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Ehh, not awful, but definitely not great either.

The writing was wonderful as normal, and i also thought the story was interesting enough along with the thefts and the amnesia, but I wasn't sold on the relationship in all.

I think it has been a little *too* easy that Peter gets amnesia and then suddenly almost all of his feelings with regard to Cole have completely gone away. It seemed like they had been quite strong before, and also if they'd already been starting to fade, this seemed kind of like taking easy way out there of writing him really getting over Cole. Wow, but of course, Cole can also be evil and responsible, so that helps. Something concerning the whole Peter/Cole point felt way too nice and convenient and had me side eying the particular whole thing.

After which we all have Micheal, who I think was kind of the total dick in multiple ways, although I may absolutely understand why however be hurt and would like out of his partnership with Peter, given Peter's feelings for Cole, I'm not really a fan at almost all of ultimatums. And then when he comes back again within the scene he has been way to much of a penis to Peter. He showed that he had practically zero faith/trust in Philip, and that's not the foundation to get a relationship. Plus then they both generally act like everything since all Peter's fault. Yes, Peter played a portion, but if you request me, he deserved better than Michael, and I has been sort of annoyed that they will got back together in the end.

I finished up returning this a single, which I very rarely do, because I aren't imagine attempting to reread.

Disappointing, but when you put out as many books since Josh Lanyon, there are bound to be ones that certain readers just don't connect with., We love Josh Lanyon who is one of the best writers. I've rarely been disappointed by any associated with his works, but his one just has to many holes in the particular plot, holes so regard you could break your ankle without trying. What I liked: Lanyon's prose and ability to keep a person reading is master stage. I liked the tale, but it could possess taken a bit more planning and thought. Typically the love story was fairly sweet and the sex picture was steamier than his usual work. What We don't like: ************MILD SPOILERS Ahead************** The seemingly dimwitted MC is accused associated with stealing from his companies, even though he's so badly injured during the thievery that he's admitted to hospital. Okay, if he or she desires to draw suspicion away from himself, he may pretend to have been injured, but hospitalized with a concussion? The police push within this story are quite incompetent. They think the particular MC may be the thief, along with no evidence, nonetheless it takes them days to obtain a lookup warrant (probably because they possess no evidence), nor do they seem to secure the particular crime scene. They permit their chief suspect, the particular MC, to continue to return to the crime scene again and again without any concerns. Typically the place where the thievery takes place includes a bumbling security guard who won't do his job with one point the MC and his bf just jump the fence with out tripping any alarms. Plus yet, again, the law enforcement are sure the MC did it. At a single point the MC is usually attacked in his house and there is obvious evidence, but somehow the police think he is again attempting to deflect suspicion by staging it. He is usually accused of trying to fence stolen goods by the shady pawn store operator with a dubious document, yet the police are not suspicious when the particular pawn shop's security video clips are erased. The MC doesn't seem to be all that concerned about becoming accused of the crime and it takes him times to get a (very incompetent) attorney, even although he's about to lose his job and become put about trial. The MC's companies are so concerned which he is a thief (again without the real evidence) and fire him from his job, yet let him or her continue to survive the particular premises for another a couple weeks? What? Too many storyline holes sink the guide. I gave 3 celebrities to get a good writer, but it loses in the particular shoddy plot planning. It can like the author failed to have his heart within the project or lost attention or something., I originally read this back inside 2014 nevertheless for some reason I never reviewed this, as a matter associated with fact I never also switched it from the " currently reading" to " read" shelf about my Goodreads page. So, I decided to re-read it and I nevertheless loved it. As we all learn more and more concerning Peter's life even though he or she doesn't remember certain information because of the amnesia, you realize he was hurting. At the same period, you start to understand Michael's reluctance to trust the amnesia angle. Altogether, this is usually a great little tale with a perfect blend associated with romance and mystery. We recall loving it a couple of years ago and i also adored it again now., Josh Lanyon has the best formula: good story, excellent writing, emotion-packed pages and satisfying wrap-up. Don't Appear Back has it almost all even though you can figure out almost in the first place who the " bad guys" are, it doesn't matter as the emotional side associated with the story takes more than and you find oneself rooting for the hero and hoping he will figure it out before catastrophe strikes. This tale is written in the particular first person which I may usually look after, but this is done so well you are along for every high and low the particular hero goes through. It can so satisfying you barely observe that it isn't the " full length" guide. Loved it!, What happens when you wake upwards within the hospital with the concussion resulting in amnesia, Philip Killian finds out the hard way. Peter learns he or she is the prime think within the theft of the priceless mural from the particular museum where he may be the curator. He doesn't remember anything, but the detective responsible for the case, Micheal Griffin, believes he is usually lying.

This was a well-known plot, but with a few lovely twists that made it a fantastic little tale. I loved the two mcs, Peter and Mike, enjoyed off each other well. I had a enjoyment time using this novella., Very good progressive plot with suspenseful and interesting read since well as rousing sex intimacies between two sturdy and admirable characters.

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