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My overwhelming grief when I actually got the news was clouding my decision making ability when I needed it the most: Chemo or no chemo?
It didn't take much reading at all to learn that SLICE Protacol is a good thing; the right choice, the majority of the time.
Chemo isn't very always cruel and unsightly.
My dog had 1-2 months; now she might have a yr.
And the girl is happy, not sad, that my decision, much more informed because of this wonderful book, gives the woman more time.
More hours to be with me, and I with her.
My tremendous grief is never too significantly from the top, yet deeply embedded within my coronary heart.
This guide, which I refer to when I am sad, not when I want to be sad, lifts my spirits like no-one can.
The best treatments for Indio, besides the chemo, is my strength.
The strength to smile when we look into each others eyes, when it's easier to cry.
My mask musn't be transparent; she lives to cause me to feel happy, and I actually can't let her down.
It will take a very good guide to this off. To fool her; to technique her. To not let her know that anything at all is making me sad, in pain.
For what could be worse than our best friend having cancer must be good friend with cancer being sad because we are sad.
What a embarrassing way to spend our only counted days together; the last days we will ever share together.

This book just can it all. The professional information about cancer and chemo; and the vast array of insights, and some words of encouragement we need for the emotional roller-coaster that we must endure until, and long after, that day is here.
That day that has been on our brain no matter what: rain or shine, happy or sad, sick or well. The day that has cast an ugly gloom on the sunniest summers day. Like a filth that you can't shower away, or a stinky odor that is trapped in your nose, that you must breath in always, no matter what.
The day you always wondered how you would handle, and exactly what life would be like afterwards.
Typically the grief will be suffocating, nauseating, overwhelming.

But that day must come, for it is written in stone.
In addition to we must handle it. For our life will go on, when theirs is performed.
But then we can cry, and we will never have to hide it, anymore.
We can cry because the dagger pierces our heart, and the pain, that we have known for so long, can freely, finally, circulation away.
In addition to the scar that is left, the memory that is fresh, will ever so slowly become but a tender thought; a passing whisper of something too familiar, an element of our past that we must allow to be, because we can't say farewell, that you more time.

This is what I'm heading through, and I'm having a real tough time.
These feelings and feelings, will be a part of, handling, me for per year or so.
And i also wouldn't be handling it without this book. It takes the bite, the razor sharp edge, the pain and fear, from my foremost mental function, and puts it on a pillow in my back bedroom.
I can avoid it for awhile, but every now and then, I must use that room.
In addition to rest my head right on that pillow: confront it, talk to it. The thing I don't like. The matter that wants to control my life.
But I can arrive and disappear to and from that room when I must, when I can.

Once i have the time., Just about all the reviews i read convinced me to buy this book... anyone heading thru this knows that its horrible and any advice is appreciated, but as for the guide, i thought it was just ok. I ought to write my own on my journey with Bullitt and his lymphoma., My dog Stella is my best friend in the world. She does everything with my fiancé and I actually -- walks, runs, swims in a lake, travels. She is absolutely a member of our family. When she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor on her chest at age 6 .5 (last fall), I could not stop crying for what felt like days and nights. I am a very proactive person (I'm an attorney), therefore i wanted to know about every possible thing I could be doing to optimize Stella's success pre- and post-surgery. This book gave me so many ideas and that knowledge made me feel a lot better. I have employed the majority of the nutritional tips, and although some were too rich for Stella's body to manage, this book is packed with HOPE which is precisely what I was looking for. I am happy to say that 5 months later, Stella remains cancer-free!, Some outstanding information, but I felt like I had formed to wade through way too much to get to it. Not necessarily a quick read!, When i wish I didn't need this book, it has been invaluable in helping myself to navigate through new territory. I wish I actually had purchased it faster in our journey. While I downloaded this guide before our oncology visit, the information was easy to understand and the guide was laid out so that I could find the information most relevant to me prior to the appointment. Having this information before we attended the oncologist enabled me to better understand the selections being provided by my veterinarian. I can't say it enough: When you have been told your dog has cancer, buy, buy, buy this guide! It is worth every penny!, This book is part of the reason our dog is not only still alive right now, but happy and enjoying his life. The information is thorough and helpful. When our dog was diagnosed with lymphoma, we thought it was the conclusion until this guide informed us of the high remission rate with certain treatments. It helped guide us through an awful time. I would highly recommend the guide., I found out this book while at a holistic vet's office with my lady. I am grateful to have found this very informative resource and guide! Simple to read and follow along and it has provided me with a God send details that I actually have used and use! Thank you doctors on behalf of my Maddie for this resource and guide!, I liked this book for the comments of other dog owners. These people were encouraging. The treatments and diets were the exact same thing my vet had told myself. So nothing new. Yet when your dog has cancer you want all the info you can get. So in that respect I might say get it. There just may be something which will help you as it covers everything from treatments to diet and mental support. Yet if you are confident in your own vet there's nothing new in here that a lookup online wont tell you.

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