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We don't always give 5 stars, but when We do, it's for real. Stay coding my friends! Actually, I'm only about 50 percent way through the book, but I felt We had to do the review now. After throwing MicroShaft and getting into Linux, I possibly could no longer use VisualBASIC; I had formed to choose another language and it came down to " C" or Python. I chose Python because I wanted to do some real work without trudging through a 3 12 months learning curve. Python is, as they say, easy to choose up, particularly if you have prior coding experience.

A person should know the basic Python syntax and structure, basic commands etc., before starting this book; it isn't a " beginners 1st Python" book. But 1 or 2 of the " twenty-four hour" or " just one day" starter books will be sufficient. Also, this guide is intended for people who want to enter into serious math and graphics. In case you are into research, engineering, etc., this is for you.

VERY well written and laid out; also, it isn't a big terrifying 600 page monster that might be intimidating to pick up and start - it's only 200 pages and there is no wasted space. A whole lot is said in minimal volume (I always like that). A person will continue to learn Python as you proceed; also you will gain details about about math, graphics, plus some physics as well. Most crucial - you will see how you can use Python to solve real world math problems and apply this to whatever you are doing.

It starts out simple with basic math functions, then rapidly progresses to graphing equations, then statistics; later on complex graphics (fractals - my thing), and calculus. Right now this is brain workout and fun for me, but I wish to utilize it later for work. The book is very easy to follow as you move alongside. You need to use an interactive python editor (like Idle3) rather than try to run from the command collection, although you can do that if you want.

One thing you can do is copy all the code clips [after understanding them < g> and perhaps modifying a little] and gather them all in a personal python module which you can then use forever. Also, as you run the code snippets and play with them as you proceed through the book, you can experiment and modify / run them on the spot – this is a good way to learn – to stamp it into your brain in a way you will remember.

Fairly early in the book is a perform which calculates and then graphically plots the trajectory of a thrown baseball; the technique is the same for any charge. I was able to improve it a bit, place it in a loop, and graph the trajectory(s) for the object thrown at all angles from 0-> 90*. I had been thus able to “prove” graphically something that is already popular – all other factors the same, a projectile will travel farthest when launched upwards at a 45* angle. Cool!

If you are in a science or engineering field and want to learn Python for that - I can't over-recommend this guide!
Cheers., I feel that learning an object oriented language is difficult to start learning on you own. I've learned an even more from this book than from others. However, I'm still only just starting chapter 6. I'm self-confident that We will be able to accomplish writing a few useful Python programs after studying this book., From the great, hands on intro to Python and a great intro into how to utilize it for moderately sophisticated math. Do the examples as you read the book and you'll ending up up with a useful skill., Good book, but need to be more in depth at some matters., Easy to follow and fun., A fine book and excellent intro to using Python for mathematics calculations., Good book for python users, A Extremely Good Book.

Nevertheless , there are a few faults, to wit:

On webpage 12, the author says that if you put a space while inputting a complex number, Python will throw an problem message. Not so!
Heihei is:
Python 3. 4. 3 |Anaconda 2. 3. 0 (64-bit)| (default, Marly 6 2015, 12: summer: 10) [MSC v. 1600 64 bit (AMD64)] on win32
Type " copyright", " credits" or " license()" to find out more.
> > > a = 3 + 2j
> > > a
> > > a. real
3. 0
> > > a. imag
2 . not 0
> > >

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