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Gosh, could I really be the one fortunate enough to be the first reporter? I've read Marni's columns within the Denver Post for years and also have laughed and ached with her along the way as she beatifully handled major life change after major life change. Last night I watched a retrospective about Erma Bombeck on PBS and realized that both these women, Erma and Marni, have amused, inspired and informed me iwith their underhanded, humorous wisdom.

This guide will help people. And it will entertain while doing so. I say this as the veteran of several grueling downsizings and clean outs for parents and in-laws. That was some of the hardest (physically) and most aching (emotionally and financially) work of my 71 years. I needed but could not at that time find the emotional support and clarity this little book offers. Further, I'm now clear inside my perseverance not to saddle our personal children with a house packed to the gills with the " treasures. " Yes, Marni, I get it and a big thank you for giving me personally new courage and tools to tackle this challenge., This is GREAT! Marni, along with very thorough guidelines for downsizing, includes knowing that may be a very emotional process. I am one who remembers where, when & how we brought items to our home; who has at least 30 Mother's Day time, birthday cards, etc . (I know, I just went through them last week & pitched a few). I have seen books & a PBS decluttering show that rather insensitively toss objects that held sentimental value. Not this book! I needed this understanding hand holding. We are older baby boomers, seeking to downsize. We, like many of our peers recognize our children really would rather not have most of our stuff.. Yet, they are our memories!! This guide is PERFECT for me personally. I have begun walking around our house with a new eye on lessening everything we have, yet with a heavy heart. And Marni, in her writing style assures me I am not alone. Extremely refreshing., I had been waiting for this book and following Marni's columns. I promise this is a book you can't put down, so my husband noticed. We are within our 80's and having been through dismantling our parents homes when they passed, we did not want this to happen to our children. My husband and I both have boxes that came home with us from our parents lives that individuals need to open and take a long hard look at what was their tales and what is mine. This book helped me personally to change my mind about our 63 year selection, which is our tales and not necessarily their own.
I done the book, handed it to my husband and said, " it's now your turn". We are NOW in the process of seriously downsizing. Our husband and I are now on the " same page" and our children know what we are doing and are supporting.
Please, if you have too much stuff read this book to help you understand how to be free from all the trappings. No matter what your age it's a must read.
Thanks Marni for setting it straight for us that failed to know where to start., So far, so excellent. I bought the sound on CD version. If only I had the table of contents to refer back to; to know what paths to go back and listen to again. And I how to start the total length of listening time. I'm well over an hour in it. There is a wealth of information. Some may think it can a little slow listening to it, but I love sound books. Her speaking tone of voice is clear and smartly written. Some of the info is 'common sense' but good to hear it anyway. Nice to know you are not alone in this undertaking. It addresses our feelings logically, which is an oxymoron, but realistic and entertaining at the same time. This resource provides many options in it can subject matter; it is not a one-size-fits all method to downsizing. It acknowledged everyone's individuality. I see there is a workbook also available separately., Written as a narrative of the author's experience in eradicating out her parent's home. Most of the tips where basic common sense but there was some valuable information that will be useful to anyone faced with this daunting job.

The premise of the book is to target the times to be sold, donated, or thrown out. When you get that straight in your head the task becomes a little easier if not more efficient. One other aspect is to rid yourself (or at least reduce) of the emotional attachment and feeling of invasion of someone else's privacy. This can be extremely hard to do but is essential to the achievements of your project without making yourself crazy., This book will be super helpful to many people. I am already in the process of downsizing but this book remains super helpful for repeating the things i should be doing and it is teaching me a lot of recent methods and thought for shedding belongings. It is a quite simple read and enjoyable. Remarkably hard to put down: yes I understand that noises weird but it's true. I am inside my earlier 50's and my beloved mother in law passed away this year: this book is helping me personally to remember to keep her memory not room fulls of her things. I am facing the same with a 91 yr old Step Dad and 87 year old Mother in the, sadly, not to distant future. I will keep this book for a reference. They don't have a lot, but keep in mind that take much to begin crowding up your own home or to place it in storage to address later. With the help of this book I know I will be able to avoid both, while still honoring their beloved treasures, and holding on a few items of high emotional value., Good information a great way to downsize. I found a lot of ideas I want to use. The chance that so many items, i. e., dishes, furniture, etc., might be valuable is not very good. I went on line and found some items I have which have demonstrated valuable. Those I want to keep, but so many more can go the way of the world. Ms. Jameson had a good idea when she said that taking a image of a cherished item (whether of value or not) and keeping that in lieu of the " object" would provide solace. My problem is my husband. He believes everything is valuable and that we ought to retain it for our family (none that our children want). Oh well, haha. It was still a great book to begin a person thinking.

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