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It has been almost 1. 5 years since i have was diagnosed. Using the advice within this book, my weight went from 185lbs to 145lbs within about 6 months and is holding secure - I am 5'6" so I am now at the right weight level. This much weight drop is not common although many individuals notice very somewhat of weight drop. I guess I got lucky there. I was now a firm believer in Dr . Bernstein's philosophy. I eat tons in addition to tons of cheese since i have am a vegetarian and do not eat eggs and meat and diabetes made me stop trying ALL GRAINS. Indeed, it absolutely was somewhat hard, yet I truly did give up all grains. The very first time I saw the doctor and I mentioned the very high cheese diet to him, this individual was cautioning me about how precisely my cholesterol will likely shoot up - this will be a common misconception among various doctors. Happy to say, all the advice on Reduced carb High Fat diet actually works. With very low carbs and tons regarding cheese, my cholesterol has never been better. Within fact, pretty much the majority of the particular health parameters exercised amazingly well and are all in flawlessly normal ranges. I possess gotten three screenings done during the last just one. 5 years. Ideally, I actually should get that done each 3 months, but a person know, life gets within the way.

Here usually are the outcomes (normal range regarding A1C - the regular blood glucose level regarding last three months - for healthy person ought to be under 5. 6, Overall cholesterol should be much less than 200, good cholesterol (HDL) ought to be > forty one and bad (LDL) much less than 130. Triglycerides should be less than 150)

On diagnosis, A1C = 8. 3, HDL = 38, LDL = 126, Total Cholesterol = 222, Triglycerides = 288
At 3 month mark (2/16/16), A1C = 6. 2, HDL = 41, LDL = ninety six, Total Cholesterol = 157, Triglycerides = 98
On 8/1/16, A1C = 6. 1, HDL = 47, LDL = 103, Total Cholesterol = 170 Triglycerides = info
11/28/16, A1C = 5. 7, HDL = 40, LDL = 80, total cholesterol = 147, Triglycerides = 137

Authentic Review (June 30, 2014)
I was a newly diagnosed Kind 2 diabetic (4 weeks now) and was within denial for the early days because I physical exercise strenuously 3x a week (4-6 mile runs) in addition to although I do go over sometimes, mostly I actually thought I ate healthy and balanced. After getting metformin from the doctor and the typical advice of 1/2 platter vegetables, 1/4 plate espresso beans and legumes and 1/4 plate wheat/bread etc, I actually came home and tried out that... and of course, the blood sugars would spike to 150, one hundred sixty, 170 after 2 several hours. I will be an engineer simply by trade so I desired to understand what has been happening and how I actually could truly fix that.

Reading about each of the problems that you can possess with diabetes was weakling gut wrenching and I actually do wish to avoid that and potentially go into diabetes remission where I actually can control it together with just diet and physical exercise. Obviously, my doctor's guidance would have put me on a path to complications.

Doctor Bernstein's guidance is... to summarize, extremely very intense. He requires you eliminate ALL GRAINS, ALL FRUITS and almost all sources of easily digestible carbs (potatoes etc. ) from your food and instead puts a person on a low carbohydrate, moderate protein and sensible fat diet. Essentially, his advice is, get your own nutrition mostly from veggies that do not have quick acting carbs, and then add protein and fat to make up for calorie consumption and keep you total.

Keeping with his guidance, my blood sugar is almost down to normal within just 23 days of following his advice and my weight is down 15 lbs (he says.. " in case you lose thigh fat by basically switching to a low carbohydrate diet, consider yourself lucky".. )

Also, it has been somewhat jarring to notice him show me that real running is worse as compared to weight training. Here I actually was running and thinking it was amazing. I actually get his reasons even though. I have been running for numerous years now, mostly consistently and now running will not raise my heart rate, I can run and talk easily.. which means the muscles will work aerobically... Nevertheless, I don't want to leave running, so changed to his type of Period training.. where I operate at a sane pace on flat and anytime I see an incline, I actually sprint up to raise my heart rate.

And I actually acquired a bunch regarding weights and reinstated the weight lifting regimen.

Another level that cemented my perception in this is the fact that the Mom has had diabetic for over 15 years in addition to her blood glucose were fairly high, even fasting... Following I read this book, I pushed my mother to follow the same guidance and although she will be resisting, she is putting some aspects in her diet and her going on a fast blood glucose has dropped from almost 180 to 108 in about a month.

I am not timid about saying, yes I actually am a believer. Compared to what the American Diabetic Association tells or the general physician tells, Doctor. Bernstein's advice actually functions and I am happy I got it.

His / her is just not the most well-known book out there yet that is because that does not sugar coating anything. YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO GET OFF of high cabohydrate supply and as I mentioned that he is at times very extreme within what you have to do.. given he has been a Type just one diabetic since age twelve and he was near organ failure at around 30 and then found and made the VLC (very low carb diet) work for himself, changed careers to Medicine to help others and has lived to 80+ years with perfect A1C in addition to other parameters.

Not merely that, if you search on the Internet, you may find forums after community forums of folks who have retained diabetes related problems at Bay by following his guidance or similar VLC (very low carb) diet additional proving that he will be right.

