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This has been one of my favorite coloring books by much I love the designs. Each page is complex but easy enough to finish in one sitting. I actually have almost completed the book and will buy some of the other books in this series. One thing about this book is the paper is very nice with a smooth texture that takes ink really smoothly with full coverage without demanding going over multiple times. The pages are permeated to allow them to be removed and used as journal webpages or framed. I use markers and regrettably they bleed through the page so the reverse of the page is filled up with bleed-through but there isn't much help for that. Also, the designs are typical different but have similar design elements from page to page so the lack of variety in the details might not attract some, Otherwise I love the book myself and recommend it. I used numerous pens - sharpies, color pencils and gel pens., Design Art Handbook is nice. Everyone knows about doodling. We all have done it while on a meeting call or seeking to bear in mind something. Who would have thought that my little doodles could really change into a something besides a post it notice scribble. I still may think they can but this book tries to teach me they can. Doodle Art Handbook is a book that starts with introducing what doodling is and lets us know that there are different types of doodling. That walks you step-by-step through the multiple ways to create a larger piece of art. I didn't know there were different levels all the way up to expert. Expert to me seems like a colouring page or something but not doodles. Either way the book was interesting and I learned something new. If you are thinking about learning how to turn your post it note office art into something beautiful this might be the book for you.. maybe. I still haven't perfected doodling but maybe you can!, I love the book, it simplifies all the patterns, showing step-by-step to create the designs from beginner all the way up to expert stage, it includes borders, pets and samples from musicians, it also provides health benefits, including mentally and on your memory and where doodle art originated, in the 1930s the word emerged and meant a type of drawing. I actually highly recommend this book for everyone wanting to learn doodle art. I published this honest review for a free copy of the book, Release the creative beast within you with this very unconventional book. For everyone who is into drawing but seems that art isn't their best side, you can really dive deep into this book and discover what you are missing. Definitely suggested for folks who feel this way., I have great trouble taking time off and relaxing, because I actually see any time that I'm not working as wasted time. My blood vessels pressure testifies to this. I couldn't bring myself to try adult colouring books, but a good friend suggested I try this book. I recently spent 3 hours on the Saturday mid-day drawing/doodling. This really is unprecedented. I actually feel calm and loose-limbed. I want to do more, more, more., Excellent book with easy-to-understand instructions and detail. I am a color pencil portrait artist, and have little experience with this type of technique. I look forward to learning getting into some of the exercises shown in this book., I got the Kindle fire version and I was going along fine until I hit the superior group of tangles - the instructions for fifty percent of them are missing. Other than for that, I absolutely liked the book and got some good new ideas from it.

Edited... I went back and realized it was not only the advanced and expert chapters that were missing a bunch of instructions, but every chapter experienced tangles shown on the first page of the chapter there were no instructions for., Arts are popular before but it is more popular nowadays, because as we all know, disciplines can take away stress and can give us peaceful mind. So with this regards, Doodle Artwork is one of the better to get. That is not only easy to do but it provides not so complicated materials. This handbook is so helpful because it teaches us how to do the Doodle Artwork patterns and borderlines. This specific book is such a complete facts have if you want get the Doodle Artwork perfectly. The pictures are incredibly tantalizing and I cannot imagine that a single range will create a very amazing artwork. Very nice handbook and useful too.

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