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I would like to thank James for writing The Docker Book and so that it is easy to understand for someone new to pots.

As an IT manager I had been ability to hear all the buzz about Docker and thought it would be a good idea for me to sharpen my skills with this new technology.

After reading the first few of pages on my Kindle I found it necessary to download the Kindle eReader to a PERSONAL COMPUTER so I could follow on my computer.

A single thing you will discover out very quickly is The Docker Book is a how-to guide and therefore is best read while following along on the CLI as you read…

The first crack at Docker was Boot2Docker for Windows but after running into a few gotchas I opted to jump on EC2 and deploy an Ubuntu VM and follow James along step-by-step. Before long I had a WordPress website up and running on Docker.

The only challenge I do have with the publication was James was seeking to offer so many options for installing Docker that it did get confusing, specially when I was trying to track down the right command to physique something out.

Other than that I really enjoyed The Docker Book and even took time to document my Docker adventures on my blog., I came across this book to be an outstanding introduction to Docker. It is pretty concise yet comprehensive guide written in tutorial format to help us hit the grounds running almost immediately. One can become an effective Docker user just by working through the examples as I may easily applied the example scenarios to my own work environment.

In case you have experience with Vagrant before, you will discover Docker concepts quite familiar. Docker is a very important tool for DevOps engineering as developers can take more ownership from code to actual deployment by shipping containers. Keep in mind though that Docker is no magic tablet that developers can fantasize about merely deploying Docker containers in production surroundings and all things just run smoothly! A lot of settings and monitoring still need to be in place but Docker certainly helps moving code to manufacturing a lot smoother.

I also found github docker cheat-sheet guide to be quite useful when getting familiarized with the Docker commands. Hope you enjoy the book around I do., While i've read some docs, blogs, observed youtube videos and enjoyed Docker, this book really brings it all with each other and fills many of the gaps i had. This is the first James Turnbull book I've read and i found it very easy to follow and was at the right level of detail for me personally (Dev Mgr).

Sometimes when a technology is changing so fast like Docker, the books for it can quickly get outdated but currently this is not the case for this book as it relates to Docker 1. 3 and it seems the book has had several updates.

The low price also made it a very easy decision to buy and the one which i certainly didn't regret. I might highly recommend to anyone enthusiastic about Docker., I purchased this guide expecting a basic intro to Docker. But I am amazed to see lot of details with examples that proved helpful. This book is better than some of the other printed books on Docker that I have seen. I know this book may be experiencing another up-date as the Docker environment is continually changing. Would like to see about uni-kernel based containers deployed on Docker. Very happy that I found this book. Thanks a lot to James. Keep up the good work!!, The book is good. I am now into the more advanced chapters and my main criticism is the lack of visuals and diagrams as the examples become more complex. I am running a " consul" distributed program across three separate docker host servers and then a second distributed program that relies on consul to advertise its services. There are three host web servers, three consul containers, two distributed iphone app servers and a customer. It's time for diagrams and there usually are any. Setting that aside, it's an outstanding book that has introduced me into a new world., There is a lot written out there about Docker - many demonstrations and tutorials, but most give attention to a solitary feature or creating a system in isolation. After reading " The Docker Book" I really felt like I had formed a complete guide to all features of Docker and felt confident in building up a Docker " network" of multiple containers., Look no further. This has Have to be the first computer publication I have ever read where everything, all examples, command overviews, etc. have been spot on (OK I am only 33% into this book). I am so tired of being teased by examples which get me near, but not completely. This is an amazing read as well since it speaks in a concise manner and explains everything it shows in an example, including all command switches and other useful options. In case you have an interest in Docker, this is the publication to get., A terrifically written book that identifies the basics of Docker, how to create simple but useful containers. This book allowed me to quickly solve the problem of having multiple dev notebooks getting wildly out of sync, forcing me to upgrade ruby versions, rvms, bundles, etc. A lot of docker tutorials exist, but I needed more context in order to solve my (simple) problems. Thanks James!

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