Anyways, Thanks Doctor. Bernstein and thank Lord, I found the book within a week regarding being diagnosed. I possess almost read the book cover to cover twice and continue poring above it to verify if there will be anything I missed., Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Answer: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood All kinds of sugar Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Total Guide to Achieving Typical Blood Sugars Our husband has type a couple of diabetes. He saw his doctors faithfully every three or more months. He attempted to drop weight. He tried to exercise. He took his blood sugars and his meds faithfully.

In 2002 he weighed 280 pounds. (he is 5'10"). He was on 43 models of insulin, he was on Neurontin for the great pain from the damaged nerves both in his feet. He could not walk above 75 feet before this individual had to sit down in addition to rest. I told the grown children that within 6 months I may be pushing Dad around in a wheelchair in addition to I meant it. He had horrific diaphoresis at evening. He had to put the bath towel in the cushion as a result of the profuse sweating that would happen any time his blood sugar went low while he has been sleeping. He had sleep apnea. I was constantly poking him during the evening to wake him from his amount of not inhaling. He was irritable in addition to depressed. Actually, irritable really does not start to describe him. He was furious a lot of the particular time. You couldn't say good morning because he would jump across you.

He could not do anything around the house. He went from your man who cherished to correct everything, play together with the kids but still possess time to be my best friend to a man that had virtually no energy at all. His idea of physical exercise was using his browse on the remote manage for that TV. He fell asleep at the tyre while driving and struck the medium strip on the freeway. He didn't even recognize which he got fallen asleep! He thought he had a toned tire. Upon examination simply by the tire store, the particular tire, that was only a couple of weeks old, did not possess anything in it in addition to was not flat. The tire went bad due to the fact if he hit the concrete barrier on the freeway, it tore up the particular sidewall of the car tire. Fortunately he nor anyone else was hurt.

I indexed Dr. B's first release of "Diabetes Solution" throughout summer of 2002. After reading the book, I noticed that there was hope regarding my husband. I told him that I could help him. He wasn't ready and I don't consider he believed me. I actually continued to see and research about low carbohydrate especially where diabetes was concerned.

A single day in late 2002, my husband came to me and said this individual was ready to take responsibility for this illness. Option day our lives changed completely!

Dr. Bernstein's book gave us the particular hope as well as the information we all needed to change the husband's condition. I possess now purchased each of the particular 4 editions of Doctor. Bernstein's book, "Diabetes Solution" and one has provided me new information.

being unfaithful years ago we started eating low carb. Inside 3 months my hubby was completely off regarding insulin. Within 9 weeks he lost 80 lbs. Night sweats gone. Apnea -- gone. Neuropathy went from serious pain to a twinge now in addition to then. Neurontin pain medication - gone. Diuretics - gone. He went from a man who can not walk 75 feet to a man that has now been within 2 5K races (walking) and who walks a couple of miles 3 times per week at the local fitness center.

His doctor was shocked!!!! She said he has been her "poster child regarding diabetics" and when she can get all of her patients to do exactly what he did, she would be a happy physician. But SHE didn't inform my husband what to do --- Dr. Bernstein did!

Recently my hubby decided to lose more weight and now has dropped a total of 100 lbs. He went from 280 to 180 pounds. His / her levels of energy are through the particular roof. He engaged the particular help of our two sons and together they will totally remodeled our family room. He has painted the particular living room, living area, cooking area and our bedroom. He doesn't sit down apart from at night to view a little TV prior to retiring.

We've been wedded 51 years and we all feel as if newlyweds!

Low carbohydrate critics have said that this kind of diet is significantly to difficult to sustain long-term. They will need to come in addition to speak with my husband and me. Our company is both consuming low carb and caring it. You're never famished!

Thank you Dr. Bernstein! You saved my partner's life.

Check out the particular results of our low carb lifestyle on our own site at [... ]
The before and following images should be enough to convince anyone to get Dr. B's book today!!

BTW I possess absolutely no reference to Doctor. B. I have never met him but I actually sure would love to sooner or later.

We are passionate promoters of low carb in addition to of telling diabetics the particular truth about their illness. We teach classes concerning what we have learned over time and from your experience to ensure that we can help other folks. Dr. Bernstein's book will be the first one on our "Recommended Reading List"., This book has evolved the life. 9 months ago I weighed 203 pounds and was diabetic, in addition to taking two antihypertensive drugs. The more I adopted conventional medical and health advice, the heavier in addition to more diabetic I got. And then I found out Dr. Bernstein's book (prior edition), adopted his prescription for diet and started losing weight. Now I weigh 160 in addition to my blood glucose and Hb A1C are normal. I actually have discarded one antihypertensive pill, and cut the particular dose of the some other in half, and my blood pressures are normal. This particular new edition, which expands the information on diet, medication, diabetes and its complications, is both practical, easy to read, but very erudite and comprehensive. If you are overweight, pre diabetic, diabetic, possess metabolic syndrome, or even a family member with any regarding these, please read this book. Ask your medical professional to read it also. I actually learned more about the particular care of diabetes from Dr. Bernstein than I actually did in medical college.
Sheldon Hair, MD

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