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These books are great. T this point he is on volume twenty and will read more in future. They arrive in great condition., Great reading great price, I just love the dragon ball series so much. I just wish it continued. Everybody should check out this manga more often., I’ve noticed since the start of the series how little there is in the way of putting the characters within the semi-real world surroundings, seeing what their everyday life is like when they are not saving the world. For the most part the series has recently been our hero Goku and his friends fighting the latest villain. It’s never bothered me because the stories are extremely good and you don’t really need to observe how Goku or whoever will interact with ordinary civilians. Well, Akira Toriyama decides to deal with that with Son Gohan in this volume and I wish he doesn’t try it again!

It may be been years since Cellular was defeated and Boy Goku died, and Boy Gohan has grown upwards and become a young man, going to high school (he always wanted to become a scholar, not a fighter). Because, for contrived reasons, the planet thinks Hercule preserved them from Cell, they’ve renamed his home city Herculopolis (in the original manga, Hercule is called Mr Satan - will that mean Herculopolis was initially called Satan Metropolis or something? ). Goku, Gohan and everyone have to stay hidden because of Superman reasons but Gohan still does some light superheroing as the secret Golden Warrior (his fabrication when he turns Extremely Saiyan).

The first half of the book has an Best Spider-Man vibe to it as teen Gohan has to juggle school life with his duties because the Golden Warrior and then as Saiyaman, his other alter ego. There’s also some weird Amazing Spider-Man movie instances like when he plays baseball for the first time and jumps 30 feet into the air, hovering while holding the ball, and then later gets a baseball thrown in his face at full pressure also it doesn’t even faze him in the minimum, and no-one claims anything. Oh and the Gold Warrior looks identical to Gohan, wearing the same clothes, except he's yellow-colored hair. Did no-one put any of this with each other? New kid Gohan shows up the same time as the Golden Warrior will AND Gohan can fly and is invincible - duh, maybe they’re the same person?

I did not hate the Gohan fifty percent the book, I just thought it was dull. I can see Toriyama was striving for comedy in certain parts but it was obviously a total flatliner. And mixing in real world people with superheroes like Gohan really didn’t work - honestly, that is why he’s never done it before, because it doesn’t make any sense that real life people would be that stupid. Other than for Videl, Hercule’s child and obvious love interest for Gohan, who figures it out and needs Gohan teach her how to fly, etc. Well, at least Toriyama’s wanting to include some strong women characters in the series.

The second half of the book is taken up with training for another Strongest Under the Heavens tournament. If We didn’t know Buu was on the way, I would say this series should just conclusion - Toriyama really hasn’t got anything left and is working on fumes at this point. New characters are plentiful: apparently Goku left behind another son, which he did not see before he perished, called Goten, who looks identical to Son Goku as a kid. Also, Kuririn hooked up with #18, the android/cyborg/whatever girl (the guy’s options are limited, he has no nose! ) and they had a kid: no name, because who cares about you? No clue how they accomplished that either. Kuririn also grew his hair away which is merely weird to see.

I guess it’s cool that Goku’s back from the dead for the tournament and Goten and Trunks’ inevitable match will be fun but when the group arrive at the tournament, Piccolo claims something that sums upwards how I feel about Monster Ball Z at this point. Goku claims “The stage is bigger than before” and Piccolo claims “but the soul is smaller”. By this quantity, DBZ is hugely popular but nowhere near as good as the previously books as if becoming bigger has taken something innate away from it.

This volume is a sluggish read because a lot of it is boring and it’s hard to get excited about seeing our heroes fight one other for the umpteenth coming back practically nothing other than money (maybe again Toriyama’s commenting on the popularity of the series as a money-making machine rather than artwork? ). Volume 20 is certainly one of the weakest DBZ books., And so, the conclusion of the Dragon ball manga commences in America, seriously could they go any sluggish? 22 years is quite a long time to wait for one comic book to conclusion.

Anyway 3/7 (3 in the original Dragonball, several from Viz/FUNI) years have passed since the conclusion of Cell, the loss of life of Son Goku, and the birth of Boy Goten.

A whole new adventure commences as well, The Best In the Heavens Event (a pun on Tenkaichi Budokai, which means Best Underneath the Heavens) and Boy GOten and Trunks Briefs' adventure to go to the top! And get enough money to buy plenty of toys! Gohan also meets his destiny, a superhero disguise and... Mister. Satan's daughter?!? Gohan locomotives for the Tenkaichi Budokai after learning that his father is coming to Earth.

While balancing school and training Gohan starts fighting crime. After Chi-Chi learns about the prize Gohan drops school and commences training with Goten.

According to Viz Goten gets to skip Grammar school, in reality Goten isn't very in pre-school.

Gohan and the toddler begin training with Videl Satan, who learns Gohan's secret identification. And Gohan and Videl slowly start falling for every other, only took them like, what a freaking week so they can fall in love.

The next quantity Goku comes! So buy this for collection and connection. You definently have to buy the next couple of volumes.

Here is some info on the previous few

Volume 21: Son Goku, Son Gohan, Vegeta, and the Supreme Kai enter Babidi's ship. Son Goku and Vegeta start their battle!

Volume 22: Boy Goku and Vegeta fight it out, Goku understands every punch, every conquer, ticks down to Earth's doom. vegeta than understands his mistake and takes actions into his own hands.

Volume 23: Typically the battle continues.

Volume twenty four: Goten and Trunks need to learn how to fuse quick!

Volume twenty-five: Gotenks and Mystic Gohan fight Majin Buu in his new form. Typically the battle starts looking even more hopeless when Gohan fights alone.

Volume 26: The final battle! Boy Goku needs to find somebody to do fusion with! It's the only way to defeat Majin Buu with the mixed chi of Gohan and Gotenks! The rescue quest commences and fails! Boy Goku and Vegeta must defeat Buu or otherwise the universe is condemned. However the two Saiyan's have some allies to their rear. More like 7 , 000, 000 allies!, Dragonball Z is the best manga series ever! Akira Toriyama is an awesome dude! In case your a new fan i recommend you start at Dragonball Vol. 1 and see why this series has been loved by many worldwide!, this was awsome. its a lot better than the old comics.


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