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Whoa, it was much better than I expected!

Me personally and my girlfriend are fans of Dragonball Z, and would look for the Dragonball Manga collection to collect. After some research (so you don't have to do it! ) we found this one to be the best, and it provided! Much bigger than I actually expected and the pages are thick enough and the art is high quality as well. It has a bendable cover but strong for certain, not flimsy.

There's in total FIVE parts to this series, each that contains 3 issues. That is IDEAL in my view - doesn't take as much space. If you're looking to collect the mangas than this one is 100% the right get started with - other issues tend to be smaller and more flimsy. Price (11-15 dollars) is excellent as well and worth it., Delivery was fast and product was in great condition.
The book itself is a must-have for any Dragon Ball lover and has lots of great illustrations! The main focus is on the early daring of Goku & company. so if you are looking for illustrations that revolve more around Z this might leave you wanting.
Personally, i think it's a great conjunction with the manga's i used to read as a kid and am very happy with this purchase.
It smells a little funny but a possibility too strong (I assume its the paper it is printed on)., after i was younger i used to watch DBZ every solitary day. then ?nternet site grew up i sort of lost interest in it. then i did find a monster ball super episode on a tv set channel named Toonami. and well i suddenly remembered all the kinds of goku and the hilarious characters and i coudnt let go. i got so thinking about secs tht i started babbling about it all night! i looked everywhere for episodes but al i came across wee previews and reactions. i got angry and went in my room. i quickly remembered that i used to have a DBZ volume wrtten by Toriyama. i exploded and snapped up my kindle and began searching everywhere and it also didnt take me long to find it. so i luv dragon ball series an i luv toriyama and i also luv super saiyan!!!! btw that reminds me why are you still reading this review??! if you luv everything dragon basketball then u should buy this book without a second thought!!!! Awesomeness. pure Awesomeness is contained within!!!! byeeeeeee ( plus check my spelling and grammar. i stink at writing. and also sory for the long review. i couldnt resist expressing my thoughts for a Legendary Book like this): ): ): ): ) <:::::::::::::::::: |===o a sword for you toriyama, i dont really want to spoil too much so i only added one image rofl the product is super high quality and came in really quick! even though im not finished with reading the series i just had to get this! the art is fantastic and ive developed a great liking towards akira toriyama's art style. it gives me such a nice feeling and this whole book seems fantastic! i cant wait to undergo it completely, Beautiful artwork and really wonderful if you are a Dragon Ball fan. My earliest is a fan and an artist and we have wonderful conversations about the artwork and the anime while paging through this book. A great present for anime fans, performer, or only a Dragon Ball fan. Love it!!, The first volume of the Dragon Ball 3-in-1 releases brings together the first three volumes of the Dragon Ball manguera as one edition. In addition to putting three volumes into one book, the physical size of the book has also increased. It's also interesting to note that roughly the first forty pages of the first volume and about fifteen pages of the second volume are printed in color. Both in instances, the early color pages have a lot of color, but by the finish of the color section, the amount of color being used is reduced. At the back of the volume, there exists a subject page gallery that includes the title pages for the person chapters as they appeared in their original serialization in Weekly Shonen Bounce magazine. There are also selected questions and remarks from Japanese readers in the first three volumes of the original Dragon Ball manga, and the writer notes from the first three volumes.

For the most part, the history from the anime series follows the first 3 volumes of the manguera rather closely; the big exception is Pilaf and his cronies, because they appear much earlier in the anime than they do in the manga. This 3-in-1 edition covers the start of the storyplot through Kuririn's battle with Bacterian at the Tenkaihci Competition. It should also be noted that the The english language adaptation of the manguera uses a mixture of the original Japanese brands for the characters with some of the renaming from the English dub of the anime. In some respects, I wish there had been more uniformity when it came to using either all of the Japanese names or all of the The english language names when the translation for the English version of the manga was done.

Something I noticed while reading this volume level is that for Dragon Ball, Toriyama tended to utilize more panels each page than the average manga that I have read. Because of this, I found which it required me a little longer to learn this omnibus edition of Dragon Ball than they have for me to read the omnibus models of the Inuyasha manguera series. When it comes to the art, you can definitely see Toriyama's touch; if you have familiarity with Toriyama's work, then you can certainly see all of the "hallmark Toriyama look" in this manga volume level. Also, as I go through this volume, I noticed that Toriyama really looked to like utilizing "sound effects" in the panels when it's appropriate. To get a shonen series, I'm actually pleasantly surprised to see that Toriyama doesn't rely too much on the "busy panel" tricks to convey the battle sequences.

The husband and I purchased the copy of the Dragon Ball 3-in-1 manguera that I read to write this review., Everything you'd want to see out of this guy. I never see the manga, so it's all newish stuff to me. You get really strong, colorful poster work stuffing up pages as well as smaller-scale doodles and figures. It's all professional work though - avoid expect rough or sketchy pieces.
General it's a lovely guide that breathes life into my work desk and has got the creative juices flowin!

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