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Can you imagine a little girl growing up on a scrappy farmville farm in Rhodesia, near the border of Mozambique during their wars for self-reliance? It's hard to believe that this family survived. They move from country to country but family life continues. Despite the convulsions of war, the ever-present uncertainty of farming on marginal land, the bumpy state of mother's psychological health, the flies and poisonous snakes - it is not a horror story. The book is a paean to the author's family and also to the Africa she loves., We loved this book so much; the prose, the story. Very unusual and different from anything I have ever read. Such a fascinating upbringing and oddball family. Stunning descriptions and a great sense of place. I'd recommend this memoir to anyone. So glad it was a pick for my guide club as I may not have thought of reading it otherwise., Please read it for the context in which it was experienced. Funny, sad, other life (unless you grew upward in war torn Rhodesia). Beautifully written, interesting and intensive story with tremendous detail worth sharing. We could not put it down. A true eye opener., Ms. Fuller's story unfolds bringing South Africa in existence to point you can almost smell their food, dry hot air here the animals and birds. Her hard but incredible childhood she cherishes is an amazing journey portrayed through the several family and appointed help relationships and the places they lived. The girl life was filled with assisting in the family to survive the civil wars, droughts effecting their tobacco farm, Mom's depressive disorders, and father's strong wish to be self-sustaining farmer in The african continent. She provides historical occasions of the times to enlighten the reader so they true. y understand the hardships.
This is a great read for anyone that wants to understand life in The african continent. For me it held my own trip recently to Tanzania alive and fulfilled my desire to find out about Africa, the life and the folks., This was required reading for one of my literature classes and by far my favorite book of that semester. Fuller's book is a quick, but very interesting, read and contains so much history among pages of hilarity and had me personally hooked from page one. I loved reading her descriptions about Africa's flora and fauna, and We can see myself reading this book again at a later date years.

Don't Let's Navigate to the Dogs Tonight is about a child who grew upward on the wrong side of the Rhodesian civil conflict, and who will be nicknamed Bobo after the baboons that live there. It's a memoir told through the eyes of Bobo as she grows up, and the older she becomes the more aware the lady becomes about the problems around her. Fuller does not write her memoir with the perspectives that she has now, but includes enough fine detail that the reader can pick up on the issues that influenced her years as a child.

Fuller's book is a great choice for anyone who enjoys history, travel, culture, or memoirs. This is also a fantastic choice for book golf clubs - my class invested 4 days speaking about different things in this guide and that we barely scratched the surface. As somebody who won't normally read memoirs, We really enjoyed this guide and contains earned a long lasting just right my bookshelf., for the most part Alexandra Fuller writes a wonderful account of her life we were young in Africa with a few years off in the UK. The particular one thing that will bring this book from getting several stars is that it was often hard to tell where she was in the story. This would be greatly helped if at the start of each chapter it said something similar to:
Chapter title
age 13
I've given the book to a friend so can't check what & where for the year/age but you get the idea., Fascinating and dramatic. Read it and learn about modern politics in Africa. Interesting situation; well-drawn, multifaceted characters; I would read it again. The particular only reason I may give it five superstars is that sometimes We lost the sense of exactly where I was and sometimes events didn't quite link up. But 'real life' is like that. The particular narrator takes us from her early childhood moving from England to The african continent with her pioneer-minded parents, through life in several farms, a series of wars, several failures and her voice is clear and true and frequently puzzled as the voice of a child witnessing grown episodes acting in inexplicable ways would be. The family is dysfunctional to say the least, but the narrator just reports what she sees and hears and, thinking about the drama and emotion of her parents' lives, doesn't whine. We would like to know her (but not her mum)., Growing up in America, we have little to no knowledge of Africa and the many civil wars and quests for independence from European colonialism. Many of us forget, or are ignorant of, the fact that many white people of European descent lived in the African colonies before these countries gained self-reliance. This was a really eye-opening story of what life was like in these countries during the 70's and 1980's, when Africans pushed for independence but had no real leaders to lead these new nations as independent nations around the world. Not something I would normally read, but I found it quite educational and extremely uncooked and matter-of-fact.

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