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Interesting read. Yes, I do accept the grammatical issues within the book (even in the latest kindle release), but then my focus was on learning containers and this book will justice in explaining them in a manner that is both easy to understand and practical to implement., Great book to understand Docker and why this technology is important. I like the way that it gave me context that I are able to use to clarify Docker in front of large audiences who are interested. Good for new Docker users too since it helps you get going quickly. Definitely Recommended!, Great book, loved it though some of the explanations could be more concise while others can be merely a little less drawn out, It can an easy reading book, well estructured covering basic complicated concepts, Full Disclosure: We consider Nigel a good friend, and has kindly provided me with a voucher to buy this book on Amazon. I purchased the book on LeanPub previously, too. I'm a recouping IT infra architect (VCDX, vExpert, etc . ) with a 1-2 year head start on all things Docker.

You might know Nigel from his PluralSight movie training courses. He's probably the funniest technical instructor I've met in a long time. It's totally clear in his movie trainings, but it seeps through the lines in this guide, too.

The publication is worth it, and at about a 2-hour read, it can aimed at the current Infra admins that want to learn what this Docker stuff is all about. The book will take an infrastructure perspective about them, and leaves out all the developy stuff that's usually part of any Docker story.
By Infra perspective After all that contrasts and analyzes Docker to familiair constructs, like VMware and Digital Machines, rendering it easily easy to understand for an Enterprise IT crowd.

So if if you're new to Docker and come from an IT infrastructure background, this is the book., Killer feature of this book: despite being more than two hundred pages long, it's just a 3 hour read! (for me at least.. ) This means that in only half a day, you can gain a solid understanding of what docker is, how functions, and why it works the way it does.

This particular book is NOT a thorough reference and I love that about it. As an alternative, he offers a wait-but-why-style shrub of knowledge beginning with the tree trunk (Part just one is a high level overview & provides context), accompanied by a collection of branches (Every technical part starts with a TL; DR), followed by a deep dive into the leaves (what was executed, why was it executed, how does it work? ).

10/10, one of the most readable technological books I've ever read. Thanks, Nigel!, There has been a lot of talk about containers in the industry with Docker at the top of everyone's list. This particular book does a best wishes of breaking down the terminology, use cases, and elements that make up a Docker installation.

Busted into sections for each and every aspect, these sections are then broken down into a short summary, a deep dive and then relevant instructions. This allows for an improved understanding and a quick reference guide if you are just searching for a refresher. By the end of the book you'll be able to set up Docker, pull images, deploy containers, and configure swarm mode and actually understand what is going on at the rear of the scenes.

As a longtime VMware admin that is exploring containers, Now i'm a big fan of this book. Understanding what is expected of me as we look to adopt pots is very beneficial. Because the book reads like an instructural blog post, you gain the knowledge you are thinking about that can be applied immediately.

I would really like more of an architectural overview on different deployment methods, but that would be for more of a design-focused publication. So far this is the best resource I've find in helping me understand what Docker is and how to use it., Now i'm old school and wish to have a book in my hands sometimes so this was a great beginning reference for Docker and can help you get up to speed quickly and not have to remember what save you saved it under - just open the book! I would like to have seen a part on creating your own images and some of the best practices there, for how much the book went into other areas I feel like bypassing that managed to get a little imperfect. Otherwise, an excellent read and really appreciate the Author's effort to publish something that is changing so rapidly.

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