the journey. Drakor is a complex and interesting addition. The characters draw you into their enchanting and frequently dangerous world. Scree and Arak remain my favorite characters. The pace is perfect. It is truly a trip that makes you ponder what will happen next. I can not recommend this publication enough., Dragon Lighting is the second book in the Dragon Dreamers by J. S. Burke. We love the world Jenny has established on these webpages, very detailed and well described without being to much you loose the simple joy of reading her wonderful story. The words become pictures come to life, it's a type of magic the writer weaves.
Book 2 starts out with action, danger and our introduction to Drakor, a Ice Dragon. Arak and his crew are on board their Skiff browsing through the ice towers and in search of the famous Ice Dragons. This first meeting of Arak, his crew and Drakor does not go easily to say the least.
This crew is experienced now and fast thinking saves them all and the injured Ice Dragon. They may have the best healers on board the skiff, one dragon and one Octopus one. The storyline starts with getting to know Drakor and his learning new ways, new ideas and a strong friendship is cast.
Arak is a strong, adventurous, fantastic dragon who looks out for his clan and his friends. He loves journeying the seas, discovering new lands and weaving these threads together for a better life.
Ice Dragons are strong and ready for hard work and battle, They have one person in charge of their clan who rules over all, a Dictatorship.
The Fantastic Dragons choose a innovator and then share in decision making, a Democracy.
Arak and his crew, as well as Drakor learn a lot from each other. Fresh skills are honed, energy grows from within and they also grow as individuals.
Dorali is one of my favorite dragons, she is a healer with the strength of a warrior. Her inner strength is amazing and even through her scars she knows she should get real love, a true mate who will except and love her beyond her scars..
Scree is an Octopus but so much more, handing out wisdom and good advice like a good momma would. The girl is very honorable, daring and fierce in the protection of her pod and her friends. Orm is a gentle Octopus and Screes mate, who loves her beyond words. He is always her champion and accompanies her onto her adventures.
The brand new sea life, the discoveries they make, the sharing expertise to help each other and teaching Drakor ways where could help him help his group is so refreshing and encouraging. I just love this story, this publication and it so wonderfully translates to our world and just how we should be to one another. That is a wonderful publication for any age group and I highly recommend it and the first, Dragon Dreamer., I always wished to be a Registered Nurse and a writer; neither worked out but I am a viewer who loves good books. This book is beyond good and adopts the category of truly remarkable. Few books have attained that height with me personally: this one does!

We was taken in by the author's skillful use of..... imagination, style, characters, and the beautiful picture all of these created in my mind as quickly turned pages and fell into this book: completely.

A piece of Dragon Lightning mimics today's community. A democracy and a dictatorship. Good verses bad. While in real life, nothing is as dark and white as it seems.


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