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Doctor and the fabulous several wander around Southern California in the 30's. The tale is pulp fiction which means garbage. However you get an introduction to the girls that made so many books. They will get better. I adored the Doc Savage books when I was obviously a youngster. This is a odd combo of archaic technology fiction. They have high speed prop planes and dirigibles that cross the continent in 20 hrs. Huh? Yup, that has been what they had for technology fiction in the 30's. And strange monsters that lived in the upper atmosphere in the years before anybody went that high.
In case you forget the tale and pay attention to this strange glimpse into the past then it may be worth reading the guide., Plus a Doc Savage fan since around 1970. This can be the first new Doctor Savage material in almost 2 decades. It was with bated breath that I purchased this brand new volume that Doc scholar Will Murray cobbled collectively from original author Lester Dent's notes. I was not disappointed.

With regard to maximum effect, especially to recreate the feeling of a 1930s pulp publication, where Doc Savage got his start, read this all in one or two sittings.
The plot concerns very mystifying "demons" terrorizing California, particularly Hollywood. When Doc's pesky cousin disappears while out west, Doc great men show up to touch the veil of this menace and locates the girl. This time they ending up on the run from the cops.
You may even get a chuckle out of Mr. Murray's pretty good effort to bridge the pulp magazine cover hair style of Doc as contrasted with the James Bama widow's peak helmet-of-hair from his Bantam era (spoiler: Doc wears a wig-like protective garment of Clark Gable-like locks over short hair).

There are many outstanding moments, like the grenade being thrown into Doc's fast paced car, the demons harrowing encounter with Doc's airship and, of course, Doc's fight with enraged alligators. I particularly like how certain character types figured what repels and attracts the demons. The real nature of the risk will certainly keep you guessing. The last showdown with the villain is great!
My only criticism is in Mr. Murray's attempting to write all the like Lester Drop gave some of that awkward dialogue often found in Doc Savage adventures. People tend to help remind the reader of facts than really talk to each other. If that was his aim, this individual succeeded. Some dialogue may be stiff but the action never flags. Just about all hail a Doc Savage that has not already been made new and increased.
A word about the price of this novel: this trade paperback book retails for . 95. That's the going price for a hardcover these days. In case you have acquired used Doc Savage novels or magazines over the years, you owe it to the memory of Lester Dent to buy this., Kenneth Robeson lives on as Will Murray carries on the Doc Savage musical legacy and tradition inspired by Lester Dent. Dent spent 16 years honing the character of Doc and his Crew under the direction of several different publishers who all had their own idea how Doctor should be portrayed. Murray has captured the style and essence in his composite characterization of Doctor Savage, Pat Savage and The Amazing Five in this novel. Additionally , Murray has skillfully made these characters relevant to a brand new age of readers. In case I hadn't known better, I would have sworn this was all Dent's writing! The suspense can there be, the mystery is there and all the thrills and adventure Doc Savage fans expect! And just as with the original Doctor tales, Murray's The Wasteland Demons will keep you anticipating Doc trying to fifigure out, Being a life long (or at least it seems that way) Doc fan, it is great to find the crew gathered again.
And in true form it only takes about four words in before you are caught upward in the action.
Big - crazy - and insanely fun pulp thrills sweep you away, landing you right in the middle of the '30's
As always, Will Murray writes with Robeson's style just as well as Lester Drop and we readers benefit from it.
Merely strap in and enjoy the ride!, He was a Doc fan since the early on 70's, read all the bantam books several times each over the years, having read Will Murray's before Doc books, I thought this was just an OK read. It lacks the fast pacing which made the original pulp Doctor Savage so good. This specific book was sooooo drawn out I couldn't hold out for it to conclusion. One third of the book could have easily been remove and it would have been better, much better. Didn't really care for Mr. Murray's before Doc Savage books and after looking over this, I don't think I am in a big hurry to ready any more of the Wild Activities of Doc Savage. Choose my Doc Savage quick, action oriented and without the excess filler., Like a teenager, I read every Doc Savage book that has been printed. Now I find the language dated and often cliché d, but these are still great stories and a fun read. It's even interesting to see how the article writer, Kenneth Robeson, viewed technology in the many years movement these books were written. The lesson I learned was, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

I would recommend Doc Savage to anyone who likes books with adventure (without a great deal of sex or even horrible violence) and a heady dose of possibility, invention, and all the weather of a rowdy team of " genius adventurers" in a brave new world., My first Doctor Savage novel, and I wasn't disappointed.
Pros: Interesting plot. Amazing gadgets. Definitely unique
Cons: Some of the character types and dialogue border on the ridiculous side, but not so much that it killed the guide.

Great read. Great fun. The fact that I am now a Doctor Savage fan and reading the rest of the books is the best testimony I can give., As usual Will Murray gives fine retro amusement with the latter day adventures of Doc Savage. All pulp. Fans can be reassured.

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