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A great adorable, sweet chick-lit book that had me rooting for the primary character in the first place. As a swing ballerina, I loved all the references to songs, dancing moves, and fashion. I wanted to go shopping with Macie, dance with her outside by the marine, and explore that hot steamy portion of Australia. Renee deftly wove a compelling story of healing, maturity, and love all covered up in a fun swing dance package! Even though dance is dance whatever country you're in, that was fun to read the different slang, likes and disapprovals of a character so near to my own self.

Even in case you're not a swing action dancer, the novel offers enough romance, character progress, and plot to hold a person through to the fascinating end. Don't miss this specific fun read., By Sara Steven

At first glimpse this novel is apparently just about all about romance, and trust me, there’s lots of that to serve. Macie falls hard regarding Matt, even though she has had her heart damaged before by a man who wasn’t willing to be with a sturdy, independent woman. So, she has very concerned about Matt’s intentions, and whether she sees an upcoming with your pet. Rachael has lots of love life to serve. So carry out a lot of additional secondary characters, lending in to the romance.

However, I felt as if the best vein was your one relevant to Macie’s passions in life. She loves to travel, she loves her job. She’s worked difficult to get to where she’s at, using a difficult time coming to grabs with all the chance of possessing to give all of it upward for someone. That’s exactly what ruined her prior partnership. Will it be the final straw for Shiny?

I could totally relate with Macie. I suppose nearly all of us could. I may think of a couple of times in my life when I have abandoned something I’ve desired or felt I necessary in order to conserve the status quo, to retain others happy. I consider the real work occurs you look for a way to compromise, so both men and women in the relationship are in a position to fulfill their interests in life. It’s not always easy, it doesn’t always happen, but a person can always hope. Plus, Macie has to try to find balance, or it will never work.

Life has a way of changing up the items that matter most to us, our life targets and passions often pliable. I appreciated Renee Conoulty’s take on what it takes to find who you actually are usually in not only a relationship with other folks, but in the partnership that really matters the majority of; the one you have got with yourself. I don't consider there are enough inspiring novels out there of which support a character that tries hard at achieving her goals, never providing up. It's incredibly inspiring!, Cute cute cute! Those were my first feelings on finishing Don’t Suggest A Thing by Renee Conoulty. Set in Quotes, we follow Macie Harman, who is new city after joining the Noble Australian Air Force. Macie is a lttle bit like myself – a quiet introvert who likes to read in addition to also discovers her love of dance. Being brand new on base and later knowing Rachael, the loud outgoing who Macie can simply consider in small doses, she decides to check away a swing dancing group – and finds a lot more than she bargains regarding. She finds a love for the jazz music and swing action steps, but also requires a liking to Matt, a fellow swing dancer. Whilst their romance is slower to start, it swiftly turns serious. But armed service life isn’t for every person, and could Matt be happy in a partnership where his other fifty percent works with trips away in addition to deployments for months from a time? At may Macie, who joined the RAAF after ending a stifling relationship, compromise her promising career for a man?
I found this to be a very unique girl lit read, and was intrigued from the start. From carrying out a military career-woman to the lovely (and HOT! ) setting regarding Darwin, it felt like I was learning while reading through, and I just loved that about this read. Macie was a great heroine, relatable and likeable, in addition to I took to her right away. It was so interesting reading concerning the RAAF and what her role was, and at the same time, I loved the swing dancing scenes and learning about a dance I really do not know much about. The romance between her in addition to Matt is cute and even a little quick, in addition to the ending scene was just lovely. I will say I didn’t consider there was really sufficient conflict in this book to create some drama. Every time there seemed to be a plot distort it was easily repaired and moved on coming from, but that is my simply critique of Don’t Suggest A Thing. A very fabulous debut from Renee Conoulty.
4. 5 stars

Reviewed for Readers Favorite, A very fun, cute, romantic and clentching story with a heroine that will capture your center!

I TRULY loved this history!!! Therefore, I hope the sequel arrives really soon.
I have got also been a enthusiast of swing music, ever since i watched the movie Swing Kids in high school but i never truly found a history surrounding swing music of which i liked. Until this specific one. Macie is such a sweet character, presently there was truly not a thing i found annoying about her. I found her really re-latable, and brave to have left everything behind to join the armed service. The dance scenes together with Matt where amazing! they will where so well composed i felt as in case i was actually watching them dance in real life. They where so fun!

There where some tight times in the story, centered around Macie's insecurities in addition to decision ifshe should offer up the life she built for herself or even stay on course if Matt's prepared to try having a military wife. Those displays where sort of heartbreaking nevertheless i loved it, as you found yourself understanding exactly why Macie is so torn, and realizing the choice is just not so simple.

This particular story will grab a person from chapter one in addition to hold you until the very last page. It leaves you wanting a lot more and hoping the follow up comes out asap!

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