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Great but not great book, but a great intro without the commitment needed for the full book. Gets a little within the weeds about .5 way through, and fortuitously I had a copy of the full book " implementing DDD" for clarification. I get the sensation there's be a second edition, and it'll end up being a 5-star book., superb coverage of the topic. Nevertheless you must realize this particular is a medium-level routine rather than something you would use for the entire application. It's very much worthwhile in order to also buy the 'Event Storming' book., Vaughn Vernon previously wrote a fantastic book on DDD (IDDD), so I was curious just what this has to provide. I have to point out that I remain somewhat confused, this basically can feel like a shorter plus simpler version of IDDD, without code samples.

First things first you may learn the most crucial DDD concepts such because entities, aggregates, events, plus how to design type systems using event storming. The chapters on typically the individual concepts felt somewhat vague however it has been a nice refresher. If you're new to DDD I'm not sure in case has comprehensive enough details.

Understanding rather complex things (modelling Aggregate Roots for example) without seeing typically the real code samples can feel... hard. Perhaps even way too hard. If you're a programmer, you may want to consider this book if you've heard about DDD but you know a person haven't got the time to go through a very much more detailed IDDD book. If you're working within a less technical position, this book is actually pretty nice as it explains the high-level planning procedure called Event Storming and it also re-visits SCRUM and their original ideas (it has been supposed to be a tool for communicating/learning nonetheless it ended upwards being misused by numerous managers as a application for controlling timelines).

It's been a while since i have read IDDD and in order to be fair I completed this guide during an airline flight - that's quite a good time investment. On typically the other hand had this particular been my only DDD book I'd have most likely ended up being pretty confused.

| Edit: April/2017 |

Vaughn reached out to me personally in the comments area and he was sort enough to clarify their intentions about this book that I misunderstood. I confess that I didn't fully get them at first, and I feel that my review mis-judged the book a little. I'd like to stage out that I thought of this a book because a sequel to typically the older (red) IDDD book, but (as thier name suggests) it was meant being a more quick and condensed introductory book instead., This is exactly what I needed. I've recently been interested in DDD for a while now, nevertheless could never take typically the time to understand that. The book is small , and but well done. If you've been curious regarding DDD, like me, plus need to get a general understanding before using on more detailed publications this can be a great place in order to start., Excellent, Domain-Driven Design Distilled is a quick-paced introduction to the issue, a book that may be go through in a single mid-day. For whom read Employing Domain-Driven Design from typically the same author, it can feel at first helpful tips for that book, which is misleading.

This fresh book offers a to the point and fresh overview around the designing of Bounded Framework, Subdomains, Context Mapping, Aggregates and Domain Events. The majority of the design techniques are explained in a more obtainable language than found on IDDD (the " Distilled" in the book's title is accurate), which will be possible thanks to typically the author's expertise.

As well as the assessment with its previous book stops here. Aside their accessibility, the author clarify useful techniques for website modelling, and the best examples are found on chapters 2 (Strategic Pattern which has Bordered Contexts and the Ubiquitous Language), 5 (Tactical Pattern which has Aggregates) and 6 (Tactical Design with Domain Events) and 7 (Acceleration plus Management Tools).

The Occasion Storming as depicted within chapter 7 is a good example of useful technique not available on IDDD. It is very well provided as a recipe, which makes both good in order to experiment as one of your first design actions in your's DDD re-homing and to check in case you're doing well.

If you're interested in this issue, this book is highly recommended being a starting stage., I can really suggest Vaughn Vernon's Domain-Driven Design Distilled book because that explains the important factors of the topic in a manner that your whole company can understand! He finds a good balance between heading into a good example domain without going also deep into the technical details.

The book will be intended as a special primer for introducing DDD inside your organization and this will be exactly whatever you get for your colleagues. In some hours everyone will understand why that makes sense to chose this approach and probably end up being eager to get going!, Great book for DDD beginners, software developers and also stakeholders.
Summarized book which emphasizes the main factors in DDD.
I recommend it with each and every software programmer and product manager within my company and for you to!

Be certain to read it!

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