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What an amazing start to a new series, with sexy alien men that have been banished to a prison planet due to the fact they carry a mutated gene where these are Draekon, in other words, these people can shift to dragons. The Zorahn are seeking Earth women to aid within their secret experimentation yet convince Earth’s government that it is a temporary six-moth stent, and ten women will become around the first shuttle. “You represent the first step in an alliance that individuals hope will span years. ” “We’re glorified labrador rats. ”

Viola Lewis has nothing on world except memories and stress. She gets no family, and with the illness and death of her father, she has used almost all her mother for medical bills. The trip to Zorahn is an journey, a chance to get away from her pain and reminiscences for six months. Inside truth, all ten women have no family left, so they are actually expendable.

The plot will have one of the three extraterrestrials on board that will take the shuttle hostage and crashes them on the planet where the men through Zorahn found with the Draekon gene are expatriate. “This isn’t the area getaway I thought it would certainly be. ” As Viola and three others keep the shuttle to check out, one will become ill, and Viola will continue without the other World women. She will encounter life and death scenarios and rescued by Arax and Nyx who likewise change into dragons and claim her because their partner. “Draekon, powerful beings that could draw around the vitality around them to morph into dragons, creatures with impenetrable armor that may fly among the stars and rain fire lower on their enemies. ”

The exiled Draekons lifestyles are simple. “Hunt and gather food in the lowlands during the dried out season. Retreat to the high cliffs when the down pours come. Survive. ” Whenever Arax and Nyx observe Viola, they know she is their mate. “She is ours. We need to take her. We need to complete the bond. ” “The gene mutated. Each and every mutation gave the Draekon race good luck, and lastly the ability to partner. For some reason—maybe because appropriate females were few and far between—instead of a pair bond, Draekons type a triad. ”

“You are the fire associated with my heart. ” “It only took a vacation through space and making it through a coup, a crash, poison fruit, a kidnap attempt and alien potential predators, but I’ve found our soulmates—both of these. ”

I look forward to another book in this collection, Draekon Fire. There is an interesting cast associated with characters, plenty of stress, danger, and passion. The particular chemistry between Nyx, Arax, and Viola sizzles upon the pages with explicit scenes., Arax and Nyx are Draekon who had been exiled to a prison planet decades ago for the crime of having unwanted genes. Viola Lewis is a human who has been on her way to the entire world Zoraht as one of 10 girls that supposed to be guinea swines after the Zorahn show upward on earth offering cures for cancer.

Issues approach to Zoraht, their ship is hijacked by one of the Zorahn who wants to use the women to help bring the Draekon back using the individual women. The hijacker, a fanatical Zorahn, causes the ship to crash upon the prison planet. Viola goes out to try to find water and food for the other ladies and almost winds up getting food herself, ultimately causing the girl meeting with Arax and Nyx, and their incredible change.

There are protrusions and bruises, twists and turns, some confusion, and startling discoveries, but within the end, Viola, Arax, and Nyx end upward with their HEA.

Shelter Savino is surely an expert in writing MFM stories and Lili Zander matches nicely with her to create a fantastic book and a good start of a new collection., I started reading this specific book and couldn't place it down there is really much action, adventure, sexual romance and the puzzle of what is going on with the Draegons. I'm looking forward to reading the next publication in this series., So, may be the Draekon mutation a gift or even a curse? I guess it depends upon who you ask. The particular Zorhan give Earth the cure for leukemia within exchange for 10 women. Seems like a reasonable trade since they've already been assured the women will become under the Emperor's protection and will be returned to Earth 6 weeks later. But of training course, a zealot causes the ship to crash upon a prison planet and the presence of the individual females causes a number of the bannissement to morph into dragons. Exciting!, Love this series!!!, Lili Zander and Lee Savino have come up with a great new series! 2 wonderful authors - simply no surprise this story offers it all and will continue, as I am anxiously awaiting the next publication! Our planet is amazing, the plants and animals usually are beautifully described and add to the story. 10 earth women are picked to go to an alien planet to aid cure a condition but end up crash landing upon a prison planet filled with Draekon men. What else could one want? We all worry about them, fear for them, adore them, proper care for them and hope for the happy ending. There are HOT, sexual sex scenes and Dragons!! Hot! Hot! Hot! Fantastic read, couldn't put that down!! Thank you Lili Zander and Lee Savino!! I received an Superior Readers Copy with this publication and I voluntarily go through it., This new collection has a strong beginning. Integrated really are a well constructed globe setting, males exiled with regard to genetic anomalies, Earth ladies resulted in believe the vacation would be temporary, a hijacking, and also a fair number associated with dangerous lies. The lead characters in this first book, Arax, Nyx and Viola are strong and loving; well able to lead the others within the search for their own future on this world. Very entertaining! I'll become watching for., A very good read with a wonderful new world complete of subterfuge, good and evil love and naturally dragons

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