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I have a confession: I love the recent plethora of young adult fiction. Not Twilight - I have requirements, after all, but it busted the floodgates broad open and now we are going to swimming in some great, thoughtful and provocative AHORA Lit. From Katniss Everdeen and Percy Jackson to the Pure trilogy, the YA world is delighting young grownups (and some of us not-so-young) with creative and original dream.

Another confession: I don't often hold Christian art in high regard (at least not since the Renaissance). We tend these days to be offshoot. And I say this as a guy who a Christian Music Advice Poster on my bedroom wall in high institution. So following your Christian Harry-Potter-Haters had their 15 minutes, I felt sure we were destined for a glut of bad Christian knock-off fiction.

I'm very happy to report that DOON by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon breaks the mold.

Doon is the retelling of the legend of Brigadoon (yes, the one from the Gene Kelly musical). It's one of the launch titles for Blink, a new AHORA imprint from Zondervan. If Doon is any indication, Blink is publishing publications which have a distinctively Christian worldview but tell stories for their own benefit (not to preach or teach). But enough about that. How is Doon?

Doon introduces us to Veronica and McKinna, two girls who plan to spend the summer in Scotland. As they put together to embark, Veronica commences to have visions of a man in a kilt. Due to the fact that this is a YA novel (and, you know, there's a sweet castle on the cover), we're not surprised maybe transported into a wonderful kingdom shortly after they arrive in Scotland, or that the eternal fate of said magical kingdom sets squarely on their shoulder muscles.

Doon is an excellent YA book. But could it be good Christian fiction?

Fair warning: minimal Doon spoilers follow.

Neither Veronica nor McKenna is a Christian. But the kingdom of Brigadoon is, explicitly. They attribute their continued existence to the Protector, a clear whodunit for the Christian god (and since they're sort of medieval Scottish, what else would they be? ) Although point of the story isn't only to talk about God, the magical character of Brigadoon forces Vee and Kenna to deal with their (lack of) belief.

But their spiritual journeys aren't artificial or pushed. Nor do they solve evidently (of course, we have been promised three more books). This is actually the power of fantasy: by putting ordinary teens into an extraordinary scenario, these conversations feel organic.

Since Doon is fantasy, teens thinking seriously about God is probably the most realistic aspect of the story.

More generally, the best part of Doon is the girls themselves. Vee and Kenna feel like real teenage girls. They have real insecurities and a real, strong friendship. As the Doon series increases popularity, we're going to see their friendship recognized: far from the frenemy relationships we see in most depictions of teen women these days, Vee and Kenna are each other artists biggest fans. Far from exploiting each others' weak points, they complement each other, forming a team which stronger together.

Speaking of which, Doon also deserves to be commended for the girl-power ending. Despite the truth that they're telling a modern fairy-tale, Vee and Kenna are no damsels in distress in distress. They drive the plot, they solve the conflict. They even save the beautiful dudes in distress.

Why should Christians celebrate Doon?

Because it's got strong female characters who model healthy friendship. Because it has believable, relatable teens thinking honestly and seriously about God. And because this is a story written by two Christians who put the story first and trusted the power of story (and their faith) to be persuasive enough. Let's hope for plenty more where Doon came from.

Bottom Collection: If you want YA, you'll like Doon. Let's hope it sets a new pattern for thoughtful, engaged Christian literature., When I first read the description of this I was really intrigued, and while I must admit it is very well writing and a good story, I actually felt like it concentrated more on the love story than the history of two high school women being transported to a new land/realm of Doon with a arranged of magical rings.

It is well written, and the characters are well developed, but in line with the description I actually thought it would be a tad bit more adventurous as they explore the land of Doon, however it is more of a love story and other than some different customs the story could have been set in our real world and been predominately the same. I just wasn't what I was expecting or hoping for after i selected it up. There are more books in the series and maybe those dive just a little deeper into the aspects of the story that I was wishing for, but I'll probably never know because I actually don't plan on picking this one up since it wasn't what I actually was looking for. If you want love stories though, then this one is for you., This is submitted to my blog: https://abookfarm.wordpress.com
I tried reading Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon when it first came out because I actually heard so many amazing things about it. I actually was only able to get halfway through it before I put it down and forgot about it and commenced reading something else. Fast forward to three years later and I actually finally picked it upward again to read…and amazing! I really regret putting it down the first time! Now I have so much catching up to do since Destined for Doon, Gradation of Doon, and Forever Doon have recently been published.
The main characters, Veronica Welling and Mackenna Reid are best friends who have been separated. Mackenna has just accepted an internships offering for a Theater production and Veronica is struggling to see the girl future. Veronica’s dad ran out on her and was obviously a druggie and the girl mother comes home drunk with Bob the Slob every night. Eric, Veronica’s ex-boyfriend, just traded the girl for another cheerleader that has Veronica’s nemesis.
Mackenna has planned a trip for her and Vee to visit her old cottage in Scotland during the summer. When Vee commences seeing visions of a dreamy Scotsman she becomes more excited and curious about where their visit to Scotland might lead the girl. Through a series of events told through both Vee and Mackenna’s viewpoints, the lassies ending upward in the kingdom of Doon, a realm exterior their own. Now, Vee must convince Mackenna that Doon is where they both belong as Vee pursuit of her dream child and wards off an evil witch trying to destroy Doon.
I found myself needing to spend any free moment I had reading this book as it pulled me into the story. Filled with romance and adventure, I could not put it down! I actually wanted to be in Doon experiencing the same things Vee and Mackenna were and I wish I could’ve fallen in love with a hunky Scottish royal prince. *swoons* This is a very light and fast read for me and I actually thoroughly enjoyed its excitement. It ends with a cliffhanger that has left me wanting in addition I will for sure be picking up Destined for Doon between the near future. This particular is the first book I’ve read that has had multiple authors and I actually doubt at first but am glad I ultimately sat down and read it. The writing was good, the plot was well crafted, and each character was thoroughly developed. The only negative remark I have is about Prince Jamie. Why was he so moody? This particular was never really described he just went from distancing himself from Vee to completely falling in love with her without so much as an explanation to his prior behavior. But other than that single flaw I actually absolutely loved the book and can’t wait to finish the series.
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