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The standard of the book is great, art is fantastic and it's an exciting story to read., This book is the better I've ever read you gotta give toriyama carrot for the story and art this book is awesome, Love these textbooks!, Meh, It’s probably because the androids are easily wiped out in this volume level, but I’m starting to like Dragon Ball Z again!

Vegeta and Trunks emerge from the Chamber of Spirit and Time, completely levelled-up, to take on Cell. Vegeta fights Cell alone but, even though he’s able to best him easily, he allows Cell to remain still living to absorb Android #18 and assume his last form. Because he’s a dumb Saiyan Warrior who only wants to battle extremely powerful beings!

In fact it’s not totally Vegeta’s fault that the world might be doomed; Kuririn had his shot too but he didn’t take it because #18 kissed him once and he fancies her now - aww! Noseless boy likes the robot girl!

Regarding the most part, Akira Toriyama’s writing is simply perfect for this series, but the conversation he gives Trunks is one of the clunkiest I’ve read in modern comics. Every individual thing he states is an enormous load of exposition that reads like Toriyama’s notes for the tale rather than remotely practical dialogue for a teenager to say.

Son Goku and Son Gohan enter the Chamber of Spirit and Time to start their year of training (which, outside the chamber, is simply a single day) with Goku training Gohan to become a Super Saiyan. Their only major plot development is Goku cutting Gohan’s curly hair, which is the way to go - Gohan’s hair looked like a freakin’ giant black porcupine perched on his head! All of the Saiyan’s hair styles are totally bizarre but his was the strangest!

Honestly, that is pretty much the whole volume level. Lots of enjoyable, frenetic fighting between Cell and Vegeta, small advancements of the other plot hair strands, and the androids are all gone - hurray! Please allow them to stay long gone! With his many changes and lizard-like appearance, Cell does seem very reminiscent of Freeza, so maybe that’s why I’m enjoying this arc more - it’s the sort of storyline Toriyama can do really well so that’s what he’s going back to do.

Volume 16 is surely an development but given the general weak quality of the Cell arc, that’s not stating much. I’m hoping Goku beats Cell soon and we can get to the next, hopefully much better, villain.

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