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I ought to preface this review by saying that I love anything and everything about Dragon Age (yes, even Dragon Age II), so my opinion may be a lttle bit biased. That said, I loved "Until All of us Sleep. " While "The Silent Grove" focused on Alistair and "Those Who Speak" focused on Isabella, "Until We Sleep" focuses on Varric. Amazon can give you a story summary, but the story is framed much like Dragon Age II, with Varric narrating and occasionally breaking the fourth walls. While I was reading it, I felt like much of the wit from Origins that has been lost in DAII returned. If you haven't read this series, I actually highly suggest you select upwards these three books. Typically the writing is good, the art is appealing, and lots of is revealed about the field of Thedas that hasn't yet been seen in the games., Volume 3 ties in everything that has happened with this journey to find King Maric, Alistairs father, and we see how powerful one Tevinter mage poses for the girls. I actually would say reading Volume. 1-3 are a must for the upcoming DE UMA; I game in 2014. We have been introduced to new characters, their motives, and some new " concepts" like people having dragons blood in them.

I absolutely enjoyed the comic book, and I would say if your a enthusiast of the series this is a must read. Note that this employs " Biowares canon" or they path that they chose to use for books, comics and other forms of media. Well worth it, and am would even go so far as to state that you can read this without knowing something about the franchise., As a comic book, it's ok. The art and storytelling is competent but absolutely nothing to publish home about. Typically the thing is, I'm a HUGE Dragon Age enthusiast, as far as I am concerned, it's one of the best fantasy epics I've never read (on account that it can a video game), so anything that gives me personally more info about my favorite characters or the history surrounding the story is bound to entice my interest. So as a result perspective, it's not bad. I've always been interested about Alistair's father, Maric, and it was nice to see what he and some of the other characters were upwards to since the first game's ending, so I actually was happy about that. Hopefully the designers of the game can provide Darkhorse some more nuggets as to what's going on with the next game(s) to create a more worthwhile story for next time., I love these! Typically the art is great and it focuses on some of my favorite characters! Really like having these in the bookshelf., I'm a Bioware enthusiast but I am not really a comic expert by any means. I enjoyed the story in this and liked how they attached in so many figures from Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 throughout this graphic book series. If you have played the sport, give this a read. It extends on the lore, especially the Calenhad lineage. I actually also enjoyed the extra tidbits about the fade. It seems in both the books and graphic novels they expand the fade bit by bit. I suppose that this understanding will help Dragon Age Questions be more clear as well when it emits later this year., It came in pretty good condition! But one of the pages had something sticky on it that kind of made a small tear on the page when I flipped through it. I didn't feel it was worth returning so I just kept it. Other than that it was in pretty good condition: )

The story itself was very interesting, it had some slow components but I like it over all. I think any Dragon Age: Origins, specifically, Alistair fans will like this conclusion to one of the King of Fereldan's most wondered about stories.: ), The quality of the kindle edition is disappointing, there is a white border at the top and bottom of each page that forces the page to be zoomed out just far enough for the lettering to be difficult to read and blurry even on my 10 inch capsule. The border isn't there on the other textbooks in the series, they fill the whole display screen and look great., Because always, the team really does a fantastic job sticking to their plot and their lore. The emotion displayed throughout this volume by all of the figures is top notch. Presently there are so many pieces of lore touched on, from Tevinter, to Dragon's Blood, to King Calenhad. Excellent read for anyone getting into, or already into Dragon Age!

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