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Just what an amazing new series, with sexy tattooed unfamiliar men who have been banned to a prison earth because they carry a mutated gene where they are Draekon, in other words, they can shift to dragons. The Zorahn would like Planet women to aid in their secret experimentation but convince Earth’s government that it is a momentary six-month stent, and ten women will land on the first shuttle. “You represent the first step in an alliance that individuals hope will span years. ” “We’re glorified labrador rats. ”

Ryanna Dickson left earth, to get away from her abusive ex-husband, Mike, the sheriff of where she lived in Goose Hand, Georgia. The girl may be stranded on a prison planet, along with a few other Earth ladies, but there are also Draekon prisoners, exiled from their planet for holding a mutant gene that allows those to turn into dragons. Ryanna still lives in fear and is haunted by her scarey dreams from the terror she lived under the cruel hand of Mike. The girl is determined that she will never become involved with another man again and give him control over her.

Thrax and Zorux will each have their own secrets. But what is no secret is that each of them desires Ryanna. Thrax is more easy-going, carefree and Zorux is reserved, and surly. There exists a bit of envy included in this with favoritism from Ryanna, but she allows them know, she like each of them, but doesn’t think they may be to be mates because they didn’t turn into dragons when they met. Three individuals, all with baggage and techniques, but with a powerful interest will learn that with each other, they can conquer much. Some of those techniques could bring about death if the truth may be discovered.

“I will always enforce the laws of my people. ”

The storyline will have the wet season ending, and it is time to try and locate the ship, Fehrat 1, and then the plan is to find the containers with parts to build spaceships, and also to locate the other Planet women. The trip will take them into new terrain and also hazards. It will be a make a difference of trust, and team-work to complete their mission and survive. Fighting a growing passion may be the biggest danger they encounter. Ryanna can’t have her heart broken, that might be more painful than the beatings she has endured by her ex-husband.

Toss together, Ryanna, Thrax, and Zorux will become more open together, sharing techniques, fears, and parts from their past. They discover a physical and sexual attraction and the Draekon prove that they will honor their word. Ryanna learns that she is tougher than she believes, in particular when she is under attack and it is a matter of life and death. Open, sincere, painfully raw discussions together, and taking a chance on the future may free the soul and unleash the dragons within.

The story has a lot of passion, angst, sexual chemistry and explicit intercourse scenes between a runner female and her two hottie dragons. The story is an ongoing series, and each story will read as a standalone. In the next book, maybe we will find out about the five human females that were taken captive by another Draekon group. There are some surprises and also we are left with a cliffhanger of life and death, and the fourth book will be Dragons in Exile., This particular is the 3rd Draekon book but each is a standalone so you don’t have to learn the first and second but I highly recommend them; they may be a great read! This is Ryanna’s, Thrax’s, and Zorux’s story. Their tale is a bit different in how it starts. Ryanna is a bit skittish of males. Zorux is hiding a big secret. Thrax believes he’s only a flyboy! Uh oh this could be a problem for this mating bond! Or is it? The writing is flawless. The plot is filled with intrigue and new adventures for this exile group. We meet new exiles on this the prison planet. I love this story. This flows really well and all the action and adventures make complete sense. The scenes between these three are not only hot but also sweet. I cannot wait to read book four! We get a glimpse of whose tale will be next at the conclusion of about three. There is an HEA even though the tale continues., Wow another great book in the Draekon series, I would highly recommend this book. It provides you everything you need in a book., Ryanna Dickson is alone and terrified. Every person who loved and cherished her is gone. The woman ex-husband, Mike, the upstanding sheriff of their small town in Georgia? Properly, after he was done beating and abusing her, he tried to eliminate her when she single him. When the Zorahns come to Earth, offering gifts and miracle cures for diseases, all they ask is for ten woman volunteers to go to Zoraht for six a few months. It's all so mystical. Ryanna jumps at the chance. What does she have to lose? Nevertheless things never go in accordance to plan, do they? When the spaceship holding Ryanna and her companions crashes on the Draekon prison planet, everything changes. There she meets Thrax and Zorux, two of the exiled Zorahns. Thrax was alone his complete life until he was exiled and found others like himself. Zorux includes a dark, potentially deadly, key that could destroy your pet and everybody he loves, a secret that makes your pet distance himself from everyone. After months spent in the Draekon camp, a friendly relationship slowly blossoms between Ryanna, Thrax, and Zorux. Nevertheless secrets still abound. The two surviving scientists from the crashed ship have brought the machinations and plots of Zoraht with them. The Zorahn homeworld is filled with strategies and collusion. Unknown and unrevealed agendas put everyone on the planet at risk. No one trusts the scientists. When information important to the survival of all is made known, it falls to Ryanna, Thrax, Zorux, and Raiht'vi, one of the scientists, to find the key which could either destroy or save everyone. And as the friendship between Ryanna, Thrax, and Zorux starts to change, to morph into something more, all about three are afraid of that connection, none more so than Ryanna. The Draekon are capable of modifying into dragons, but only if they find their mate. And Ryanna can't, will not, let herself feel anything at all for the hot, hunky Draekons who have captured her affection, not after what her ex put her through. When a totally unexpected threat puts Ryanna and Raiht'vi in persona danger, Thrax and Zorux have no choice but to save them. Nevertheless can they? Will they be able push through the hurt, pain, and possible deadly consequences of their former lives? Just what of Ryanna? She's already been through so much. Is it feasible she's finally found love, only to lose it because of her resistance and unwillingness to leave her past behind? Can these three pull on their own from the horrors of their previous lives and enable themselves find happiness? Or perhaps will the lethal dangers from the Draekons and Planet women destroy not only the happiness of the triad but everything for which the Draekons have worked for so very long? Will Ryanna, Thrax, and Zorux survive to meet their fate? Or will everything literally go upwards in flames, destroying all hope for the Draekon planet?

In this 3rd installment of Dragons in Exile, Lee Savino and Lili Zander have outdone themselves. Draekon Heart kept me riveted from page one. Lee Savino and Lili Zander have shown their true talent in creating a mystical, magical world that's beautiful beyond description and fascinating beyond measure. The entire storyline, the world of Zoraht, the plots, the mysteries, the uncertainty of every action and reaction, the Draekon planet, the people... all of these are captivating. Plus the interactions between Ryanna, Thrax, and Zorux not necessarily just steamy. They're WARM! The relationship between the about three is beautifully crafted. I felt every moment of anticipation, fear, dread, hangdog terror, hope, wonderment, and the realization that life is worth every solitary second of living. This particular isn't just an average paranormal shapeshifter erotic romance. Within my opinion, this is the best work both Ms. Savino and Ms. Zander have produced to date. (And that's truly saying something! ) Kudos, Lee Savino and Lili Zander. I give Draekon Heart my highest advice. Thank you for writing such a breathtakingly beautiful story!

One final note. Please be an informed readers and consumer! This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, think hard before buying any book you know you won't enjoy. There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers' websites. Use these resources. DON'T LEAVE AN ADVERSE REVIEW WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND YOU MAY NOT ENJOY THE GUIDE. It's not fair to the authors! They work extremely hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you'll object to the book's subject matter before you buy it, you're doing yourself and the authors an extreme disservice.

Very good reading my review and happy reading!

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