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Our student for whom I actually ordered the book enjoyed it very much. It is not my type, but he really enjoyed it and distributed to other students., I provide 5 out of five love who was super strong in the cheetah was in there also what I dislike is that the fact that Indy and I wish to know where they train and just how they teach., This was the best series ever. I've observed every episode from Monster ball to Dragon golf ball GT and every movie to dbz battle of gods I sincerely wish you the best of luck. Information memories Akira!, Grandson loves this book, Great condition and a perfect ending for the series., I do not know much about this item. But I received it, in prompt timing and new condition. It was an gift and the person went ridiculous over it., my boy loves this book, And we are done!

That’s it, the last Dragon Golf ball book – finished.

Boohoohoo!! What am i not going to read now – Wonder and DC superheroes appear crappier in comparison!

Ahh… but what a great ending! It went out with a bang in the best possible way. I am totally satisfied.

Going into this book, you know Son Goku is going to beat Disapprove and i also don’t think it may be a spoiler to say that he does – what, he was heading to lose, everyone would perish and Boo would fly off, ready to destroy everything else in the galaxy? But there’s simply no way in knowing how it reaches that point, and I loved that unpredictability.

What can I say without going into spoilers? It’s an enormously committed final arc that’s extra-long. The previous book ended with Son Goku and Vegeta both back from the dead and ready to face Boo – there was nobody else, they were the last barrier. And that is an inspired setup, especially with the potara earrings which fuses the two, which we briefly see at the start of the book (by the way, Vegerot is the worst name ever! ). But it may be almost like Akira Toriyama’s sensing that this is not good enough and he has Vegeta smash in the earring – this isn’t how we’re going to win.

There on out, all bets are off and it’s one surprise after another until the ultimate final final fight between Goku and Boo. It’s also THE best way the series could’ve gone out. It incorporates everyone from the series – all 42 volumes! – into it in a way that’s not artificial and is completely epic and fitting.

Vegeta has some great scenes here and he even expands as a character by the end. He started out as the bad guy at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z . and manages to find some redemption by the end so that he’s almost – almost – a good guy. It’s a brilliant arc.

And then it’s 10 years later and I won’t say how everyone turns out, but it’s happy being all round. Let me say though that the last landscape of the book is kinda brilliant – well, that and the one before it. The Best Beneath the Heavens tournament makes another appearance, and the ending is open-ended enough allowing Toriyama to come back to Dragon Ball if he wanted to. That said, this title ended in 1995 and, to my knowledge, he hasn’t felt the need to return.

It’s a great closing though that reinforces the positive message of the series: try your best at everything you do and never stop learning! To me, it’s up there with the endings of Transmetropolitan and Scalped as the best finales in comics.

Dragon Ball, you were awesome – I’ll skip you!

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